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harith ami & muhriz

Muhriz is becoming more selective these days.When there's a lot of people around him,die nak mama or ayah je ish ish.That's not surprising i guess,since i'm with him 24-7,babies whose mommies are SAHM mmg camtu kot ye?He's turning 16 weeks this Friday cepatnyeee,tapi still nak tido berdukung hikhik


iswatie "colours of life" said...

hehehe.iyerlah muhriz asyik berkepit ngan mummy dia jer..then saja lah tuh nak buli mama n ayah...heheh

Anonymous said...

Muhriz has ur eyes!
so cute la!
put up more his pictures ;)


Ami said...

watie: aa tuh la,berkepit je kejenye,tak nak dok kat bawah dah.

aida: ye ke?mate i sepet lah and so does his dad's.rasanye kene kenan sebab i suke tgk baby mate bolat nie ahahaha

Precious Moments said...

He looks just like you! Very cute :)

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