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harith ami & muhriz

Thanks Lindah for the award!
Vielen Dank!

I'll be on hiatus until the 13th of May.8 papers all together,so i need all the luck in the world.
Cant wait for the exam to over!Hubby,kak long and 3rd sister are coming.
My Notts friends pon coming,semua org dtg,rase disayangi hihi.

Till then,cheers all!
I am in a serious need for a hair cut.
After married,i never grow my hair pass the shoulder.

Dont get me wrong,my hair is healthy.I just prefer short hair(and layers) because it's easily maintained.
Find a list of Muslim Salons on the web,so yeah maybe i'll try one of them after the exam.
Hubby did offer to help.No thanks but i love you sayang:p
And i'm sorry that you trust me to trim yours,sib baik tak kene telinga kan?hahahaha
Comel ape tade rambut:p

Study mood comes and goes but makan mode asik turn on saje,huhu.
A bowl or two of muesli for bfast,salad and pastry for lunch,nasi for dinner.In between?Jgn ckp,semua saye makan:apples,yougurt,choc and even maggi hehh.
Aight,i'm out to the park,cant resist the beautiful sunny weather.

Salam All,
While watching tv3online last tuesday,keluar pulak iklan KFC.
So hubby terus ajak pegi Muenchen(Munich),ade KFC halal hehe.KFC might be nothing to some of you,but it's a BIG thing for us here:p

Halal food susah nak cari,unless you choose to *katok,which is a big NO for me.
If you have friends studyin
g abroad,ask them about this term,for sure tau hehe.
*katok-eating non-zabiha meat

Ok back to the KFC trip.Gosh the w
eather was soooo beautiful so to the park first lah!
Englische Garten was pretty under the sun but it didnot last long.I almost threw out seeing a few naked bodies tgh sunbathing,tgh berjalan2 lagi.Makcik Pakcik ok haiyooo.**jgn imagine,geli**
In Germany,nudism is a common thing,there's even a movement called (FKK) and allocated park for nudism.
My german teacher and hubby dah mention about this before so I was not that surprised butttt i didnot expect to see those in a public park. Jadi bolehkah anda berehat rehat dengan suami kesayangan dikelilingi makcik pakcik yg tidak berbaju?Harus la beredar kan hehhh.
Muenchen Rathaus(Town Hall)

Munich Englische Garten-tempat kejadian

Tade gambar KFC pon huhu,lapar sgt :p

I'm going back to London esok.
So back to counting days again as hubby's turn pulak to balik london on the 17th of May :)

My better half despite being all macho(hehe excuse me yer,puji hubby sendiri) and
1)soo into football (he's an adamant Liverpool supporter!)
2)a hardcore gamer (suke sgt main tembak2!He's fav-First-Person-Shooter- CS,Team Fortress
3)an Automotive engineering studen

sanggup ke dapor to prepare these hihi

Chicken chops

Potato pancakes

Creamy Au Gratin Potatoes

Baked Cheese

and my favorite,cinnamon roll!

To the world,he might not be a perfect person,but to me,he's a perfect husband.
To the world,he maybe just one person,but to me
,he means the world.pss balik London,masak kat sana pulak ye sayang?:p

Salam All,
Spring is finally here!
The temperature has been constantly above 15Celcius since the last 2 days,best sgt!!
Hubby pon bawak la the wifey keluar-pegi pasar,beli groceries,lepak kat park mkn ice cream!hahaha

potted herbs,i wantt!
cantik kan?

On another note,i received an email from my supervisor,asking me the progress of project :(
Sakit perut bila pikir,dgn exam lagi huuuu takotttttt.Tapi i freak out for 5 mins jer:pThanks to M*RA!My flight ticket reimbursement dah clear!Mind you,i bought the ticket(KL-London by MAS)2 days before departure okie :DSo that one-way ticket is even more expensive than a retu
rn ticket,kalau tak approve tatau la,mmg tak tido mlm:p Tapi my allowance for this month is still pending,hopefully they will clear out next week.Then boleh settlekan all the Paris train tix,hotel booking insyaAllah.We're heading to Paris this June,along with my 2 sisters.Hmm i heard quite a lot of bad review about Paris,especially from my European-celup friends.So i suggested Barcelona and Rome instead.Tapi tak diapproved,so Paris it is!

Orait gtg,hubby will be back in an hour,kene prepare lunch.
Take care!

Salam All,
Melaporkan diri from Augsburg hehe.
No picnic whatsoever (sob sob)since the Augsburg's weather doesnot permit.
Went to visit Augsburg's new clan jugak,baby nadhirah,kene beratur ok nak jumpa nadhirah nie.Ramai sgt peminat!!And i just knew that baby kat sini is advised(by Paed) to bath once a week jer,ooo.

Isteri mithali ikut hubby pegi sekolah tapi malas nak masak bleh?

Since i'm in the revision mode(hee study la konon2:p),i munch a lot!
Abg dgn baik hatinya buat this Muesli slice.Thanks dek!
Orait,back to my study desk!15 mins break is over :p
Tschuss,take care!