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harith ami & muhriz

I should not be too happy when i said the nausea had eased up last week.Few days ago,this monster kecik had severe vomiting and threw up 10 times a day!It was so bad that i could not take anything,not even a slice of fruit,semua keluar balik,air pon! Throwing up too much caused me extreme exhaustion and weariness,jadi lembik macam sayur ;p I had never been that sick before,so all i could do was laid down all day and cried huhu.My parents was about to send me to the hospital because they afraid i would be dehydrated,but i reassured them everything was fine and i just needed some rest.Being admitted is the last thing in my mind!!yer,mmg saya takott masuk hospital hihi. Owh it hurts me when ade org ckp kenapa diorang pregnant ok sehat jer,apsal i nie manja sgt.If that is so,you should be thankful that Allah grants you a smooth journey,but please understand that different people experience things differently.Betul tak? Anyway,back to the sick day,my parents tak puas hati nie i degil so they brought me to see a doctor.Amik medicine saje takpa,i tak takot ;p Upon hearing my story,the doctor suggested i get a more balanced diet just like what i had before coming back to Malaysia.In other words,i should avoid taking too much rice and oily food .Betul la kot,since balik nie i makan everything i nampak,punya la tamak kan,just imagine lah i can have both nasi kerabu and laksam for breakfast ;p.So now no more nasi berlauk,kerabu,nasi lemak,nasi dagang,beehon,mee goreng whatsoever goreng for breakfast.Teringin pon i mkn skett jer(2-3 suap ;p),fobia oooooo
Sudah back to toast and oats.Rice for
lunch jer,still yg goreng2 tak mkn.Dinner pon dah balik to milk and bread.So sekarang sudah sehat balik :).Point to note: take everything in moderation.Sorry baby,mama dah setahun lebih tak balik msia nie.rugii lah tgk jer org jual nasi pagi2 tue ;p sebab tue i've gained 4kg since balik nie huhu tapi BMI ok lagi,so i guess there's nothing to worry about.Did i share it here that this baby is due in Ramadhan?Gagaga kene ganti puasa sebulan.
Another week has passed and i am in week 10 now.
I hope i can be consistent with the pregnancy week by week update after this.This is my first journey,so shares and thoughts from all of you
are very much appreciated.Danke!

Hubby and i spend more than 5 of the last 7.5 years abroad,so every time we came back for holiday,everyone's favorite question would be
"When are you coming back for good?"
But now that they know i am expecting,they shift the questions to my pregnancy like
how many weeks am i along,what do i crave for or where am i going to deliver this baby.We still do not have the answer to the last question,so do not bother asking but please pray it will be Augsburg hiks.

Nausea has started to subside but I still throw up at least once a day,most of the times
after having my lunch.The first week in Malaysia was horrible with me wanting to eat everything to my heart's content but my body kept rejecting mo
st of the stuff.One food i will never take again during this pregnancy is Maggi Curry.Otherwise,i will end up in bed one whole day again.Rasenya everything else is still the same but i just started not to fit in my jeans and err bras?;p

Eating healthily is almost impossible here but i'm still trying.Tell me,how can one resist home cooked mee/beehon/kueh teow goreng,cempedak goreng,singgang tulang,pengat pisang?Tak boleh tahan.Tapi fresh milk,soy milk,fresh fruits and crackers mmg tak tinggal,so ok la ko

To hubby,do not be surprised,your honey is growing into a monster now!My ma ckp i monster kecik yg asyik tido;p

Ha talking about food,my family stopped by this kedai makan in Penarik,Setiu on our way back to Kota Bharu.Their goreng tepung are the best!singgah lah.

Helllooooo all!
I've gained 1 kg since balik nie.Makan and tido jer,no kidding!Sudah la msian food nie oily,nasi at least 2 kali sehari,so not healthy:( My family does not even allow me to lift the shopping bags,ape lagi nak kemas.Cooking and buat laundry kirim salam je la huhu mmg terlebih sudah nie

Fresh lobster from Jeti Kerteh,tatau my sister's helper akan masak ape.Last time die buat masak pedas,hihi boleh tak?I kene selamatkan lobster ni!

Salam All.
First of all,happy new year and many thanks for your well wishes :) I've been meaning to update but the visa thingy kept me busy for the past few days.Ulang alik Wisma Tan&Tan and Wisma Putra penat sungguh,nasib ade Garmin! Now i need to wait for at least another 4 weeks to get back m
y passport,hopefully everything is ok.

I think the fact that hubby isn't here has finally hit me!!Awal-awal sampai hari tue ok,but now that i'm easily tired and throw up least once a day,i definitely miss abg huwaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :( It's the weather too i guess,very hot and humid!Panas sgt senang peni
ng nak muntah,nak marah org pon ade hehehe apekah?

Anyway,among the many to dos in malaysia is to get a nice dress for my commencement this
coming May.Initially i just planned to get a ready made dress but by April this tummy will be obvious.So i went to Euro Moda and got a nice 3 tones chiffon,thinking to turn the piece into something like this,but with cuff not bubble sleeves.Ok tak?

Hubby thinks i will end up looking like a
pregnant bridesmaid in this dress huhu. Tak kire sayang,i'm sending this to the tailor soon lalala.And i bought a piece of shantung to replace the sarong of my 3.5 year old wedding kebaya.The original dress comes with 0.5m train which explains why i have not wear it again after our reception.I'm surprised that the sales assistant said they still have the same 2 tons french lace,only the price is doubled!feuwwwwh,sib baik saya dah kawen awal2,makin mahal wedding nie yer.Actually i can't even fit into the dress now.Tapelah,dress itu motivation utk kurus balik hihi.