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harith ami & muhriz

I've always wanted to write and share something about my breastfeeding journey because i heart it hahaha.Since sekarang adalah mood malas,i just start with a short one.

Getting started is not easy(at least for me)

but once you get the hang of it.........
you will never want to turn back hihihi.

Ok,those photos are an old ones;one when Muhriz was 5 days and the later when he was 1.5 mths old.I used to pump,even i'm 24-7 with him.Long story cuts short,now my bab yonly accepts direct feeding and all thanks to mama yang tiba tiba tak pump and asyik kasi Ms B sampai ayah cakap nanti jual balik itu freestyle kan baru tahu! ;p

to be able to witness Muhriz's daily changes is just amazing and priceless!
Mama loves you baby muaaaahh
Muhriz is becoming more selective these days.When there's a lot of people around him,die nak mama or ayah je ish ish.That's not surprising i guess,since i'm with him 24-7,babies whose mommies are SAHM mmg camtu kot ye?He's turning 16 weeks this Friday cepatnyeee,tapi still nak tido berdukung hikhik

This friday,Muhriz will turn 13 weeks!How time flies.Owh baby,you grow up so fast!
It seems like yesterday i was battling with the morning sickness and back pain.

I digged out some old photos and found this

Muhriz dlm perut lagi hahaha
I haven't shared the delivery story here,hmm maybe some other time.Mine was an elective/planned c-section;so basically i was advised to deliver the baby through operation.I could try for normal delivery but there's high chances that i will end up with c-sect.Though i did not endure the contraction pain and what not,the recovery process was so painful!Imagine your stomach being cut all the way from left to right?huhuhu

Anyway,my darling Muhriz,this is your mok mok mama few minutes before being pushed into the OR;before we first met :) I had never being admitted into the hospital before,so nak pakai ward gown pon tak pandai ;p

pakai gown terbalik ;p
...and Muhriz makes three!
Muhriz bucuk @12 weeks.He extremely loves his bathing time
But he hates to get dress!Dressing and nappy changing sessions have become one wresting match ok.Gosh this boy kalau boleh nak togel2 je tau.
Jgn besar cepat sgt tau,nanti mama rindu nak gomol2 hihi

Salam All

Bila dah ade anak,asik nak ckp pasal anak je hehe,sorry but can't help it.For a SAHM like me nie lagi lah,24 hours duduk dgn anak but i love it!Tak boleh imagine la macamana kalau kene hantar Muhriz to babysitter one day,how she/they will treat him,sakit jiwa pikiq yang tue.Eh awat ckp utara nie?;p sebab Muhriz dah jadi orang alor setaq hehe.Dah almost a month kitorang pindah sini and so far i like it,tak busy sgt,relax je.

Org cakap,sleep when the baby is sleeping.But sometimes i just couldn't,even when the housework were all done.I love watching my baby sleeping and i bet all mommies do!Muhriz nie tido buat macam2 ;he will make weird sounds and funny faces and he kicks!My gosh budak nie sepak kat perut mama sakit oo,even ayah die kene penyepak jugak;p No wonder mama gets no sleep hehe.

Anyway,sapa2 ade suggestion kat mana makan best kat Alor Setar nie share lah ye?Toceh.

lamenye tak update!
Ada baby mmg busy,tapi kalau baby tido,bosan pulak hehe.
A quick one on Muhriz.He's 5kg now,kurus lah mama lepas nie :p.
And see the new breastfeeding ticker?Alhamdulillah Muhriz rasa FM masa 3 days di hospital dulu je.
Ok,back to budak seketul nie.Now he's able to:
-lifts his head and holds it steady when upright
-focuses on our faces and smile back in responds to our smile
-he can grab!give your finger and he will hold it hihi comel je ;p
-he lovess his playgym.Mmg ketawa tak ingat lah kalau letak die kat situ
-this one mama tak berapa gemar ;p if he's awake,it's either letak kat playgym,dukung or letak atas rocker and mesti ade org teman die!huhu nasib baik lah mama die nie kalau die bgn,i mmg tak buat keje lain lah huhu.
-he moves a lot while sleeping.diapers dah 2 kali tertanggal masa tido malam.
-Suke sgt mengempeng,nak tido mesti cari Ms B

Apa lagi ek?Owh i think he's growing more like hubby and less like me dah ;p.
ganas x rambut saya?;p


After almost 2 bulan,baru nak berupdate ekNak berfb sgt pon tak sempat ;p,busy!
Baby Muhriz is taking his morning nap,so i better be quick.

