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harith ami & muhriz

I think it's the time to kick off the countdown "Only XX more days until it's back to school time!"
Kasi motivated sket nak pi sekolah ;p
1)Postgraduate admission stuff:Finally,with help and advice from encik sponsor,family and friends,i have decided on which school to attend :) Can't wait to experience the student life in the heart of London starting this October! I'm worried with the accommodation,the rent is ridiculously expensive!Kene attend BTN lagi nie,which is going to be my 3rd BTN,penat penat.

2)Employee termination checklist:HR dept is my second office now.Tax clearance la,my stock pon tak jual lagi nie,camne nih.Org lain nak resign dah slow down tapi saye nie,design pon ade lagi yg tak close,gambatee!

3)Yg nie besh...Summer vacation in none other than land of Augsburg,Deutchland wink**wink.Ticket flight dah settle,yeay. Naah,forget Europe trip this time sob sob.Both me and hubby tak cukup kaki tangan nak plan dah :( Hubby ajak pegi Salzburg,Austria utk ke 3 kalinye.Salzburg is just 2-3 hrs away by train from Augsburg and right on the border between Germany and Austria. Owh,Hubby dah start exam,viel Glueck abang!You've been this far,I am sure you can do it ok?Habis exam nanti sile kemaskan rumah sebelum isterimu si harimau garang nie sampai=p

Salzburg in winter 2005: freaking cold

salzburg in summer 2004,cantik kan? !

4)Moving out from Taman Sri Nibong,Bayan Baru.Dah start packing barang tapi belum siap.Tak suke nyer kene pack2 barang nie.Pasni ade farewell party with colleague,with friends,harus banjir saye.Actually staying and working in PNG is not that bad.My apt is just 3km to Intel,Queensbay Mall pon belakang rumah aje,bus station,airport semuanye dekat.So i donot spend much on gas, toll mmg tarak la unless i travel out of the island.Owh tau tak,sebelum dok penang nie,saye tak suke makan kat kedai mamak huhu.Tapi sekarang boleh mkn nasi kandar for bfast,how's that?kehkeh.

Counting days to 5th of August hurray!

First time naik Qatar Airways nie,nanti kene transit kat Doha for an hour then terus to Munich.This is going to be my 7th visit to Germany,macam2 Airlines dah try.Mase travel from the States-Germany dulu,penah naik Delta,United,American Airlines,Lufthansa and British Airways.Somehow kalau mau pulang ke Malaysia saye tak akan try selain MAS.Other options were S'pore Airlines,EVA Air and China Airlines.Cam tak best jek.I have the same problem with mane2 flight pon,i won't eat in flight meal.For me makanan dlm flight ialah yuckkyy.Something adds to the taste,the smell of the ozone maybe??I would rather tapau sth from the airport or not eating at all or just mintak fruits and snacks.Or tido jer la kan.So this time pon nak bawak mcdonalds la kot.
On another note ehemm yours truly is turning 25 in less than 2 weeks and guess what?Hubby ade paper pulak on that day huuu.