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harith ami & muhriz

I have worked outside the home in the beginning of marriage.Well,we got married at the age of 23,few months after i completed my degree.Hubby needed to go back to DE to complete his Diplom and i have no option but to enter the industry.Long story cuts short,after my MSc,i got pregnant and so we decided that i would be staying at home waiting for the baby to pop out and later taking care of the baby until hmm until we think he's ready to be sent to a babysitter hahaha.

Anyway,staying home with a baby is a whole different game.Unlike regular job, this one doesnot have a break and you have so little time for yourself.My policy is that when my husband goes to work, I get to work. There's always something to be done,one after another;dishes after feeding,cleaning up the bath area after bathing,countless nappy changing and cleaning,laundry,cooking,selling pumps online hehe,and now i'm trying to write more often too.The amount of energy needed is overwhelming especially if your baby likes to be carried around so much like mine hahaha.dukung budak 7kg tue ke hulur hilir sidai kain,sambil makan hehe kurusla mama nye.Whenever i do not not have time to keep up all the chores(especially folding and ironing the laundry), I just left them undone and take care the next day.

And what keeps me sane here?Because my hubby treats me well and appreciate all the things i've done.He doesnot complain if he sees pile of unfolded clothes in the guest room,or if i forget to iron his favorite work pants.But,one thing i try to manage no matter how busy i am with the house duty,is cooking.It is often said that the way to a man's heart is his stomach and everyone agrees on this.If you follow my blog,you will notice that i love cooking simple stuff when i was in Deutschland,nothing fancy mind you.Cook,snap photos and post it here hahaha.I do not cook like a chef,but on most days,i will try to fix something for dinner,even it is as simple as ramly beef burgers and chips!hahaha

Besides home made dinner,my other aim is to have on the table when hubby gets home from work.So semlm hubby mkn bubur kacang ;p.cett so much talking,ckp je la baru first time buat bubur kacang and hubby ckp sedap kuang2 babaiii

cinta hati
There are many ways that breast milk far outweighs the best formula including its ability to provide perfect nutrition for your baby.

Breastfeeding has never been a question for me,i was determined to breastfeed my baby way before i got pregnant with Muhriz.But i keep telling myself to be open if it doesnot work for us but we will try our best.After all,if we fail to breastfeed for the first time or even for the first few days,does not mean it will fail forever.Breastfeeding is learned and does not come naturally,it needs practice.

As i delivered via c-sect,it took me a while to gain full consciousness and as soon as i did,the epidural effect wore off!!Seriously who ever says c-sect delivery is nothing compared to normal one mmg nak kene sekeh huhu.
I know delaying the initiation is not good but i needed some time to recover myself.Coming out from the OT,I could not even feel my legs and could hardly move,so fearing i might drop Muhriz instead of holding him,i chose to rest first and let the excited family entertain the baby.

And i have informed the nurses that i would like to give breastfeeding a try and since we got a private room to ourselves,they have no problem rooming in Muhriz whenever i requested to.Muhriz was delivered at Pusat Perubatan An Nisa,Kota Bharu and i highly recommended this hospital as the staff sgt2 bagus and friendly!The hospital was well established,dah lama dah since 1980+ if i'm not mistaken,even some of my friends pon were delivered there hahahaha.
Back to the nursing,first trial-failed!I thought i have read and reread everything to boost my nursing savvy,but i still failed to get Muhriz to hold on to the breasts!Kasi kiri tak boleh,kanan tak boleh jugak!Jgn tension,jgn tension!Muhriz was hungry and stressing up won't help.Try lagi and he managed to hook up,but there's no milk hihihi poor baby.
I think he managed to drink some milk on the second day,but by then,we've already topped up with formula since most of the times mama was busy picit hidung baby instead of helping him latching up.i got discharged on the 3rd day and as soon as i got home,the nurses from local klinik kesihatan came to visit.Though i delivered at a private maternity center,i chose to inform the local kk so that they could come for home visit,it's a free service,bagus betul!muhriz was diagnosed with jaundice,a mild one,so they advised me to breastfeed him EXCLUSIVELY!so that's the end of his Mamil Gold,guna tak sampai 10 sudu.This was when the pump became so handy!I pumped every 2-3 hours,before or after nursing.Mmg macam kilang susu.Nasib baik hubby mmg pasang pump to siap2 before pegi hospital,dah basuh semua storage bottle and charged battery siap2.To my surprise,everyone in the house was so supportive about this.Hubby mmg lah,he read and prepared himself a lot more about parenting ni than i was.Hubby handled the EBM to be stored,washed,sterilized and assembled the pump.Tok ma and tok wan,tukang jaga muhriz mlm2,bgn panaskan EBM to feed him at 2 and 4am.and since it was fasting month,night feeding was not a problem,satu family bangun huhu,lepas subuh,satu family pengsan!;p

