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harith ami & muhriz

I have to start packing.Hubby's stuff for his Hannover trip,muhriz's and my own barang2 utk melepak di rumah tok ma.Since Muhriz dah jadi baby besar nie,makin kurang dah barang.We used to angkut barang die macam nak pindah rumah,dgn rocker pon bawak balik hahaha punya lah tak nak guna buai tak nak angkut sane sini tapi angkut rocker pulak =p owh (buai,spacifer,walker tue another entry).

Anyway,i don't know how many of you have travelled via Jln Grik-Jeli.Yes,that winding mountainous road.Jalan tue lah kami lalu balik my kota bharu since 2006.Sesiapa yg pernah lalu mesti notice sign board yg jarang jumpa di tempat lain(ke tak ade?);Hati hati,Gajah Berkeliaran.Dan saya pernah terserempak 2 kali :) Nak terlanggar babi hutan sekali.Alhamdulillah tak jadi apa2.So,dgn anakanda saya yg tak reti nak duduk diam nie,of course we have to plan our journey,tak boleh la rasa nak gerak pukul berapa main jalan.

3 things about Muhriz
a.He hates long hours in the car(baby mane tak kan?)
b.He hates to travel in dark
c.He is not the type of baby yg masuk kerete terus dozz off.He will eventually tapi sometimes takes 3 hours baru nak tido (nak sampai dah!)

utk kesejahteraan isi isi kereta we will make sure
1.Bergerak seawal pagi mungkin.Before subuh selalunya by 5am dah jalan.Anakanda bgn sudah halfway through.

2.If he starts to get restless,find a nearest RA,biar anak mak bertenang.Nak main ke,mandi ke makan ke,let him.kadang2 kat rest area sampai sejam!Btw R&R Jln Grik-Jeli nie is nothing like PLUS's,jgn expect ade gerai buah or ade KFC tgh2 hutan ni hikhik.Just expect a basic kawasan rehat.Rest area pon ade 4 jer and the distance between one another is about 30-40 mis drive;1.Grik 2.Banding(if you want to use the loo,pls jgn pegi dkt jeti,so yuckyy!Pegi toilet Rainforest Belum Resort instead 3.Puncak Titiwangsa 4.Jeli

3.Bring food and toys,lots of food and toys.Selalunya kami angkut sebakul toys haha.Makanan pulak,dari breakfast to lunch to snack aa hihi amik,by the time sampai rumah tokma dah jadi tong sampah dah kereta hubby hek hek.Food mmg saya bawa bekal sebolehnya tak beli.

4.Bring a big torchlight along.In case anakanda terjaga hari masih gelap(back to point son hates travelling in dark).

8am,February 2011,Banding Island.Mama and baby in pjs ;p

For the next 2 weeks,please expect slow response from me kalau ade yg email (pump,milk storages).Mak sibuk nakkk............... tido and let tok ma and tok ma jaga dudu.
Ekk better post it here before kemalasan melanda jadi macam euro trip lepas lepas

So hubby spent 2 weeks in Hannover,seminggu lepas raya baru balik.Balik dari DE,konon nak reward anakanda dia yg balik-balik tgk sudah boleh berlari,hubby ajak pegi Genting,x sampai half a day trip je.Ingatkan budak Muhriz nie sukak,tapi tgk mukak sajak sudah tau,muka penuh kebosanan kih kih.Arrived there 12pm,pukul 4 sudah balik sabar jer lah.Out of 8 rides,rasanya he only enjoyed one ride,just that one ride!Hohh penat panjat Genting.Rides lain dia tunjuk muka duploh sen;naik kete Audi kat rumah lagi bagus!=p

1.monorail,mukak sukak lagi
halfway through udah rambut anak mak mohawk semulajadi ya
2.Rio float.Nampak dari bawah nak naik.Bila naik nak turun adeii.
.3Ferris wheel **yawn** nenen lagi sedap
4.Reindeer cruiser
5.Ha,ini saya sukak mama.saya nak naik seploh kali!! And he kid you not!5 kali naik ok.since kalau ayah naik tentu roboh train kecik nie,mama la mangsa nya sob sob sob.

6.Carousel.Mula-mulanya macam suka walau terpaksa kes kes.

tetapi hanya harapan palsu.selepas 2 round gini pulak duduknya.Tak macho la naik ride nie mama
ok mak pak dah give up.letak je la kamu kat sini
lepas tue balik hehe.
nak try bawak kamu ke water park pula lepas nie hik hik
My weekend was pretty good.
I always think weekends are meant for rest,family matter and to sleep for longer hours wee hoo!Kalau weekdays kene bgn awal hubby nak pergi keje tapi lepas tue boleh join Muhriz tido semula la ngeh ngeh.

