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harith ami & muhriz

Pernah tak rasa nak tido hotel?Saya kalau datang angin tak baik,rasa malas nak buat kerja rumah,nak berguling dgn Muhriz je.tapi itu lah,kalau di rumah jugak mmg tak boleh tak buat,mmg kene buat.sebab selagi saya tak mop lantai tiap2 pagi,akan terimagine Muhriz dudu dgn happynye kutip nasi tumpah semlm masuk mulut or kot ada lipas jalan2 atas lantai time kite tido ke.rasa byk germs,so selagi saya tak dettolkan lantai before muhriz bgn,selagi tue lah rasa stress,rasa rumah tak bersih for my baby.Plus sekarang ade Ms Bonnie yg melompat suka hati nie.I know germs are parts of growing up.Germs and kids are unavoidable.But selagi boleh,i donot want to deliberately expose Muhriz to them.Hubby pernah ckp "Ini kalau hantar Muhriz ke daycare tak tahu lah,boleh pengsan mamanya tgk kot" huhu.Yer mmg mama yg psycho,tapi rasanya mmg ramai mommies yg macam nie.Kalau housewife lagi lah kot,sebab dok rumah doplat pat jam,rasa geram nak wipe everything,true?Itu baru satu part,tak ckp part kain segunung,toys bersepah tak kisah sgt sebab Muhriz main,habuk sana sini hehehe so sometimes i just need a break,like betul2 rehat lah

So semlm saya boleh dpt idea nak tido hotel.Haha kat hotel bukan org dettolkan pon lantai die,tapi rasa ok pulak nak gi tido situ,byk lah alasan nye.Awalnya propose kat hubby petang nie gerak,tapi tolak campur darab bahagi dgn jam hari jumaat,kite postpone to weekend depan.ok je,weekend depan tak yah mop lantai hehe tenkiu Hubby.So macam biasa lah,destinasi pilihan tersenang ialah Penang.Tempat merempit dengan cik Kelly for 3 years.So mari atur kedai makan.Eh ape kes,kata nak pi tido je

-Breakfast tmn tun sardon(kalau sempat gerak awal)
-Lunch Hameediyah
-Laksa lori kecil di Ferringhi
-Dinner tandoori kapitan lebuh chulia
-Pasembor utk supper kalau perut tak meletup lagi
-Breakfast di hotel je
-Cendol Penang Road
-Lunch maybe mee udang sg dua,or kat bertam on the way nak balik

Hotel pilihan?Mak masih waras,so pilih hotel biasa2 je janji bilik seaview,ade swimming pool nak rendam anak dan apaknya sekali.So this time ke Naza Talyya,Tg Bungah.Yg jerejak resort hari tue pon post tak habis,hihihi

8 tahun lepas.ini muhriz tgk agak2 percaya tak ni amma die hehe.sudah almost 2 years balik for good.Rindu byk benda.
Hi everyone,Mama is taking her nap,so i better make this quick.

I got a few new toys and books over the past weeks from mama,dada and aunties.Love them all,thank you.See the sorting board?That's my fav now.I learned how to sort the shapes the first time i tried but i still can't figure out how to line the shapes in same color arrangement.So which one is blue again mama?

And i've also got a new friend.Cute little friend.So please meet Bonnie,my very first pet.Bonnie has been with us for a few days and every one loves her!

Dada loves kitten and rabbits and pandas and elephants.Hahaha oklah my dada loves all animal.But mama only particularly loves cat.Big cat only,no kitten.Weird ey?And baba thought of getting me a kitten but mama said no because a kitten is smelly,meows forever,needs constant petting which is annoying yadayayadayda.And she used to hate bunnies.She said bunnies too are smelly and they bite.But i donot know what change her mind.The moment she saw Bonnie,she said lets bring Bonnie home.Hehehehe

Bonnie is still a baby.Mama said i need to treat her nicely,hold her gently.If not,mama won't let me play with her.Oklah,i'll try but for now it seems fun to roll trucks on her belly.One thing i still don't get about Bonnie,she loves my books.She eats them.So the other day,i helped dada to moves all my books to the higher shelves.Hey Bonnie,books are for you to read okay.

