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harith ami & muhriz

Aiyoo NOV has come to its end maknenye...............
1)Two more weeks to Augsburg HURRAAYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!
2)Two more weeks to submitting 4 COURSEWORK,yes you hear me right,4 semuanya huwaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...
hmmm...sempat ke??????
I dont understand why IC ini is still on term-based,which is for me menyusahkan!
hmmm next term will start mid of Jan and ends in March and i have signed up for 4 courses in Spring so yeah pls expect to hear my complain about another 4 cour
sework later=p

tak ade interesting topic to share,since i have been doing nothing else but working on lab assignments,coursework1,2 blabla...........
owh okie why not ...ckp pasal
my lunch box!
can you believe that this 25 yrs old student bawak bekal to school?

isinye depends,kalau ade leftover from dinner,bawak itu jer!kalau tak, ape2 a
je la kan,nasi goreng,sandwich or pasta lah most of the times.
hihi tak penah pon amik gambar my lunch box before,tapi for
this entry.......

1.Bekal semlm: Haddock Fillet together with penne and che
ese2.For today...Beef lasagna (leftover from dinner) and salad

I got tons of plans for the weekend but ended up...........
......................... staying in bed.I blamed the weather.
Atas meja penuh dgn tissues,panadol,honey strepsils and ubat batuk cap ibu&anak..
Cepat lah baik encik demam,kene buat coursewo
rks,takot dah nie.

I pass by Cath Kidston's store at least twice a day.
Her vintage prints adalah sgt comel!!

I'm planning to get one of these grocery bags,boleh bawak pegi M&S's Simply Food or Asda.
Comel kan?Ecee saya konon busy with coursework tapi sempat lagi eh =pAbang,kalau ade apron nie saye akan rajin masuk dapor huhu.
Paper napkin
Do check out their website,byk sgt comel2 nie!

Gambar lame nie ahaks.Hubby,i vermiese dich sehr:(

Mase nak balik macam biasalah,banjir satu Haupbahnhof,dlm train pon nangis lagi.Once i got into the flight,ok kejap.Tapi sampai London,boleh pulak pakcik Imigresen tue asked me,why dont you just stay in Germany?Ape lah pakcik tue!Anyway,i'm all ok now :) can't wait for 19 December plak,winter break yeahh!

Dah mid of Nov kan?cepat ja.When others are wishing for designer handbags and what not,i just wish that i can complete all my 4 courseworks on time(read:before Winter break lah!!) so that our plan to spend a few nites in one of Alps' resorts berjalan dgn aman insyaAllah.
Who said life as a student is an easy one?penat adelah!
Another weekend trip with housemates,this time to Oxford.
Day trip saje. Return train ticket was 10 Pounds,food plak bawak from home,student la katekan hehh.The highlight: its well known ancient university,what else?
Oxford is famous for its film location so taraaaaaaaaa....

Christ Church's(Hogwarts') Great Hall with no floating candles =p
Christ Church
Err lupe name these buildings
Magdalene College

University Park.Itik kat sini super aggressive haha!
Gift and Souvenir Store
i like this pic,father and daughter berpicnic,so schweeetttt
The rest dah upload sini : Oxford trip

Though i am not at all into football,i am one supportive wifey tau huhu.
Asked a friend's favor to get these from Anfield:
What pending is our own trip to Liverpool and (maybe)catch one or two matches,next year kot insyaAllah kalau ade tix.
That is a 5x3 flag and ade org bercita2 nak beli a few more so that boleh hang dlm bilik,kitchen,living room.
In your dream dear,satu cukup=p!
Itu belum cerita pasal Little Liver accessories lagi.
I'm fine with Liver baby bibs,clothes,tapi Liver feeder
ehh ehh tadi kate supportive sgt kan=p

Went to Camden town with housemates semlm.
Hujan one whole afternoon and none of us bawak payung aiyoo...
Well,it's London.I'm thinking of getting a raincoat,senang sket.

Camden Town nie more or less macam ferringhi night market huhu.
The most interesting part is the Stables Market,byk antiques and collectable items,this part tade la kat ferringhi kan.

Another 11 days to Augsburg!Tiap2 hari pon nak count down haha might as well letak ticker jer=p