Muhriz Bin Mohammad Harith.
Muhriz bkn MuKhriz tau ;p.Muhriz means a winner/earner insyaAllah.
Born 3.1kg @37 weeks,on Friday 06-08-10(cantek tak date nie?) by LSCS.
Mamanya was diagnosed with CPD ;p

As for now,Muhriz is exclusively breastfed and i'm loving it :).
Nite feeding is on EBM since he sleeps with his Tok Ma.
Ayah Muhriz ckp mamanya macam milk factory and his son nie raksasa susu ;p

..............ade rezeki kami dtg lagi.I'm so gonna miss this place!
But anyway,in the next 24 hours;Hello Malaysia dah!Hello satay,hello burger ramly,air kelapa,air tebu yeayyyy!
Psstt baby,bare with me ok,it's a 12 hours flight,we have done this twice before hihi.
I'm abandoning this space again!Busy packing pulak!My apology to some of you yg email,tapi belum direply!Life has been super hectic nak tercabut tulang belakang pon ade ;p

And i rase i will only blog about the Spain trip later bila dah balik Malaysia wahahaha.
Going back this time is different.It's been 6 years and we are leaving Augsburg for good sob sob!!6 years bebeh,countless flight trips going to and fro Muenchen Airport(from Indiana,from KL,from London lah),so this place is surely to be missed!Masa packing our stuff(for shipment),segala bende jumpa,stamps from the States pon ade lagi!sebab dulu when i was still in Indiana,i used to send card to hubby at least once a month,dgn stamp2 sekali hubby ku simpan hihi.Macam2 bende lah jumpa,card hari raya,my teddy bear busuk bawah katil ;p
I know it's a mix feeling for hubby.On top of all,i can feel this is something he's looking forward to!mesti lah happy sebab he has been here since 2004 haha and dah 3 tahun tak balik malaysia ok ;p nasib baik ingat lagi rupe durian macamane.And getting a German's Diplom Ingenieur is a very tough journey so many congrats abang!!And hands down to all Diplom graduates from here!
But deep down,i tau mesti die sedih punya and we surely gonna miss Deutschland!Haha tapi kalau tanye nie,si dudek nie mesti cakap tak heran pon dengan Deutschland nie,typical him!
Ade rezeki dtg lagi but coming for vacation will never be the same as living here.

Anyway,it's been a while since i update on the pregnancy.I'm entering my 31 weeks,baby dah turn his head down,which is expected at this point of pregnancy.Yesterday was our 2nd attempt to do the 3D scan but it was still unsuccessful!This time baby si notty nie cover muka die dgn lutut pulak dah.Rasanya balik buat 3D scan kat malaysia nanti dah.Everything is normal but my weight tak naik since the last checkup(3 weeks ago)I blame the traveling and packing lah,tapi berat baby naik 200g,berat mama nye tidak hehe.Ok what else,aaa yerp i'm hoping to deliver normally but the doctor said c-sect might be the better choice for me because of my small figure!Anyway,miracle might happen and i'm praying for that. Owh this baby aa,so like his father,tido susah nak bgn!During the CTG scan semlm,even the nurse made a lot of noise by knocking on a paper cup pon(for the purpose of waking him up) baby M nie boleh tido lagi heee.But baby,as long as you're growing healthily inside,mama+bapak tak kisah lah kamu suka tido pon ;p
Scanner dah simpan masuk kotak,tak cantik betul amik gambar gambar nie,but for now,this will do hehe

