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harith ami & muhriz

Another week has passed and i am in week 10 now.
I hope i can be consistent with the pregnancy week by week update after this.This is my first journey,so shares and thoughts from all of you
are very much appreciated.Danke!

Hubby and i spend more than 5 of the last 7.5 years abroad,so every time we came back for holiday,everyone's favorite question would be
"When are you coming back for good?"
But now that they know i am expecting,they shift the questions to my pregnancy like
how many weeks am i along,what do i crave for or where am i going to deliver this baby.We still do not have the answer to the last question,so do not bother asking but please pray it will be Augsburg hiks.

Nausea has started to subside but I still throw up at least once a day,most of the times
after having my lunch.The first week in Malaysia was horrible with me wanting to eat everything to my heart's content but my body kept rejecting mo
st of the stuff.One food i will never take again during this pregnancy is Maggi Curry.Otherwise,i will end up in bed one whole day again.Rasenya everything else is still the same but i just started not to fit in my jeans and err bras?;p

Eating healthily is almost impossible here but i'm still trying.Tell me,how can one resist home cooked mee/beehon/kueh teow goreng,cempedak goreng,singgang tulang,pengat pisang?Tak boleh tahan.Tapi fresh milk,soy milk,fresh fruits and crackers mmg tak tinggal,so ok la ko

To hubby,do not be surprised,your honey is growing into a monster now!My ma ckp i monster kecik yg asyik tido;p

Ha talking about food,my family stopped by this kedai makan in Penarik,Setiu on our way back to Kota Bharu.Their goreng tepung are the best!singgah lah.


Nadia Dzai said...

aaaaaaa cute nyeeee ur tummyyy, dah ade dahhhh, comelsss ;p

zailamohamad said...

Ami, baru 10 minggu itu perot sudah naik itu macam ka?? by the way take care dear;-)

Ami said...

nadia: tummy tue sebab i makan tak stop!

k.ila: itu k.ila,hubby pon ckp sama.tapi rase sebab ami nie petite amat kot,so terbunc sket pon nampak hahahaha.

SyaNa said...

da besar perot ko ami
aku 14weeks tp tak nmpk lg
huhu jelessss
take care ye

iswatie "colours of life" said...

ami.cute tummy.....say hi to baby!

Ami said...

syana: sebab kat rumah kejenya makan and tido jer kot ;p you too,take care!

watie: baby ckp helllo aunty!!hahaha yer2 jek ;p

Ayu said...

Waa Ami! Tetibe excited tgk perut yang sungguh ibu2 mengandung tuh. Hehe.. Jaga diri, makan jangan xmakan, tapi eat healthily k. **Hugs** ;)

Anonymous said...

aaaaaaaaaa... da nampak ur baby bump!
tulah kat payah nk resist all the oily and fried food kat sini. i ni pun harapkan makan wholemeal roti, susu (but now dah tak bole minum susu, sbb diarrhea sob sob), fruits, hi fiber crackers... so i guess ok la kot. dengan supplements lagi. hihii...

u take care k, ami. kalau ade dtg penang buzz lahh... bole le tayang baby bump masing2. hehee


::zAsyikein:: said...

hi there,
i'm also expecting a baby soon...u dh 10weeks??
me dh 12weeks ++ cute ur lil bump...mine pun dh ader..tapi ramai my fren ckp its early for me to have the bump but its ok i'm love it...ehehhe so goodluck to US..n congrates!!!

Ami said...

ayu: toceyy ayu.makan sihat tue susah betul kat msia nie semua food sodapppp kan?

aida: betul2,dah tue kalau tak masak pon boleh main order jer.fresh milk pon i tak layan sgt kat sini sebenarnye,tapi pakse jugak minum,byk sgt air sedap lain nie hehe.laa awatnye diarrhea?take care ok,minum air byk2.ingat nak gi gak penang,maybe bile balik lagi sekali dgn hubby in may/ tapi you dah deliver kot mase tue,takpa,bleh tgk babyyy!!

kein: hiii kein,thanks for droppinh by!oo so kite just 2 weeks+ apart eh.i rase my bump dah shows up sebab i sgt skinny,my pre-pregnancy weight was below 40kg huhu mmg kurus pon still kurus,tapi suke makan,so all the fat goes to perut kot hiks.

CiKaYu said...

ami, comey tul lah...i kecur je tgk sotong & ketam tu..kalau balik tganu (hub's kg) mesti singgal seberang takir...

Ami said...

ayu: aah ketam tue paling sedap!mkn panas2 then minum air sirap or air kelapa tepi pantai hihi.seberang takir nie dekat2 penarik eh?

mama tisya said...

wah perut ami dh nmpk...sure lg comei bila perut dh makin maju ke dpn...

sedapnye yg celup tepung itu :-)

reena said...

Comelnya baby bump!

Ohhh itu goreng2 nampak yummy!!!

Ami said...

errynn: best rynn,nanti balik kelate lalu la ikut penarik,ganu plak,bleh singgah mkn.

reena: tenkiu!kat tganu tue reena,next time pegi induksi kat tganu lagi,suruh depa bawak mkn nie k :)

Fynnaz said...

Wahhh, tahniahhhh! Tertinggal ketapi lah! Hehe. And mmg cepat betul nampak perut for 1st baby plak tu. Takpe2 senang org notice. Kalo Fin dulu 7bln pun org tak bg duduk dlm LRT.

Kita sama2 dpt anak thn rimau lah thn ni hehe. Good luck to us too =).

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