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harith ami & muhriz

My supervisor caught me browsing through Selfridges webbie in the lab today kekeke.
Summer sale has just started,tak boleh la tak kisah cikgu:p
Lepas nie habis la keluar segala excuse kenapa beli itu ini huhu.

I had mild fever earlier this week and i blamed the weather,"too hot" i said.
Tapi hari nie, i saw this one crop jacket on sale,
terus beli without a second thought heee.
Hubby tanye "Bila nak pakai?kan dah summer".
Saya jawab "hari nie sejuk balik dah"
tipu sunat :p

This little girl can really talk!!But of course in her own language la kan hahaha.
Hubby said he wont be surprise if our baby gets this far later,sebab maknya nie Senah Pot Pet
(Facebook Quiz: Real Msia Name) hahahaha.

1.Departed from London St Pancras Station by Eurostar @752am.The journey to Gare Du Nord was about 2.5hrs.2.Checked in,solat and rehat.Went out an hour later to Le Louvre,home of Mona Lisa.Surprisingly there was no queue at all,maybe dah ptg kot. Paid 9 Euro for a 10 seconds glimpse

3.Kebab for lunch @one of the halal cafe 2 blocks away from the Louvre.Garmin did help,thanks.
3.Next in the list was Arc de Triomphe tapi tersesat!!hahahaha.We passed by Pampidou Center(Modern Art) and Hotel de Ville and saw a huge screen on the esplanade for the Roland Garros French Open,hubby pon sempat layan kejap.Then we walked over the Seine to the Notre Dame: Only one man can save Esmeralda-Quasimodo :p
5.Arc de Triomphe:What amazed us was the traffic,not the arc haha.12 exits without a single traffic light?I bet it's the toughest(and prettiest) roundabout!6.Eiffel Tower: The queue was reasonable,maybe sebab dah ptg.Believe me,you would want to avoid morning queue,semua org mau pegi pagi!okie,nanti sambung ;)

Hari ini agak sejuk tapi hati saya amat panas!
DKNY @ Bond Street sgt berlagak!
My sisters forgot to ask for VAT form from Bally and DKNY in Bicester Village,so we went to Bond Street to see if they can help.DKNY staff sgt kerek,Bally boleh jer buat!
What is wrong with these people hishhh malas dah nak pegi situ.

Assalamuaikum all,

I'm in the malas mode,so i'll let the pictures do the talking.

Went to Madame Tussaud and London Eye with hubby and sisters on Saturday.
Queued for almost an hour to get in, as expected lah.

Saya sudah tanned but i like it. i just love the heat!

Ok,back to the previous post.
True lah it was Lindsay Lohan,i googled up and found this from dailymail

Arriving at St Pancras from Paris yesterday, Lindsay was loaded down with eight suitcases and holdalls from Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Prada and Chloe.
Luckily for Lindsay, 22, she didn't have to carry her own bags, with a porter taking charge as she boarded the train in Paris.She appeared to have put her time on the train to good use - changing outfits from a casual denim affair into a chic silk blouse and black trousers.She also updated her Twitter page with photos of her on the Eurostar.After finishing her photo shoot shortly before midnight, a shattered Lindsay wrote on her Twitter: 'Photo shoots are fun @ night until you realise how jet lagged you are.'Lindsay spent a few days in Paris at the Plaza Athénée Hotel with a friend over the weekend before moving on to the UK.

Okla,so what if i boarded the same train with Lindsay Lohan kan?
If she sat next to me then that will be a totally different story.Boleh la tanye,what's with DJ Sam,LiLo?oitt berangan hehe.But seriously you should see her carts- overloaded with designer luggage and shopping bags!!I also want oneeee!

Orait gtg,i'm heading to Oxford and Bicester Village tomorrow.
Anyway,anyone knows how to reset the child lock on a front loader washer?
Serious tension tak jumpa manual,google pon tade=(
Salam all,

Paris was not that bad,okla,alha
Few funny incidents happened,language issue lah since t
he Franks do not speak English and the only french we know is Bonjour!huhu

Thanks to hubby dearest sebab melayan my two sisters,ich liebe dich!
Now that i have started to miss you,cepat balik london sayang!!

Owh i was on the same ES train with this celebrity(wearing hat) but i cant really tell who she is hahaha!Anybody?Just look at her cart,yummy LV!

Orait gtg,nanti i'll post more pics kalau rajin dtg :)