Well,that was 6 months ago :) Now,budak kecik nie busy tolong mama pump ye nak?
panas2 nie mula la rindu tempat jauh-dulu-time-winter-asyik-complain-sejuk beku-nak balik msia ;p I miss so many things about living abroad,makan ice cream pon rindu hahaha.tapi kat malaysia best jugak!ade paddle pop rainbow tue,my all time fav,cornetto ke magnum ke tak layan.hohh muhriz,jgn mkn tak senonoh cam mama nie tau ;p

suke nye hubby,patut la mintak 1 scoop die belikan 2 huhu

Have a nice weekend all!
Few days ago we went to Giant supermarket to get something,which i forgot ape bende nye,suis kot?jalan2 tue nampak this storage box on half price,deal of the day or sth.Since i was looking for one to store Muhriz's toys,ape lagi.beli lah.Hubby ckp amik 2 lah,one for his toys and another one as..........his car since these boxes come with wheel,and he kids you not!
Sekarang hubby dah ikat tali kat depan tue so senang nak tarik.nasib kamu la anak,
bapak kamu cheapskate Maschinenbau Ingeniur hahahaha.A toy,as long as it's safe,entertaining and stimulating,does not have to be expensive,ayat tak boleh blaah ;p

Enjoying his ride
Joining the bandwagon hikhik

La Alhambra,june 2010,30 weeks pregnant.

semlm hubby ckp the current hot weather reminds him of Andalucia;our final euro trip before coming back for good last year.and i don't think i even blog about it, sekarang i've started to forget the names of the places huhu.

hahaha tak wordless pon.i'll try again next week ;p
Muhriz started solid when he was five and a half month and his first food was banana puree instead of rice cereal.I will blog on how i prepare this puree later,simple je.Rice porridge was introduced a week later,once i believed he's ready for it and once he's used to eating twice meals a day.I started with plain rice porridge and slowly added new vegetables every 2-3 days.Anyway,ni simple steps on how i prepare his porridge every morning.Currently he's into potatoes,carrots and broccoli.

The ingredients; brown rice,potatoes,baby carrots and broccoli.

Masak macam porridge biasa.Add the veggie later on,agak2 the porridge is about to done.

Blend the porridge to fine it.

Sieved so you have a sauce-like texture.

Upon serving,add some EBM of course.Susu ibu di mana2 kan;p
I'm so looking forward to cooking his meal,lagi best dari masak utk sendiri ;p

yippeee dah 6 bulan!

Dear Muhriz,
As i'm writing this,you were taking morning nap.You dozzed off right after we came back from our morning walk.Well,morning walk is not our daily stuff since most days you wake up at 9am if not later.huhu one late riser,like father like son lah nie!

Last night,your father and i spent sometimes looking at your newborn photos ;p
6 months ago,all you did was sleeping,nenen and crying hihi.But look at you now!Dah besar dah anak mama!putting you to bed these days is not that easy!Almost tiap2 malam kene bawak pusing dgn kereta baru nak tido.
You babble a lot,kat mana2 pon,pi tesco ka,kenduri ka ;p You can combine vowels and consonants now,dah pandaii,selalu sebut Ta Teee,Ma Ma,Da Da.yang mama dan ayah notice,kalau muhriz dah pandai satu2 word tue,muhriz akan sebut the same words days and nights sampai la muhriz pandai words baru pulak.lepas tue kalau muhriz dah bosan bebel you shout pulak,alaa macam org nak berkungfu tu hehe.Kalau masuk bookstore,mama mmg kene cepat2 or sorok belakang rack la kalau muhriz dah start nak berkungfu nie hehe.And when ayah calls,suka sgt berebut phone dgn mama.ayah tanye,muhriz babble,tanye lagi,ma ma da da lagi hehe
What else,owh you have started on solid and alhamdulillah dah 2 minggu nie,mama tgk muhriz suka your food.Except for sweet potatoes and anchovies,yg lain semua muhriz mkn.Paling dudu suka; potatoes,carrot and broccoli.

