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harith ami & muhriz

Finally...i'm blogging from home =D
Haih takes 2 weeks jugak nak bukak bank account kat sini rupenya=p
(Broadband application required direct debit info)
Tade interesting story mory pon hihi except that i bought my first Tie Rack here and it costs me just 6 pounds,time ade sale siap buy 2 free 1 lagi yeay
Last few days,the temp dropped down to minus degree,so ade la snow sket.
I didnot know that Londoners are that excited dgn snow =)

This is my last winter in West Lafayette,Indiana,back in 2005.

When it gets to this point,nak gi class or even keluar rumah pon malas and susah =p
I donot think London will be this white,tapi selalu hujan and windy grrrr sakit tulang.
Yg bestnye,my room nie tade heater hahaha.I went to Argos
nak cari a portable heater and taraaa semua heater was out of stock!
Sabar aje la ish ish.
Owh weekend lepas ade open house MARA.So being their scholar,saya pon pergi la tunjuk muka kat MARA officers hehe,sgt friendly semua.They catered the food from Bonda Cafe,okla food die,much better dari canteen Msia Hall hehhh.

Horray it's friday,which means lagi 2 weeks nak jumpe hubby !!

Hubby is coming .. hurrayy!!!
I will update more once dah amik gambar menarik sket.
So far,being a student here agak penat kot;penat jalan cross Kensington/Hyde Park,penat naik Tube,penat tgk all the stores on the way pegi and balik sekolah,dugaan.