Ok lah bye everyone,till next time.Mama is up now,i need to go and hugs and kiss her.

Muhriz is currently into anything yg crunchy utk kunyah2.So selain dari apples,pears,cornflakes,i've been making these utk die kunyah2 sambil main.Selalunya before tido sambil guling2 i will plan ahead his menu;what's for snack,lunch,is he going to have the same thing for dinner?Instant food is still out of the list,except oreo?Itu pon Muhriz nak sebab ape tau?sebab suka sgt iklan Oreo budak kecik tue.Mkn 1 pc je without cream,huhu,yg lain cam biasa mama la makan semua.Semua ni yg simple2 je,pejam mate bleh buat.

Fish finger
Dory(atau fillet apa2 lah yg seshuaii) potong panjang2.Dip dlm beaten egg and then roll in breadcrumb.Atau boleh juga guna crush cornflakes for coating.

Cheesy Tortilla
Tortilla: Combine 2 cup of flour and 1/2 tspoon baking powder.Add 1/4 cup butter into the flour and work on it until jadi macam breadcrumbs,tambah air panas to form smooth dough.Leave it to settle for 10-15 mins,lepas tue bulat2 kan into 6-8 balls,roll out each of them into thin circle.Masak atas non stick pan for 1-2 mins je each side.Lepas tue grate some cheese(i use Beqa/cheddar) atas tortilla,fold it,grill atas grill pan kejap sampai cheese tue melt.

Chicken Bites
Chicken breast potong cube pastu rebus kejap dgn halia+garlic.Dust the chicken in some flour, shake off the excess then dip in beaten egg and then roll in flour mixture(flour+pepper+serbuk sup+paprika powder).shallow fry sampai perang.

Baby roti john
Goreng minced meet dgn olive oil.Boleh la nak campur veggie sket like carrots,corn atau apa apa lah,lepas tue dah masak campur minced meat ni dgn egg in a bowl,kacau,tambah la pepper kalau suka.Heat up butter sket,masak balik mixture ni atas pan,about nak masak nie letak roti.

senang kan?
ramai sgt umat.arrived there around 730am,dah tak ada parking hua hua.So park jauh sikit kat masjid besi sultan mizan.Plan sebelum tue bukan main hebat,645am nak gerak dah,tgk2 715 jugak baru keluar.Muhriz ,as i mentioned for the zillionth time,is not a morning person.So mmg angkut keluar die tido lagi,masam2 gi tgk balloon huhu.Bila sampai,terjaga sebab bising tapi excited tgk big allooon as he called it.Tapi excited for the first 10 mins je,lepas tue siapp cranky cranko.Berdukung tak kena,dok atas stroller bleh la kejap,mintak nenen tapi tanak drink pon naik main apokahh -__- huhu.Had morning picnic tepi org lalu lalang,nasi lemak bungkus RM1 kot never tasted that good hahaha.Ade KFC/Pizzahut tapi kitorang dah nak balik baru bukak.By 915am,we're ready to go.But my kak ngah stay sampai ke petang with her kids join macam2 activity.Definitely akan dtg again next time,tapi wajib keluar before 7!


I have 3 loads of laundry belum berlipat.tapi nak jugak update blog ;p

Friday lepas bawak Muhriz for his first movie.We believed he was ready for it since he could sit through a full length movie at home.Tapi tue lah,parents yg mmg terlebih excited(especially mama lah macam biasa;p) sudahnya Muhriz boleh tahan halfway je,lepas tue ajak mama keluar.So what happened?