Saturday was a lazy day.Went nowhere else apart from grocery shopping.
Sunday morning started late.DH dan anaknya have lots of things in common;muka bolat,dahi luas lagii dua nie suke bgn lambat!Tgk ni 1030am masih tido!!

So after Asar,ajak hubby keluar;to Laksa Kak Su,Kuala Perlis.My first time here.Love this laksa,kuah pekat.But A Staq to K Perlis is like 40km away.Laksa Teluk Kuchai ceq tak berapa gemar pulak.mama nie,org nak main die ajak makan pulak ;p
Ingat kan pekena laksa kul 6ptg,dinner tak mau dah.Tapi habis jugak nie hiks hiks
This weekend we will be in my hometown,Kota Bharu tercinta.Hubby's leaving for Hannover again,so 2 beranak kene tinggal dgn tokma,tok wan dan dr poksu.Nasib baik still bekerja dgn Muhriz =p,hubby pegi outstation,mama dgn muhriz boleh kejar ayam kat kg =p

Hubby was not very happy with comments he's been getting about his err weight gain =p
Sure,exercising is a nice strategy for losing weight but it will go down the drain if you donot control you food intake.So hubby decided to do 2 things
1.Cut his meal portion
2.Skip at least twice a day

He should thank me for the second idea.He never ever skips before hahaha girls jer skip katenya.Tapi sekarang eksen nak jadi Rocky nak buat criss cross pulak.So hubby skips twice a day sekarang;before morning shower,selepas pulang dari kerja.We thought skipping is an excellent choice because it is as effective as other aerobic exercise;it improves your heart rate, promote fat loss, improve flexibility and co-ordination and balance and it also improves muscle tone and the best reason to skip is because it is cheap!All you need is just a skip rope and you can get one for less than RM10.We used to have sets of dumb bells and a sit up chair tapi lepas tue simpan belakang pintu buat tempat labah labah membiak ;p

So go abg,you can do it!
Yours truly skips 150/day,not bad kot hak hak

Tajuk tak boleh blah.Dok rumah pon ade schedule ka?
Owh well,i have!When you held a paying job,you have responsibilities that have to be completed,in a timely manner,right?But when you stay at home,you are the boss.The work has no beginning and ending and there is no one to tell you what to do.

So it is very very easy to just sit around in pyjamas and play computer all morning.And before you know it,it is already noon!hahaha!! Breakfast dishes were still in the sink and there was nothing for lunch.Panick attacked!Mula lah nak call meal delivery or in my case,i would call hubby to send me some lunch.Bertuah nye bini!

Anyway,that was me few months back=p.Now,i am proud to say that my home is maintaned on schedule.When hubby got home from work,there's alwayssomething to eat on the table and dinner is halfway if not already done.
This is roughly a guide of what i should do and i break down the chores to what needed to be done daily and weekly.

daily: cook,do the dishes,laundry,mop floors,clean up muhriz play area,wipe the stove,kitchen counters and dining table
twice a week: wipe and clean Muhriz's toys,change everyone's towel
weekly: change bedsheet,clean the bathroom,pick an area and clear it.

Yerp i mop the floor every morning sebab Muhriz sekarang is into throwing food on the floor,pick it up and eat it!!Nak pengsan tgk!

It is very important to start the morning right so that you can prepare for the day.So my morning routine is sth like this
1.Wake up,solat
2.Pick up everything on floor(toys are everywhere!)
3.Do the dish and prepare breakfast
4.Mop the floor,laundry
5.Have breakfast while fbing,checking emails and blogging!

If the first 4 things donot happen before Muhriz wakes up,i will feel err a bit............ uneasy.Why?Because:
1)It is not possible to ask my son to sit still and watch me mop the floor or do something else.Muhriz loves attention and hates to be left alone.He won't sit or play or even watch tv by himself.yer mmg anak kangaroo budak ini manja kededek hehe.
2)I donot want to clown around the house;one minute i'm reading a book or playing blocks with Muhriz,another minute i'm in the kitchen doing the dishes.Kalau boleh once he's up,mama jage muhriz je

Huhu before Muhriz,i was a housewife for almost a year and the schedule i had then was thrown away once he arrived.Tonggang terbalik rumah awal2 dulu,kadang tak sempat masak langsung,lunch dgn biscuits jer!