Baby M @ 28 weeks
Baby semlm @31 weeks.Ikut mama ke bapak?;p

Okeh,world cup fever!Nak muntah asik kene teman hubby tgk bola.Which team are you?Hubby is supporting Spain(macam biasa,die tak akan support Deutschland nye even though he admits Deutschland macam ade chance je kihkih).Me?I do not care much except for the Waka Waka song,saya tak suruh hubby tukar channel pon nasib baik tau.Baby?Die kene sokong Spain sebab he was made in Barcelona ;p There's a big screen showing the match at the city center but there's no way i will join the crowd,nanti nangis nak balik je ;p
Can't wait to golek this kucing gemok!
Ok got to continue packing,the courier guy is coming to pick up the boxes.Tschuss!
Back and breathing phewwww.
The last 2 weeks was super duper busy melayan family from Malaysia,bawak pusing Bayern and Salzburg,then to London and Andalucia,Spain!Owh hubby and i are so in love with Spanien! And i don't think i'm going to blog about London,i had been talking about it the whole of 2009,cukup la kot,bosan org baca asyik2 London hikhik.

In Malaga @ 29 weeks wehooo another 11 weeks to go!
9 months is a long time to be expected not to travel.Pregnancy WAS once seen as something that sent women to their homes but nowadays traveling is fairly safe for most pregnant mommies.If your pregnancy is an uncomplicated one,don't miss the chance,just go and explore the world!

I have been traveling around since i was only a few weeks pregnant.Remember my Barcelona trip?And my friends visit a week after that,which we went for a little hiking up to the Neuschwanstein Castle?But at that time,i did not even know i was pregnant!Kalau tau mmg tak pegi la naik bukit time winter.And when i was 9 weeks,i flew back alone to Malaysia,that was a 12 hours flight journey.Kat Malaysia for 3 months tue pulak,travel from KL to Kerteh then ulang alik to Kuantan before going back to KB and back to KL again.Then at 19 weeks,i returned to Deutschland,and recently the UK trip,bawak my sister here and there in Bayern nie and in the next few days,my in laws will be here,and we are traveling out of Deutschland for 9 days with them.No,you don't have to be super fit to travel during this period.My first trimester was not smoooth either.I was almost hospitalized for constantly throwing up.But moving forward,this 2nd trimester has been wonderful!Anyway,in the case of traveling,use your common sense to help make you trip more safe and comfortable.Just don't overdo it,when your body says no,then it's a NO and when you're tired,take a break.

What i've been doing is,before i travel,i'll make sure my gynae is well informed about my plan and has her reassured that my body is fit to do so.Hari tue when we were in Manchester,my sister's friend tue keep on asking me,"Tak penat ke?Nak rehat ke?Tak sakit belakang ke? I appreciate her concern and alhamdulillah everything was fine.But i think it would be nicer if she said something like "You look healthy dear!" For me,being pregnant doesnot mean you're sick,it's not a disease,it doesnot mean you are weak.When you're healthy,your baby will grow healthy too.And i believe my baby love it when we're on the move,hari tue bila dah balik rumah,he kicked constantly as if shouting "i want another ride mama!" huhu

When my sister was here,the first place we brought her was the-must-see-building in Bavaria;Neuschwanstein Castle lah!In Bayern nie takdak tempat lain,castle nie jugak hikhik.I love this building,it's by far,the most impressive and beautiful castle i've ever seen.When we were there, i saw this pregnant woman with her husband and two toddlers waiting for their turns for the tour,gila hebat,i think she was even further away than i am,8mths if not more kot,and she has 2 kids to handle somemore!In case you're wondering,to see the inside of the castle,you have to join the guided tour and believe me,the queue was usually long so plan you visit properly.And no photos is allowed inside the castle.

So here are some shots.It was one rainy day and that was actually my 4th visit to this fairytale building.The castle looks outstanding in all seasons,especially in winter,when the whole area is wrapped in white blanket. Of course i did not hike this time and took the shuttle bus instead.We still had to walk from where the shuttle dropped us to the castle,about 300m.But the little hike was well worth it and the view (after the rain)was absolutely breathtaking masyaAllah :)

You can either 1.hike 2.take the carriage 3.take shuttle bus to the castle.
The carriage is expensive but rather smelly and it's a 15 minutes journey mind you!
Spot the castle?
Walking to the Marien Bruecke

Hubby and sister
The Neuschwanstein Schloss( view from the bridge)
Si gemok hihi
Spot the bridge!

