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harith ami & muhriz

I know i don't blog much lately and i blame the hormones and the weather!Fuhh creating excuses eh,truth is,i just do not have the mood to blog ;p aka malas!

I'll be seeing hubby again in 2 weeks time yeay!!and hopefully kat Augsburg nanti rajin lah update blog.Anyway,i need your opinions on some of the baby stuff.

1.Breast Pump

After researching and asking around,rasanya we are going for Medela,but which model tue,undecided lagi.I know,i know mesti ramai ckp beli free-style lah.Of course i want to,but put yourself in our shoes,being first time parents yang semua barang baby kene beli and with the not yet working mommy nie, surely we have to allocate the budget for every single thing and as for now,free-style is beyond our budget.So,our other options are the pump- in style or Swing or Mini(double).But seriously,what's the different between the Free-style and pump-in style besides the first one is of course can be operated hands free?And between dual pumping(double mini) and dual mode expression(swing) which one is more important?If there's dual swing,surely i'll grab that one.
free-style aka hands free?

the bulky pump-in style?

ke mini?ke 2-phase but single pumping?

I don't know about others but for us,stroller nie on the top of the list too.Maybe dah terlampau selalu tgk mat2 saleh nie with strollers kot.And with the very-petite-me,there's no way i could carry a 10kg baby pusing satu mall later.What we want is a compact fold 3 wheelers.

Dulu idaman hati was phil&ted,i know yg nie mmg bulky berat sgt but can't help it,suke sgt.Especially with the double kit that allows 2 kids to ride(hihi nak ade sorang dah pikir stroller for 2!) We both love this buggy that we tested it every time pegi Mothercare hahaha.Tapi saya kene menyedari diri ini ikan bilis that the buggy is too big for me,macam i sekali boleh dok dlm tue.So i doubt if i can manouevre it smoothly hahaha org tgk pon kesian kot ;p

So 2nd idaman hati,Quinny Zapp pairs up with Maxi Cosi.Like many others,i was charmed by its stylish look!I love the fact that it's one of the most compact stroller which is perfect for parents like us who've got small cars hihi.But but its lack of recline feature has hold me back.I'm afraid later the sleep part will be a problem.Well,surely the sleepy baby(or toddler) couldn't get comfortable in the upright seat kan?Any Zapp users with this sleeping problem?
So our other choice is Quinny Speedi,ok tak?But i don't think it's light-weighted pulak hmm hmmmm.
What do you think?Ke salah concept kami nie,budget for buggy dah exceed breastpump huhu.

3.Babybjorn-dah beli dah.Huby ckp he won't give up gaming,so kene ade sling la in case die kene babysit sambil main game huhu.I can imagine me busy cooking,he's with baby M main game,biarlah.And there's no way he's going to wear a baby pouch,so yg nie die dah beli siap2. konon nak jadi ayah cool camni la ye hubby?huhu

4.Rocker/Bouncer.ok yg nie seriously tak tahu nak pilih mana satu.Hubby ckp he read reviews fisher-price punya pon ade yg senang topple.pulak dah huuu help!! Ape lagi ye,rasanya tue jer kot yang kene beli before in laws dtg Augsburg,nak tumpang luggage diorang.I'm lucky that hubby pon sama excited survey baby's stuff nie.In fact,breast pump pon die yg tolong survey ;p.

Ok,update on the baby!I'm in my 18th weeks and i' glad the nausea nightmare had gone!So preggy mommies out there,just hang on in the first trimester tue k.I can still eat almost everything except 2 benda : daun kesum and ikan bakar dlm daun pisang.The rest is fine.But i forbid myself from eating too much,no such thing as eating for two for me.It's the quality of the food not the amount of it that you have to watch out,kan?But,if i want to,i have no problem pon nak makan nasi 3 or 4 kali sehari but will end up tido kekenyangan the whole day huhu,so not healthy,tak bleh,tak bleh!Craving pon tak ade except rambutan yg dulu tue,and few weeks back i asked for pisang emas.Huhu mak ckp nasib baik mengidam yg senang je ;p.Ade jugak rasa nak makan sushi and sashimi but i know eating raw food is unhealthy for the baby,so pandai pulak tahan hahaha,bukan craving but more to mengada2 kot huhu.So here is the latest image of baby M.Check up was done at the local pusat perubatan Islam in KB,most likely i'm gong to deliver here,anakanda nie akan jadi rakyat kelante la nie hehe.
Owh another note,when filling up the commencement form,under special request tue,i asked for a seat close to the stage,my reason; i will be 26 weeks pregnant by then,takot penat jalan jauh(the ceremony will take place at the the Royal Albert Hall,so rasa-rasanya mesti jauh kan kene jalan to the stage kan?pandai2 ;p)But bila dah submit rasa mengada pulak,ade ke org nak entertain such request hahaha maluuuu!!!
Baby M,this is me 4 years back,during my degree commencement,it was freezing cold but i insisted on wearing kebaya.This May you'll be walking the aisle with me okie dear?