Seating dah ok,mama booked yg closest to the door,so boleh park his Buzz,juga senang kalau Muhriz nak keluar.He didn't get scared sitting in the dark,timing dah betul;baru bgn from afternoon nap,dan juga dah makan dgn byk.It was the movie.Yes,hubby dan saya amat sure he didnot enjoy the movie!Tgk iklan kat tv,bace review di webpage nmpk ok huk huk.What is wrong with Seefood?kenapa Muhriz tak suka?Sebab ada character yg ganas dan scary!Byk je cartoon yg ada part ganas2 nie kan tapi yg ni macam ganas sgt utk toddler saya yg dlm hati ada taman.Everytime the deep sea creatures yg mata merah2 tue keluar,muhriz would turn his head away,or cari nenen,apa2 lah asal die tak payah tgk!I bawak die keluar 2 kali then masuk balik.2nd time masuk balik,he sat for 2 mins,keluar that scary eels dan crabby,he started to cry.So hubby ckp that was it,lets go.Sorry son,your first movie ended up macam tue.Nanti kita pegi lagi ok,mama akan make sure you'll like it next time.Madagascar 3 maybe?

I know bedsharing is a contraversial issue.
I know it's best to have the baby sleeps alone and parents need to wake up for night feeding then put the baby again in his cot.Tapi still,i choose to bring Muhriz to bed with us.

It's a family decision.And yes,the 3 of us do get better sleep and enjoy the proximity and comfort.Plus it's easier to nurse Muhriz.When it's time for feed,i just need to help Muhriz finds Ms B,then i can drift back into my sweet dream.Please,don't start your preach: You'll be sorry lah,nanti anak too attached and overly dependent or you'll get less private time with hubby.
We are well aware of that,so we arrange it to be as safe as possible:

1)Muhriz slept on a separate baby mattress until he was about 4 months old.Mattress ni letak tgh2 so macam divider lah utk kitorang.Next time maybe boleh beli sleep positioner tue

2)Always put him down to sleep on his back.

3)Since Muhriz sleeps in between mak pak die ni,semua org ade blanket sendiri.Risau kalau share2 nie tgk tercover anak kat tgh.Tapi Muhriz dgn mama geng pemanas,tido dlm air cond pon berpeluh so kitorang mmg tak selimut pon most of the times.Muhriz ada sleeping bag,tapi berpeluh2 dlm tue.Anyway,the idea is to keep the beddings away from the baby's face to avoid suffocation.

4)Childproof the whole room.Tepi katil letak single mattress/pillow to cushion falls.Put the bed against the wall and make sure there's no gaps.Hubby tido side yg paling terexpose hahaha so die jadi pagar.Or you can put bed rails too.So far Alhamdulillah Muhriz tak penah jatuh katil.Believe me,there are days when your baby just get out of the bed,main while you sleep.

5)Somehow hubby and i naturally sleep on our sides,giving more spaces for Muhriz kat tengah.Muhriz usually faces me (easy access to nenen hehe),hubby tukang bau pampers.

6)Maybe instinct lah kan,even i dont have to wake up to feed Muhriz,mmg akan terjaga juga to check on him.I'll make sure he's breathing(i know,mak yg psycho!)and his face is not covered by beddings.Hubby pon sama,even without awakening,he will reach out and touch Muhriz if he moves or ekk ekk minta nenen.Next morning kalau tanya,abg sedar tak?Mesti jawab "ye ke?tak sedar pon" huhu

Bab takot anak jadi attached sgt tue depends.There are pedeatricians who believe babies who co-sleep grow to be more confident and independent.Happy hour dgn hubby tu you have to be creative lah hua hua.
And i know what might be a problem later is transitioning him to his own bed.But when the time comes,we'll think about it.As for now,this is the right thing for us.We are comfortable with it and shall i say i just love the crowding?hahaha

So we are not sorry,but happy.Happy to snuggle in bed together after a long and tiring day.Muhriz ni mesti cukup korum baru boleh tido.Kalau baba die tak ada atas katil sekali,mesti keluar bilik balik,tarik tangan hubby hihi.Dia akan buat the same thing kalau nak our attention.Say kami sibuk borak,tak kisahkan dia.Nanti adalah tangan kecik tarik suruh masuk bilik,golek2 atas katil.Pernah juga letak muhriz tido atas mattress tepi katil tue,tapi end up angkat balik.Tak boleh tido tak ada die.Hubby siap ckp kalau Muhriz ada adik nanti kene upgrade to King size bed hihi.Eh kenapa tiba2 ckp pasal ni bedsharing nie?sebab semlm i saw this baby cot,so cantek!Tapi ingatkan balik why didn't we bought it in the first place,hilang dah nafsu nak baby cot tue hehehe.

