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harith ami & muhriz

Some quick updates:

-I received 6 wedding invitation,tapinye managed to attend only 2 of them,sorry peeps!

-Dpt some increment,alhamdulillah.When it comes to $$$,saye sayang INT*L.
-Got accepted into U of ** and N** University,UK.Tgh another 2 applications.And,my application for a MARA scholarship has been approved,thanks Allah,Alhamdulillah

By first week of August,I'll bit farewell to this company,sob sob.Intel is really a great working place,at least for me.I always wanted to be an IC designer and among all the interviews i attended,i prayed hard that i got this one.Alhamdulillah dpt,but now after 2.5 yrs,i have to let it go for a better opportunity(insyaAllah).Pss abg,kalau kite dok penang lagi nanti,boley ke nak keje Intel lagi?;p

On school selection,must i admit going back to the States and Purdue is my dream.Tapi,saye mau dekat same hubby :) So United to the Kingdom it is.I wont "risk" myself studying in Germany =p.Hubby pon setuju isterinye study in UK, UK and Germany tade la jauh sgt kan.

Our marriage is turning 2 this August.When other couples are busy with late nite feeding,changing diapers and whatnot,me and hubby are going to be busy with our books!huhu.And school starts in early October,that give us enough time for another trip.We are still planning and looking for a getaway yg super nice to fit our budget since yours truly is going back to school kan kan?;)

Hari ini sgt tension pikir pasal minyak nie.78 cents tue dah boleh beli nasik lemak kat depan rumah tau.serious tak tipu!