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harith ami & muhriz

Here goes the recipe,do try it out hihi.Even one who abhors baking(read:ME!) found it easy.Ingredients:
1 cup butter
1 cup cocoa powder
1.5-2 cups caster sugar
1 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
4 eggs
1 1/3 cups all purpose-flour
1 teaspoon baking powder
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 cup chocolate chips or walnut(i prefer choc chips)

1.Pre heat the oven to 175 C,grease a baking pan.
2. Melt the butter.Stir the cocoa powder,sugar,vanilla extract into the melted butter.Beat the eggs until the mixture smooth.
3. Combine the flour,baking powder and salt.Mix into the mixture.Stir in the choc chips.
4.Spread the mixture evenly into the prepared pan.Bake for 30-40 minutes, do not overbake. Cool in pan and cut into squares.

Hang Tuah fail SPM??
Hahaha serious kelakar video nie!
Selamat Hari Merdeka!

Nur Kasih Ep 14
Ok this series does not need an introduction,everybody loves Nur Amina except me.Please lah let Kat and Adam get back together.Katrina sacrifies everything while Nur just sit and do nothing except nangis and nangis(habis la kene marah dgn peminat Nur=p). But in order to win hati rakyat Malaysia,a typical Malay drama should end with Adam lives happily ever after with Nur,tolong la jgn begitu,bosan =p.Who's with me?

Pagi nie bukak facebook,tgk ramai letak status pasal weekend,long weekend they said.I was wondering,eh UK ade lah summer bank holiday monday nie,malaysia pasal apa monday cuti?Siap YM my sissy tanye cuti ape monday.Pikir jap,laa merdeka!Saya bukan lupe daratan,tapi tgh sedih,esok dan luse dan sampai 14 sept kene berbuka sorang2 :(
I dah request dgn hubs nak bawak balik satu tupperware his choc fudge brownies.Isteri mithali suruh hubby masak pulak,terlebih lemak isteri nie:p.Sedap lah sebab hubby yg buat kan...extra ingredient die macam biase kasih sayang semangkuk;p
Enjoy your weekend,selamat berpuasa,drive safe!
2 Apples - peeled,cored and sliced (tuk 4 org mkn)

Custard Sauce:
1 tablespoon tepung custard - bancuh dgn 1/4 cup fresh milk
tablespoons white sugar
200 ml fresh milk

tablespoons all-purpose flour**
1 teaspoon baking powder**
30gm white sugar
30gm brown sugar
60gm butter

Boleh substitute ** dgn 120gm self-rising flour

Add sugar,flour and baking powder in a bowl,mix well.Add butter..ramas dgn tgn.Biar texture kasar,jgn over mixed.


Fill the bottom of your pan with apples.Pour the crumble over apples.Bake for 30 mins or hingga crumble keperangan @175 celcius
2. Meanwhile, sediakan sos custard...
add fresh milk in a saucepan. Stir in sugar,kacau biar sebati.Reduce the heat,add in bancuhan custard,simmer and let it thicken.
3. To serve, pour the custard sauce over the apple crumble.Serve it hot.
Huhu panjangnye tajuk :p
Just bare with me,i'm in the mood to blog.Anniversary is the time of the year.It holds more significance than my own birthday,so i better write this down.

Tuesday: Took a cab @ 330am to Victoria and then a coac
h to Stansted.Yerp,hear me right,it's 330AM.Sgt letih+mengantuk,so i turned into one cranky bunny,bukan baby jer moody kalau x cukup tido tau :p kesian hubby,but he's lucky enough i didnot ask to be carried.We were on different flights though.His departed an hour earlier,but when i got to see him again few hrs later at Munich Airport,rase macam lamenye tak jumpe:p.Mengade kan?biasalah, kededek my middle name.We safely arrived rumah Augsburg by noon.

Wednesday: Anniversary-Day!Since we're still exhausted,malas nak jln jauh.Initial plan was Lindau(BodenSee kot),tapi we changed it to Rothenburg ob der Tauber,a very very nice medieval city,and it's just 2.5hrs from Augsburg.I just love this old town!Beautifully ornamented Patrican houses are every where and very well preserved.Just look at th
ese photos,the buildings are just lovely kan?The not-so-nice thing about this trip was our connection train was verspaetung(delayed) for more than an hour and we were stranded at this God-knows-where pekan cowboy,seriously rase macam Texas. Thanks to DB,by the time sampai rumah, semua kedai dah tutup(all shops closed @8pm).So no special dinner on this super special day,share sekotak instant pasta je kami huhu,kesian kan?
Rothenburg's Schneeball(snowballs)

Thursday: In this scorching summer heat,i would detest any cooking that required more than half an hour to prepare.Mandi kat dapor nanti.So,we just go for something simple but delectable like these.......

