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harith ami & muhriz

Went to Camden town with housemates semlm.
Hujan one whole afternoon and none of us bawak payung aiyoo...
Well,it's London.I'm thinking of getting a raincoat,senang sket.

Camden Town nie more or less macam ferringhi night market huhu.
The most interesting part is the Stables Market,byk antiques and collectable items,this part tade la kat ferringhi kan.

Another 11 days to Augsburg!Tiap2 hari pon nak count down haha might as well letak ticker jer=p


Liyana said...

Jom count down! I pundok ngira hari. But only in Dec la dear.

iswatie "colours of life" said...

Kat London yer, bila tgk gambo nih teringat skrg dok baca citer shopholic series...teringat kat Becky Bloomwood...hehehehe...

Ami said...

liyana: yeah,mari count down tiap2 hari hehe.Dec is few days away jer,dah dekat dah next trip balik kg augsburg pon is in Dec:)

Watie: though kat london,tidak lah saye jadi shopholic,budak sekolah je la katekan hehe.dah tgk blog watie hihi

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