Looks familiar?Of course!
This castle was the inspiration for the Disneyland's Sleeping Beauty Castle

So if you happen to be in Bayern,stop by this castle and say Guten Tag!
I'm going to rant the rest of my UK trip in this entry,sekarang tgh mood nak update ;p
Not much on our stay in London though,as i mentioned before,kat London keje nya ulang alik Oxford Street hihihi but here a few shots at the Regents Park(while waiting for the shops to open) and Hyde Park(taking a break and catching our breath from the crowded shopping street).

Tulips yg cantek!
I heart Ben's Cookies!!After London,we traveled up north for 1.5 days and our first stop was the Bicester Village.Not sure what did my sister got herself but me and hubby bought absolutely nothing for us huhu.We just strolled one round,then waited for kakak in the car while eating spicy chicken wings and sandwiches hahaha boleh tak? ;p

From the outlet,we drove up to Travelodge Perry Barr in Birmingham to overnight.The hotel is a new one that the building does not even have a number!And tau lah without a bulding number,kalau the street was so damn long,mula la pening nak cari,even with GPS.bila i call the hotel pon,diorang tak tahu jugak haiyaaa mula la mak jadi singa ;p

The next day tue after breakfast,drove up further to the Cheshire Oaks Outlet in Chester.My first time here and for me lah,this outlet is much much better than the Bicester Village.Tapi ade satu disaster!My hubby lupa pin credit card die waaaaaa,and since it's a pin card,the store didnot want to accept signature,muka cashier tue macam nak gelak je tgk i jeling kat hubby ;p Dah tak boleh main swipe swipe dah huhu.Tapi hubby and baby ade dapat something,my kitchen pon dapat something,danke abg!

From Cheshire to Liverpool is about half an hour.Rakan KOP sorang nie mesti la nak pegi kan.Beli baju berjemaah,had fish and chips and watched sunset dekat Albert Dock.From Liverpool we tumpang tido rumah kawan my sister in Manchester.Hubby dah tarik muncung dah hahaha but it was just for one night,takde nye si baby nie nanti jadi MU fan kehkeh.
Rakan KOP berjemaah :pNext morning tue,after 3 pinggan nasi lemak sorang ;p,we left Manchester for Heathrow.Our flight was at 2pm,830am baru gerak and it's a 3 hour journey.The journey was smooth until the last 10 km,dangg!!There was an accident on M25 heading to the airport,so the traffic was really bad!Cuak bangat seh,i was thinking the what if?What if we missed our flight lah kan,dah la i nak balik rumah sangat2,sampai mimpi2 dah.Nasib baik the car rental company tue provide shuttle service with pakcik driver yang baik hati;he knew we were late,so after everyone buckled up,terus die pecut to the terminal hikhik.And we made it!Managed to check in 5 minutes before the counter closed feuwwwwwhhhhh!

130pm,the gate opened and everyone started boarding the plane.Boarding completed,flight door was closed and as i was about to fall asleep sebab letih berlari tadi,the pilot made an announcement that that flight was cancelled because the Munich Airport was closed due to the volcanic ash :( nak nangis,i so wanted to go home!And a lady seated in front of us did actually cry,kesian die,she must have an important business back in Munich.Tapi ape nak buat kan?So we were told to claim our luggages and go to the arrival area again for assistance.Nasib baik British Airways provided us,the stranded passengers yang sedih nie,with everything we needed;accommodation,meals and shuttles to and from the terminal.So we got to spend one night at the Renaissance Heathrow,enjoyed the buffet dinner and breakfast.We were put into the next available flight to Munich on the following day and alhamdulillah the airport had re-opened hehehe.It's sooooo good to be home you know,even kasi free semalam lagi at Renaissance pon i tak nak(kot ;p)

Dlm senyum2 tue sedih rindu rumah tau huuu
A very good sharing from phatdivamama. Kudos to the author,I just copy and paste :)

It's a trend nowadays that many muslim Malaysian women are into the new hijab wearing i.e. wearing a shawl-like syrian style hijab. I posted on my Fb status recently stating that I too, would want to wear the syrian women hijab style with high bun but unfortunately my hair is short thus cannot tie or do a bun at all.I also received few suggestions to buy fake buns online or at Arzu, KLCC.