Though saya selalu tulis sini saya sgt amat bersyukur for being able to raise Muhriz at home,sgt bersyukur menjadi SAHM,tapi parts of me ada jugak perasaan nak bekerja semula hua hua.Tetapi selagi saya masih kurang ada confident utk tinggalkan Muhriz di daycare,perasaan yg perasan nak bekerja di luar rumah itu sekejap pergi sekejap mari =p.I've started applying for jobs just err yesterday ;p so tgh menggodek thesis la,buku EE la.Terasa cell otak berhubung bila study balik ni hak hak.Gosh did i really work on this paper 3 years ago?tajuk dissertation bukan la kebabom sgt pon tapi this paper helped me to graduate with a Merit jugak terima offer utk phD hik hik cerita zaman dinousour
Weekend kalau utk working mommies,mesti plan nak masak macam macam kan?Tapi bagi mama kat rumah saya nie,weekend la dapur kurang berasap.Sebokk je ajak hubby makan kat luar,tak kisah lah even kat luar tue kedai depan rumah je.Janji makan org lain masak!Bile MIL call tanye makan apa,kite bolaat kan mata besar2 kat hubby,pandai2 la buat ayat huhu
Tapi untuk yg budak kecik kesayangan nie,mmg diasapkan dapor.

Creamy salmon pasta(with asparagus)

Sebijik pasta pon tamau,sudahnya mama dgn baba jadi lorry habiskan

Honey Lemon ChickenNi dinner ibu bapa nya sekali.

Super simple recipe,seminggu buat byk kali pon takpa.Sebab ape,kalau tak habis,you can always panaskan sampai kering pastu buat sandwich camni.Muhriz makan la roti tue 2 cubit.Jagung tue patutnya kepunyaan Muhriz untuk kunyah2 tapi sudahnya dikunyah ibu bapa jugek
Pastu buat juga butter chicken+broccoli,makan la 5-6 suap.Susah sgt,kita gaul semua dlm kuali,tambah corn dgn zuccini jadi nasi goreng.makan 2 suap,lebih cam biasa,sumbat kat lorry mama

This is a winner recipe which i've made many many times.Sometimes tukar2 sayur lah so ade hari jadi broccoli+potatoes,lain hari jadi pumpkin+carrot or potato+carrot.This weekend nak try asparagus+spinach pula.Muhriz kadang makan habis,kadang byk suap mama,kadang no roti nak soup je.Hehe feeding a kiddo sgt challenging,lagi la kalau dpt picky eater macam my intan payung ni.Sekarang lagi pulak,dah pandai tanak sayur,padahal dari kecik mmg sayur itu wajib,Ini soup mama tak bagi pagi pagi lah,ini utk snack snack between lunch and dinner.

  • 2 +2 tablespoons butter
  • 1 onion, chopped
  • 1 cup chicken broth
  • 2 cups broccoli,amik florets je
  • 1 potato,peel,cut into cubes,boil then drain
  • 2 tablespoons flour
  • 1 cups fresh milk(tak gune ebm sebab mama nak mkn jugek ;p)
  • black pepper to taste
  1. Melt 2 tblspoon butter and saute onion until tender. Add broccoli +potato and broth, let it simmer for 10 mins.
  2. Pour the soup into a blender and blend.Kalau dulu boleh guna hand blender je,tapi hubby dah kong kan handblender itu huk huk.
  3. Next melt 2 tablespoons butter, stir in flour and add milk. Stir until thick and bubbly, and add to soup. Season with pepper and serve alone or with roti sapu butter.

