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harith ami & muhriz

Tajuk tak boleh blah.Dok rumah pon ade schedule ka?
Owh well,i have!When you held a paying job,you have responsibilities that have to be completed,in a timely manner,right?But when you stay at home,you are the boss.The work has no beginning and ending and there is no one to tell you what to do.

So it is very very easy to just sit around in pyjamas and play computer all morning.And before you know it,it is already noon!hahaha!! Breakfast dishes were still in the sink and there was nothing for lunch.Panick attacked!Mula lah nak call meal delivery or in my case,i would call hubby to send me some lunch.Bertuah nye bini!

Anyway,that was me few months back=p.Now,i am proud to say that my home is maintaned on schedule.When hubby got home from work,there's alwayssomething to eat on the table and dinner is halfway if not already done.
This is roughly a guide of what i should do and i break down the chores to what needed to be done daily and weekly.

daily: cook,do the dishes,laundry,mop floors,clean up muhriz play area,wipe the stove,kitchen counters and dining table
twice a week: wipe and clean Muhriz's toys,change everyone's towel
weekly: change bedsheet,clean the bathroom,pick an area and clear it.

Yerp i mop the floor every morning sebab Muhriz sekarang is into throwing food on the floor,pick it up and eat it!!Nak pengsan tgk!

It is very important to start the morning right so that you can prepare for the day.So my morning routine is sth like this
1.Wake up,solat
2.Pick up everything on floor(toys are everywhere!)
3.Do the dish and prepare breakfast
4.Mop the floor,laundry
5.Have breakfast while fbing,checking emails and blogging!

If the first 4 things donot happen before Muhriz wakes up,i will feel err a bit............ uneasy.Why?Because:
1)It is not possible to ask my son to sit still and watch me mop the floor or do something else.Muhriz loves attention and hates to be left alone.He won't sit or play or even watch tv by himself.yer mmg anak kangaroo budak ini manja kededek hehe.
2)I donot want to clown around the house;one minute i'm reading a book or playing blocks with Muhriz,another minute i'm in the kitchen doing the dishes.Kalau boleh once he's up,mama jage muhriz je

Huhu before Muhriz,i was a housewife for almost a year and the schedule i had then was thrown away once he arrived.Tonggang terbalik rumah awal2 dulu,kadang tak sempat masak langsung,lunch dgn biscuits jer!

Anyway,I don't have a general schedule on weekends aside from cooking,napping and outing.Besides hubby is around to look after Muhriz,so it's more flexible and relax.
Eh ironing takdak dlm schedule.Did i mention i hate it??Double yuck!
Can't imagine how's the schedule looks like if i were.....a working mama!Hahaha


aziyana said...

same cm husna le..kalo die bgn je jgn harap leh buat keje lain..klo letak dlm walker sekejap je leh tahan

potpetmama said...

salam dik; em having an experienced of staying at home for nine months; after graduated n married-during tat time i was pregnant..may be sebab lom ade anak i found it so damned boring...suddenly two weeks before gave birth dpt kerja pulak n when back to work rase nak dok rumah semula;any way, either u r working mum or SAHM ada yg manis dan pahitnya..

Ami said...

husna mmg geng anak kangaroo muhriz hehe

potpetmama: wsalam kak.staying at home with no kiddo certainly boring kan?that's why i prefer to call myself a stay at home mama not a housewife.ade sorang budak kecik pon dah cukup nak buat rumah terbalik tak menang tangan!

Nadia Dzai said...

masa i was h/wife pon mcm tue, ey eyh tgk laptop sampai noon, semua belum siap lg. heee.. kalau ade anak mcm mane lahh.. hehe

angah sam said...

hehe lebih kurang same je jadual dgn angah. nak mop lantai esp, kene siap kan before lil anak ni bangun kalo tak mmg tak la kan..hehe..

skang dah mop malam2, while hubby n irsyad tido.kemas sume mende malam2, esok rileks sepanjang hari.haha.tghr pun tak masak.kongsi bubur dgn irsyad je.haha.adeh..

Ami said...

nodie: ha i dulu pon dok dpn laptop sampai nak muntah huhu.hubby balik utk lunch pon i tak mandi lagi tau keh keh

angah: ami stok tido lagi awal or sekali semua tido angah,mmg pengsan terus nak tak nak kene bgn lagi awal dari anak.lunch still kene masak huhu kadang malas makan nasi dgn telor jer hahaha

mamaJong said...

cool~ I LIKE=)

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