Anyway,I don't have a general schedule on weekends aside from cooking,napping and outing.Besides hubby is around to look after Muhriz,so it's more flexible and relax.
Eh ironing takdak dlm schedule.Did i mention i hate it??Double yuck!
Can't imagine how's the schedule looks like if i were.....a working mama!Hahaha
I was reading through this parenting website when i came across an article over baby name regrets.Do you know that 1 in 10 parents wish they could rename their babies?So careful if you're pondering for a name for your little one.

I was so close to fall into the group.Let me tell you a secret,i love the name Mikael ever since i came across it,and that was years before i got pregnant.I was so determine to name our first baby boy "Mikael" ever since hubby told me that his friend by the same name-Michael(Germans pronoun it as Mi-kha-el) was going to join him for a projectwork in Copenhagen.So when we knew i was carrying a boy,i suggested the name to hubby and he loved it too.We agreed that Mikael was our first reference.Since kitorang dah tak balik Malaysia for more than 1 year masa tue,little that we knew Mikael was creeping up the popular name chart.

Hmm i was not really fancy about that as i was afraid it would become trendy and my boy could end up one in ten in his class;
Cikgu:Which Mikael?Ada seploh Mikael ni.
Then he will answer: Saya Mikael Bin M Harith cikgu!

owh tidakkkk!teringat mak ngah hubby (a kindy teacher in Jerantut,Pahang) cerita,ade a few Daniel/Danish and even Daniel Danish in her class,so ade yg dipanggil Daniel kurus!

So we looked up for other name.Our baby naming rule is really quite simple;
1)It must has a good if not special meaning so the admirable qualities shall be pass to him insyaAllah:)
2)It has to be less common,does not necessarily unique.
3)It is a short and single name ,easy to spell and pronounce.No middle name.
We want the baby to be called by his full name.Kenapa tak nak nama panjang?Sebab mama punya nama sudah panjang,kalau nak travel,swipe passport sure tak lepas,officer kene key in,kalau time exam jenuh nak isi.Nevertheless, i love my name.Pernah jumpa another WAN SALMIZAINI?tak dak kan?Kat Intel dulu org panggil WAN,kat university/high school/kawan2 panggil AMI,cikgu sekolah menengah panggil ZAINI ;p

Anyway,those babies with middle names,if their first names end up being too common, they have the option of using one of their others.But since we prefer none,Mikael was crossed out from the list.
Hubby then picked Muhriz (not MuKhriz).Muhriz means a winner,an earner.And i instantly fell in love with it.He is growing fine with it.Truth be told,i can't imagine Muhriz with any other name hik hik

But again,if you do decide to stick with a popular name,it's your choice.Peace ^ ^

Few weeks ago,nampak status kawan saying he's coming back from UK.Leaving in 2 days kot.Sebagai wanita yang waras,otak saya ligat jer pikir nak pesan ape yg senang beliau cari dan bawa pulang.Hik hik.
Rasa nak sth from cathkidston,a bag lah to be exact.
I think i blogged before(in 2009 kot) that i love almost everything from cathkidston.Jalan passed the store every day nak ke college mau tak suke hehe.Alamak,rindu bus 345,49. Gave him 2 options:
Turned out,Selfridges ran out yg polka dots,so i got my chelsea roses.Tenkiu tenkui. Hmm tapi rasa nak buat babybag Muhriz pulak.Baby bag sekarang yg nie.Well,it's not really a babybag but since there's no bottles to be carried around,this one works just fine.
dah buruk hahaha

And since it is so floweryyy =p hubby mmg tak nak bawak hihihi
Muhriz is into books these days,especially those with sounds and texture to touch or pieces to play with.And i am glad we made it to the book sale last weekend.Kalau tak botak mak.Totally worth it.RM77 for all of these,can you believe it?Mostly priced at RM6/book.But we went on the first day,weekend nie dah tak tau lah tinggal buku ape lagi kan.Next year nak dtg as soon as it opens hehe.
More info on the location,opening hours here

Hubby got himself a few books too.My sister got a Jamie Oliver's at rm25.Mama gigit jari.Busy dgn Muhriz,sempat beli buku die jer.After an hour he became restless,a signal that we should get going.On the way to the cashier,nampak the Shopaholic series,RM8 each.So ambik tak tgk kiri kanan.And this one too.No,not yet expecting but it's only for RM10,who could resist?

So guys,if you have no plans for the weekend,heads up to MAEPS k.

