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harith ami & muhriz

Muhriz started solid when he was five and a half month and his first food was banana puree instead of rice cereal.I will blog on how i prepare this puree later,simple je.Rice porridge was introduced a week later,once i believed he's ready for it and once he's used to eating twice meals a day.I started with plain rice porridge and slowly added new vegetables every 2-3 days.Anyway,ni simple steps on how i prepare his porridge every morning.Currently he's into potatoes,carrots and broccoli.

The ingredients; brown rice,potatoes,baby carrots and broccoli.

Masak macam porridge biasa.Add the veggie later on,agak2 the porridge is about to done.

Blend the porridge to fine it.

Sieved so you have a sauce-like texture.

Upon serving,add some EBM of course.Susu ibu di mana2 kan;p
I'm so looking forward to cooking his meal,lagi best dari masak utk sendiri ;p


Drama Mama said...

sangat seronok masak untuk anak kan!!!


dd said...

u guna hand belender ye utk blend the bby food.. my baby br 5.2months tgh pikir2 apa first food nak bagi.. rasa mcm nk bg avacado dulu .. followed by bubur nasi...

Ami said...

baizurah:aah best!tgk diorang mkn lagi la semangat nak masak

dd: aah dd,sebab i malas nak basuh blender biasa yg byk part tue ;p.hand blender nie senang blend terus dlm periuk.avocado is a good choice too!muhriz pon i kasi avocado jugak either as puree or scoop terus suap,try lah.your baby might like it,tapi muhriz mula2 mkn avocado die buat muka kelat,sebab avocado kan cam lemak2 pahit hehe.

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