Starter: Hot honey wings(tak pedas pon;p)

Main: Grilled Lemon Chicken with Radish salad,Sweet Corn and Ciabatta
(ciabbata nie beli siap,buat sendiri mau 3 jam baru siap:p)

Dessert: Apple Crumble with Custard

Ramadhan Mubarak

Kami dah start berpuasa hari nie(jumaat),awal lah sehari dari London and Msia. Semoga Ramadhan ini dirahmati Allah dan lebih baik dari sebelum2 nya.After 2 tahun puasa kat Msia semula(2006/2007),this time berpuasa jauh lagi.Of course saya rindu berpuasa di Msia,but somehow puasa di perantauan nie,byk pembaziran dpt dielakkan.No expensive ramadhan buffet or pembaziran di pasar ramadhan berlaku.So let spend and eat wisely,hayati nikmat berpuasa.Allah wishes us to make use of the blessing He creates,but forbids us to waste them.

Give your relatives their due, and the very poor and travelers but do not squander what you have. Squanderers are brothers to the satans, and satan was ungrateful to his Lord. (Surat al-Isra’, 26-27)

Selamat Berpuasa:)

a very nice medieval old city.
eh got to go.masak lunch dulu.sambung lepas nie.

Dear hubby,
I don't know how are we going to be in the next 20 or 50 years,but i will definitely love you each and every single day for the rest of my life.Happy 3 rd anniversary dek!

Mine does!Ever since err kami kawen kot :p
All i need is a hair clipper.
Make sure you got a good one,karang rosak tgh potong rambut,botak sebelah lah hubby kamu:p
Which style is not a problem since hubby always goes for Wentwo
rth Miller's cut,so i just need to shave his whole head huhu.
Easy for both parties is not it?Hubby does not h
ave to worry about molding his hair pagi2.
Nak potong once a week pon takde masalah,jimat

and after.One happy customer hehhh
Salam All,
Semua org kenal this virus,brings no detrimental effects to your health(except some weight gain:p) but obviously you need to prevent it as your productivity will be seriously affected!Symptoms of this recently found virus in my abode;
1.MALAS nak gi sekolah/lab
2.MALAS nak tulis report
3.Suke bangun lambat~10-11am huhu
4.MALAS nak keluar rumah,and kalau keluar pon x bawak camera again sebab MALAS.
5.MALAS nak update blog,which explains my silence.
6.yg tak malas aka RAJIN pulaknya MAKAN,TIDO and main WII huhu boleh?:p

Sekarang berebut harvest moon dgn hubby or kitorang main s
ame2,sorang pegang Nunchuck,sorang pegang remote hahaha.Dah bosan main call of duty kotnye,main game isteri plak eh dek?

And when exactly did i get this virus?
Jeng jeng,as soon as my supervisor left for his 1 mth-vacation.
Haishh seriously i wake up every morning (if you consider 10am masih pagi :p)in high-spirited mood nak b
uat thesis write up,finish up my layout blabla.After shower and a bowl of cereal and cuppa coffee,bukak journal,abih satu ayat zzzzz,or berbarn buddy sampai habis bende nak dicuri(Add my fb then habis your tanaman i curi k!Not good!I need to fight this kemalasan,another month to thesis submission haiyoh,wakeeeyy ami!

On another note,hubby has extended his stay yeay!Mid of August nie same2 balik kg Augsburg plak. sekejap sane,sekejap sini ma ckp "kelik(balik) german/london mace(macam) gi kota bharu" =p So those of you who are not in LDM should be more than grateful,because really Augsburg-London is no way like Dewan Beta(my place hehh) to Kota Bharu(10 mins away)

Update without gambar adalah bosan and since sgt malas bawak camera,these are the latest(and most decent!) photos
dlm camera.
Here goes,an afternoon at the Regents Park's Rose Garden.London has a number of parks and Regents Park is one of the finest.We are trying to avoid crowded places macam high street(ok i mean oxford st:p) and flea markets,jadi weekend kami berguling di park;)
Per neeza's request,here goes the recipe.Sgt simple,selamat mencuba =)
Grilled Salmon tue harith marinated with mixed herb+chili powder+lemon juice.

Smoked Salmon Fettucine

  • fettuccine pasta
  • 1/4 cup butter
  • 1 cup milk
  • 1 tablespoon all-purpose flour
  • 1 cup grated Parmesan cheese
  • 1/2 pound smoked salmon, chopped
  • 2 tablespoons capers
  • 1/4 cup chopped sun-dried tomatoes
  • 1/2 cup chopped fresh oregano
  1. Boil fettuccine for 11 to 13 minutes; drain.
  2. Over medium heat, melt the butter, and blend with milk. Mix in the flour to thicken. Gradually stir in the Parmesan cheese until melted.
  3. Crumble salmon into the butter mixture. Stir in capers, sun-dried tomatoes, and oregano. Cook and stir about 3 minutes, until heated through. Serve over the cooked pasta.
Pan fried Asparagus

  • 55 g butter
  • olive oil
  • salt
  • black pepper
  • 3 cloves garlic, minced
  • fresh asparagus spears, trimmed
  1. Melt butter over medium-high heat. Stir in the olive oil, salt, and pepper. Cook garlic in butter for a minute. Add asparagus, and cook for 10 minutes, turning asparagus to ensure even cooking.