I used to study in an arabic-medium school and had learned that when you wear tudung, you're not supposed to show any indication that your hair is long by tying your hair really high/do a bun until men can notice the presence of your long hair eventhough you wear your cover/hijab. That defeats the purpose of wearing a hijab.However, I can't remember the hukum whether it's haram or harus or makruh.

Being curious, I googled about this sanggul arab issue and found the hadith related: Quote::

“ akan muncul dalam kalangan umatku di akhir zaman, kaum lelaki yang menunggang sambil duduk di atas pelana, lalu mereka turun di depan pintu-pintu masjid. Wanita-wanita mereka( isteri mereka atau anak perempuan), berpakaian tetapi seperti bertelanjang ( nipis&ketat). Di atas kepala mereka pula(wanita) terdapat bonggolan (sanggul atau tocang) seperti bonggol unta yang lemah gemalai. Oleh itu laknatlah mereka semua. Sesungguhnya mereka adalah wanita-wanita yang terlaknat”- hadith riwayat Ahmad, jil.2, ms. 223.

Rasulullah s.a.w bersabda:

“dua golongan penghuni neraka yang mana aku sendiri belum pernah melihat keadaan mereka didunia: golongan yang membawa cemeti seperti seekor lembu lalu menggunakannya untuk memukul manusia dan juga kaum wanita yang berpakaian seperti bertelanjang, menggoyangkan badan dan berlenggang-lenggok, kepala mereka ada suatu seperti bonggol di kepala unta yang bergoyang-goyang. Mereka tentu tidak akan memasuki syurga atau mencium baunya sedangkan bau syurga itu dapat dihidu dari jarak perjalanan begitu dan begini”

–hadith riwayat Muslim. Hadith no 212-

I would say that I was tempted at first as I saw some women/celebraties/tv presenters looked really pretty wearing the syrian style hijab with high sanggul/bun. Sometimes, bila nak cantik, manusia selalu lupa pada hukum walaupon dah belajar.I am one of them.

We only had one more day to be spent in London after the commencement.No sightseeing this time.I think i have seen enough and that was not my sister's first visit to London either,so nobody bother about the tourist sights.We went shopping instead.I managed to cross out a number of items from the baby checklist.But i need to get more clothes for him.Feeding items pon belum complete juga.The squeaky train and orange soft toy on the left were chosen by hubby.One meant to be attached to the buggy's bumper bar,the other tue pulak toy busuk baby.Hihihi first time parents nie mmg main hentam beli barang ;pCath Kidston tue stroller bag kot hahaha entah,i don't think hubby nak tolong bawak bag tu nanti hikhik.One question,kat Malaysia ok tak pakaikan baby legging?Panas tak diorang?
Back and breathing!
Best nye dapat tidur for more than 12 hours ;p

Sent my sister to the Munich Airport yesterday morning.So now we're back to our old routine.Not for long though,in laws are coming in 2 weeks time,nanti we will travel to UK and Spain again with them.
Baby?So far Alhamdulillah ok je naik turun flights,trains,buses; a future globetrotter nie,kan baby kan?:)

Commencement photos first.
The ceremony was held at the Royal Albert Hall on the 5th of May.
Huhu i ended up with my old tudung bawal,comot sungguh!

An over-sized hood kahkah

At the lobby of the Biomedical Engineering Building,where i spent a few months working on the dissertation.
Officially an Imperial College London alumni!
The Royal Albert Hall
Baby said "Ouchhh bapa!!Kenapa cucuk saya neh?!!"
MSc of Analogue and Digital Integrated Circuit Design
At the reception after the ceremony.
Ade smoked salmon bruschetta-my fav!I curi-curi makan belakang harith ;p tau2 smoke salmon is no good for preggy women but i just can't help it!