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harith ami & muhriz

yippeee dah 6 bulan!

Dear Muhriz,
As i'm writing this,you were taking morning nap.You dozzed off right after we came back from our morning walk.Well,morning walk is not our daily stuff since most days you wake up at 9am if not later.huhu one late riser,like father like son lah nie!

Last night,your father and i spent sometimes looking at your newborn photos ;p
6 months ago,all you did was sleeping,nenen and crying hihi.But look at you now!Dah besar dah anak mama!putting you to bed these days is not that easy!Almost tiap2 malam kene bawak pusing dgn kereta baru nak tido.
You babble a lot,kat mana2 pon,pi tesco ka,kenduri ka ;p You can combine vowels and consonants now,dah pandaii,selalu sebut Ta Teee,Ma Ma,Da Da.yang mama dan ayah notice,kalau muhriz dah pandai satu2 word tue,muhriz akan sebut the same words days and nights sampai la muhriz pandai words baru pulak.lepas tue kalau muhriz dah bosan bebel you shout pulak,alaa macam org nak berkungfu tu hehe.Kalau masuk bookstore,mama mmg kene cepat2 or sorok belakang rack la kalau muhriz dah start nak berkungfu nie hehe.And when ayah calls,suka sgt berebut phone dgn mama.ayah tanye,muhriz babble,tanye lagi,ma ma da da lagi hehe
What else,owh you have started on solid and alhamdulillah dah 2 minggu nie,mama tgk muhriz suka your food.Except for sweet potatoes and anchovies,yg lain semua muhriz mkn.Paling dudu suka; potatoes,carrot and broccoli.

Anak mama nie masih suka berdukung,on tummy tahan 10mins je.Sebab tue la mama risau nak hantar kamu ke babysitter,takot babysitter marah kamu asik nak dukung2 je.I hope you will get over this berdukung phase as you're getting heavier babyyy,lenguh mama.tapi takpe,as long as muhriz happy,mama dukung la.

And baby, i'm glad to be able to be by your side and care for you myself.I enjoy every moment spend with you.Some question why do i choose to leave my career behind,penat je belajar ke US,ke UK,tanak kerja semula ke? I will simply answer;career can wait but not you and your safety.As for now,i just want to be with you and i want to attend your need myself.Alah,my aunty and the rest of the family yg very2 supportive tue ckp senang je jawapannye,jawabla sebab sayang nak tinggal anak ;p

I wonder if we still have this much time together should i decide to work again,hmm but lets not think about that now!grow up well son,jadi anak soleh ok,jadi ustaz pon takpa hehe ;p


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