Image googled

Saya ialah penggemar udang dan ketam,tetapi tidak mentarang.Hari minggu lepas saya dan kakak kebetulan di UiTM Shah Alam,telah singgah di Kedai Mee Ketam berdekatan UniSEL untuk mencuba Mee Kari Ketam yg disebut dlm Jalan Jalan Cari Makan TV3.Kedainya mmg amat senang dijumpa tidak perlu GPS tolong carikan.
Nak makan di situ bersama putera muhriz tidak sesuai rasanya,mahu bersilat dgn ketam lagi,dgn muhriz lagi.Tambahan pula ade berita baby terkena soup panas ketika dining out bersama keluarga kan,buat saya lagi risau.Jadi kami pesan for to go.Harganya saya rasa murah,RM8 utk mee kari bersama seekor ketam.Sgt oklah kan since ketam fresh kat pasar pon seekor sekurangnya RM4.
Jadi kami pulang bawa 2 bungkus mee.4 org tukang rasa dan makan,satu bungkus sahaja yg habis,lagi sebungkus hanya ketam di makan.Kenapa begitu?Kerana kami menjangkakan rasanya harus lah more or less seperti mee udang sungai 2,kuah mee tersebut mesti lah berasa udang atau di dalam kes ini,kuah rasa ketam lah kan?Tetapi yg kami rasai,mee kari yg tersebut hanya lah mee kari biasa yang diletakkan ketam.Meehon soup pon begitu.Tetapi mungkin juga tekak kami ni yg bermasalah,sebab nampak kedai tue penuh saje,kene tunggu table kosong lagi.Jadi adakah masalah anak tekak saya dan keluarga saya?Mungkin lah kan.
Kerana tidak puas hati,kelmarin makan ketam lagi.Ketam masak lemak cili padi dgn nenas pulak.Saya bukan lah pandai masak,tetapi hubby ckp ini better dari mee ketam tempoh hari hek hek,puji ade makna tue.
Semua org ade citarasa sendiri kan,ada je kot yg suka mee kari tersebut.Same lah jugaknye dgn macarons,i don't give a damn thing about it.Kecil,mahal dan sgt manis,so what?hihi jangan marah!
Being a mama is a tough job,tougher than being a design engineer.
Yesterday was one of my so called "bad" days.Muhriz usually naps 2 times a day,tapi semlm,die skipped the 2nd nap and forced himself to stay awake for more than 7 hrs! At 10pm he was still with us in the living room but i know he was tired.He would simply cry if we didnot allow him something and be
came fuss over every single thing. Nak jadi mak singa dah mama nie as I had use up all energy to coax him for the last few hours!
11pm and that's it!Jom tido.Brought Muhriz to bed,nursed him but still he refused to sleepand cried instead!I got really fed up as i was really tired.Checked his CD,kering lagi but i decided to change anyway.Bukak CD je,wee wee atas mama.Habis mattress dgn mama sekali.Hubby bawak muhriz to the toilet to wash up,mama pon pegi sekali.Sekali die nak masuk dlm bath tub main air pulak siap nak splish splash kat mama. That made me even angrier! :(
So i lost my cool and said something i wish i hadnot!M
mg menyesal sgt2 to have said that,gosh Muhriz is only 14 months :( But before you could think of something yg amat teruk,it was actually something like "mama pukul nanti!!" Tapi version lagi garang!
But of course lah a 14 mths old couldnot understand it,he just looked at me,puzzled and kept playing with the water.I
decided to cool down,let hubby handled him.But few mins later,i heard him crying,hubby kate terhantuk kepala sikit,sikit jer tapi org dah mengantok kan,menangis satu kampung denga
r.He asked for me,tak nak dgn hubby.So i picked him up,dressed and nursed him to sleep.
It was easy to break down in tears watching how innocent my baby looked while asleep and thinking how upsetting my behavior was just then.
I know hubby was upset with me for saying that too.Sorry baby,mama didnot mean to scold you.I regret it how i got angry over you.I pray to Allah for His guidance to go through this motherhood,to be more patient,more understanding and more loving.
I made a promise;If i were to lose my temper next time,i should be mad at myself not the baby.I need to remind myself that my baby boy still doesnot
really know.I can't expect him to understand that i want him to go to bed because i am tired or have other things to do.If he is tired,he would be going to sleep.If he is hungry,he would be asking for nenen.I just can't force him.

