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harith ami & muhriz

I was organizing the photo folders when i came to the Paris album.Baru ingat tak sambung2 part 2 ;p.1st part posted in Summer,2nd part comes in Winter ;p Nama tempat pon dah lupa,kene refer travel guide balik.Balik Msia nanti baru la kecoh nak ingat balik,so before lupe,baik post kat sini kan?

2nd day:Started off the day with breakfast by the Eiffel.Hot choc for ever
yone except hubby.
Second stop was Hotel des Invalides, built to accommodate disable war veterans.The Dome is actually the Royal Chapel which houses the tombs of a number of Royal family member and military leaders.Next was the La Defense.I always always prefer buses than subways tapi kat Paris nie susah nya nak bace bus map die bluwekkk.So amik subway jer la.La Defense is the high-rise office district,mostly in Modernist style.In the central of Paris,the height of the building is limited as not to obstruct the view of the Eiffel,so only towards the end of this district were towers allowed.Looking at the map,this La Defense,Arc de Triomphe,Champs-Elysees(the shopping street),Palace de La Concorde and Lourve are actually along the same street .But,unless you are ready to walk for 2km(if not more) from the La Defense to the Place Charles de Gaulle(Arc de Triomphe),just take the subway/cab/bus or whatever hehe.
The restroom at one of the malls(see,dah lupa name urgghh!)cute eh?
Grabbed sandwiches for lunch,then we were ready to stroll along the Champs-Elysees.No damage at all tau hehe.Things are damn expensive here,i would rather shop in London,full stop.

LV anyone?

Lepas tue balik hotel for solat then to Notre Dame again to get some more souvenirs.If i'm not mistaken,souvenir stores paling byk kat sini kot,but i can't guarantee if they are the cheapest.Stopped by Hotel de Ville,there's a big screen for the Rolland Garros at the esplanade,so hubby nak layan kejap.

Hotel de Ville(City Hall)
The Sein river
Our last stop for the day was the Place du Trocadero,my sister wanted to have the famous Crepes while enjoying the view of the Eiffel
Ok,everytime naik metro pon kitorang rasa kelakar la train nie ade tayar ;p but the entrance to the metro is unique,kan?3rd day: Ingatkan nak pegi this flea market( lupa nama and malas nak check balik) tapi bila sampai,tutup pulak. Nasib Sacre-Couer is only 2 stops away. You can choose to either climb up Montmartre Hill or take the cable car,we tried both sebab i tatau ade cable car huhu;p The view from the steps up to the basilica is spectacular but the eiffel is not in the frame.I believe this basilica was built way before the eiffel,which is on the other side of the hill.Hubby needed to catch the 2pm TGV back to Augsburg, so we ran down the hill for lunch(yeay ade kebab!),stopped by the Moulin Rouge,snap snap then hantar hubby at Gare de Est.Our Euro star departed from Gare du Nord @3pmSo the trip was not bad after all,but it would be nicer if there's someone who know French with us.Believe me,nobody care if you know English in this city.Penat tauu bersign language nie hehe.


Diana (Mama Adam Mukhriz) said...

lama br sambung yer ami .. x per ler .. leh ler kami2 nie cuci mata .. bab posing kat ET tue yggg plggggggggg syiokkkkkkkkkkkkk ... trip nieh kira honeymoon tgether2 ler yer ami ;-)

zailamohamad said...

haaaiiii..baru nk update!! takperlah, cerita basi pon at least kitorang semua dapat tgk gambar Lindsay Lohan;P

Liyana said...

Takpe, janji ada :)

Ami said...

diana: lameee huhu,ni kire bawak kakak2 jalan hehe.

k.ila & nana: ;p sib baik tak update tahun depan kan?

Sagittarius Wifey said...

hehe..ok la kan paris but tang language tu, btol la kan..mcm ayam experience ;) nx trip p mana b4 balik Mesia?hehe

Ami said...

Sue: aah macam ayam+itik trip tak sure,tapi hopefully to somewhere warmer lah since sini dah start sejuk kan.

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