Anak mama nie masih suka berdukung,on tummy tahan 10mins je.Sebab tue la mama risau nak hantar kamu ke babysitter,takot babysitter marah kamu asik nak dukung2 je.I hope you will get over this berdukung phase as you're getting heavier babyyy,lenguh mama.tapi takpe,as long as muhriz happy,mama dukung la.

And baby, i'm glad to be able to be by your side and care for you myself.I enjoy every moment spend with you.Some question why do i choose to leave my career behind,penat je belajar ke US,ke UK,tanak kerja semula ke? I will simply answer;career can wait but not you and your safety.As for now,i just want to be with you and i want to attend your need myself.Alah,my aunty and the rest of the family yg very2 supportive tue ckp senang je jawapannye,jawabla sebab sayang nak tinggal anak ;p

I wonder if we still have this much time together should i decide to work again,hmm but lets not think about that now!grow up well son,jadi anak soleh ok,jadi ustaz pon takpa hehe ;p

My mama tak shehat,so saya updatelah.weekend lepash kami pulang ke kelate,shaya happy shangat2 shebab ramai orang.shemua orang suke dukung shaya,best best.shaye dapat toys baru,baju baru,socks baru,duit baru hahaha.ok jom tgk ye ape shaye buat di kota bharu.

ni pemandangan belakang rumah tok ma.hmmm awat nye padi shini hijau,kat kedah kuning?

shaye pegi kenduri housemate mama.chantekk pengantin,pelamin,hantaran,shemua pon chantek2 la.pastu elphee kain bushuk shaye tercelup dlm kuah kari,shian elphee dah warna choc.
saya berdukung doploh empat jam.bestt.mlm2 shaye tido dgn shiapa2 je,bukan dgn mama pon tak keshahh asal ade aircond.pashtu shaye ckp dgn shemua org,tapi diorang asyik gelak,diorang tak paham kot.

shaye dpt toys baru dari poksu,poksu ckp everytime balik kelate poksu belikan.nak balik sokmo la gini
nie shepupu saya yg paling tua.shaye cucu paling muda.we have one thing in common;shuke tido lmbt.rugi la tido awal2 mlm kan kakak zati?
pashtu mama dgn ayah botakkan kepala shaye lagi,ish2 dah 3 kali shaye botak nie.bila la depa nak inshaf ;p

encem tak shaye botak?mama kate shaye nampak cam newborn shemula
mama bawak shaye pi pasar siti khadijah sat sebab nak beli keropok.ramai shangat orgg,ramai baby nangis2 jugak.diorang panash kot,kalau diorang botak cam shaye,mungkin
diorang tak panash.

pashtu tok ma ade buat kenduri doa shelamat,mama tak amik gambar shebab mama teman shaye tido hehe.shaye pegi kenduri makan laksa jugak,tue pon tak amik gambar.

tapi yang paling besh................mama shepit thumb shaye kat sliding door!shaye pon ape lagi,menjerit mintak tolong,shaye rashe satu kampung kot boleh dengar shuare shaye mintak tolong.tok we dgn tok ma yg pujuk shaye.gambar takde shebab mama pegi menyorok lepash kene marah dgn tok ma.

nak balik kedah shemula,mama dgn ayah bertolak pukul 5pagi lagi so shaye bleh tido je dlm kete.yer la,shaye rimas la dok dlm kete lama lama nie.shaye bukak mate je eh cantiknye
pemandangan,tashik banding nie mama ckp.mama dgn shaye due2 bushuk pakai baju tido ;p ayah je encem encem pagi2 nak jalan ni,siap rambut letak gel shemua ;p

ok tue je,bulan depan shaye nak balik kg ayah pulak yeayy.semlm saya dah 6 bulan,mama ckp yg tue die tulis la,babai shaye nak gi nenen ;p