Forgive me,baby.I really do not wish to be angry at you.
Alhamdulillah Muhriz turned 14 months last thursday.tak sempat nak blog,busy melawat kawasan ahahaha.

anyway,anakanda,by now kamu
-sudah boleh berjalan dgn laju main kejar kejar dgn mama.tak dpt tangkap kamu menangis
-sudah pandai ckp nakk,bird(then point to the sky),semua bende kecil dan kunin ialah duck
-tak boleh kene marah!nanti mula la buat mulut ikan,lalu berguling atas lantai!package lengkap buat mama tutup muka kat shopping mall
-sudah pandai bace buku dan juga koyak buku ;p
-suke memanjat.hari tidak baik salah landing,dpt la parut hero macam nie
-suke sgt pakai kasut tapi tak suke pakai socks.pantang nampak kasut nak pakai.dlm rumah pon.nak jadi org german celup macam dada ke sayang?hek hek
-suke nak kawan,tapi so far nampak nak kawan dgn boys je.
-pantang nampak playground adoii.dgn mak pak sekali berpeluh ketiak jaga budak nie
-suka cats.ini penyakit keturunan.-suka nasi ayam dan pulut juga.mama used to be very strict dgn diet kamu.tiada garam dan gula.Msg apatah lagi.tapi kamu susah sgt mahu makan.satu pagi mama masak 3 bende pon kamu tolak tepi.In 3 months naiknya 0.5kg sahaja.risau tak tido malam mama.di suatu hari, kamu nampak mama lunch nasi ayam kamu nak sama,mama pon dgn terpaksa hati bagi.tapi idak la mama bagi kamu mkn curry.soup dan nasi ayam ok le.tomyam tak dpt la deknon.muhriz sgt tidak suka makanan manis.sgt amat tak suka sampai boleh muntah.terima kasih kepada susu ibu yg kurang gula tak payah nak heboh2 macam susu lembu kat tv less sugar ke sugar free ker.cuba bagi kueh akok,confirm die muntah hek hek.tak suke juice jugak hihi.suke air kosong jer.fruits pula paling suka dragon fruit dan mango.

Dah entry no 56,tahun nie ada lagi 2 bulan.I only have 37 entries in 2010 tapi tahun nie rajin pulak.2010 byk tulis pasal living abroad,then balik Malaysia on hiatus jap,sibuk nak beranak then sibuk dgn Muhriz kecik lagi.Baru perasan bulan bulan terakhir di Deutschland tak byk update blog,pasal Andalucia pon tak ade update hihi.

So mari ke Andalucia hari ini.I instantly fall in love with Spain after our visit to Barcelona.The people,the weather,the ambiance,the scenery.And i was so looking forward to travel to Spain again.Hubby's family was with us in DE for 2 weeks,jadi masa yg baik utk rombongan cik kiah.Moreover,i was 29 weeks along at that time,risau juga kalau travel jauh2 berdua je kan?Alhamdulillah,diberi kesihatan yg baik sepanjang mengandungkan Muhriz.Boleh travel jauh2,naik flight few hours pon ok :)

So,we took an Easyjet flight from London Luton Airport.Malaga was 2 hrs away from London.The flight was delayed for 3 hrs so we arrived Malaga Airport at 1am instead!Luckily the car rental company(Europcar) waited for us(with extra charge but can be claimed with the airlines).It took us no more than 20 mins to pick up our pre booked VW Tauran.Figured out renting a car and apartment were the best option since there were 6 of us.Andalucia have few exciting cities to explore and our trip was like this Malaga-Granada-Cordoba-Sevilla-Malaga.

Malaga sits on the Mediterranean coastline.Jadi though it was scorching hot summer,the sea breeze brought down the temperature.Forgive me as i've already forgotten the names of these attractions hehe.But the historical sites are mostly Moorish ruins;fortress,castle.

Entrance to the bullfight ring
2 budak gemok di main shopping street

The fortress

cantek kan?
Malaga is the birthplace for Picaso but we skip the museum visit tapi sibuk pergi ke pasar!Buah buahan spain sgt sedap tahu tak?next day sudah ke Alhambra,Granada,i save that for the next post.

Anyway,few notes for preggy mommies yg wish to travel by air:
-inform your gynae and ask her if you are fit to travel
-get an OK letter from your gynae (you might be asked for it during check in/boarding if you check in online)
-check the airlines policy tapi selalunye boleh fly up to 36 weeks(28 weeks and up kene ada support letter dari dr)
-move your legs regularly or just walk around to promote blood circulation(tapi jgn selalu sgt nanti org ingat kite restless nak beranak hiks)
-seat close to the aisle.u might need to use the loo more than everybody else
-minum air and have snacks ready