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harith ami & muhriz


After almost 2 bulan,baru nak berupdate ekNak berfb sgt pon tak sempat ;p,busy!
Baby Muhriz is taking his morning nap,so i better be quick.

Muhriz Bin Mohammad Harith.
Muhriz bkn MuKhriz tau ;p.Muhriz means a winner/earner insyaAllah.
Born 3.1kg @37 weeks,on Friday 06-08-10(cantek tak date nie?) by LSCS.
Mamanya was diagnosed with CPD ;p

As for now,Muhriz is exclusively breastfed and i'm loving it :).
Nite feeding is on EBM since he sleeps with his Tok Ma.
Ayah Muhriz ckp mamanya macam milk factory and his son nie raksasa susu ;p