Sonang kan?sonang sonang sonang

Hari ini ada mission besar,membasuh Buzz si gedabak.Selalunya kerja2 camni kerja hubby(basuh stroller,bjorn,car seat,sterilizer) mama tak berapo gemar huhu.
Tapi since weekend nie nak jalan,hubby pulak everyday balik around 630pm,so takdak choice ammaa ni jugak kene buat.tapi hubby dah detached seat Buzz tue siap2 dah.Kalau tak nanti mama postpone esok lusa tulat tgk2 tak basuh langsung apak die jugak yg kene buat

So mommies,do you still love your baby gadget?Have no regret buying them?Sebelum beranak siang malam tak tido pening pilih stroller nie.Bile dah beli,siang malam la dok tgk stroller hehehe.But come on,just face it,the honeymoon is over hek hek.

Buzz nie mmg i suka(still tamau ngaku ;p).Yer sgt suka tapi kalau boleh beli yg lain pon i suka hahaha.Pernah ckp kan kan Buzz nie berat die around 12kg,besar dan bulky.I love its sturdy features;tayar besar kene pam angin takat langgar batu tue no hal lah,seat boleh fully recline,kecomelan dan kemachoan nya saya suka.Tapi part besaq kedabak tue i is no like lah.Hubby sokmo perli2 aa sape dulu yang nak sgt 3 wheeler gemok2 nie kene angkat keluar stroller dari montot kete.of course lah i buat dekk kan,mau tertonggeng nak angkat buggy nih.Hari tue bila ade news maybe hubby kene gi Deutschland lagi,dan maybe kitorang nak mengikut,hubby siap ckp,kalau nak ikut kene cari stroller baru.By stroller baru tue tau dah maksud die Quinny Zapp.Tapi trip got cancelled so tak dak lah Zapp nya.Zapp nie ok je,part tak boleh recline tue tak berapa gemar(dulu lah) tapi sekarang tgk2 anakanda Muhriz nie dlm Bjorn pon die bleh tido.So if i can turn back time,maybe ku pilih Zapp.
Hmm actually takde masalah pon dgn Buzz nie,tapi akan bermasalah kalau saya keluar dgn Muhriz je,confirm tak sanggup nak bawak,rela buh Muhriz dlm Bjorn.Dah ckp ke,before beli Buzz nie i nak Phil and Ted,besar gila impian.Tapi bile gi try kat kedai,saya nak tgk depan pon agak2 tak nampak la kalau ada lubang hua hua.

Ini nama die menyesal dahulu pendapatan.Oklah nak gi basuh Buzz kesayangan,babaii

Since mama adalah tido awal(read:11pm dikira awal kalau askar kecik dan askar besar belum tido),bangun2 pagi nie terkujat tgk rocking horse muhriz adalah di atas tilam!nasib baik tak tersepak.Itu belum tgk luar bilik lagi,sikit lagi nak sama dgn nursery yg jaga 20 org budak hihi

Weekend lepas adalah hari menternak lemak.Berhibernasi di rumah saje,hari sabtu adalah juga berusaha memasak.Tapi hari ahad buat alasan takde gas,terus keluar cari makan dan balik.Sebab nya hujan,jadi baik berhimpit2 3 beranak dirumah kecik.

Ini budak kecik saya.Everyday ade saje new skill nya.La ni sibuk practice nak jadi engineer kot,ikut bapak la.mama dah turun taraf dari electronic ke domestic engineer hek hek

Muhriz sekarang is into puzzles.Any kind of it.Cube sorter dah master,sekarang kalau bagi foam puzzle mat(0-9),pon dah boleh buat.Tapi die still count in his own language,One Two Thee Four abukem buyii buhee hehe.Yg A-Z masih mencuba,gambatee son!So bgn pagi2 Muhriz mesti terjah puzzles,blocks,kemudian repair ride ons die.TV dikemudiankan.Sy cuba utk tidak membiasakan die celik mata saja tgk cartoon.Inilah part yg menyebabkan hari hari seorang stay at home mama nie rasa tidak sia sia mama di rumah.Activity anak saya,saya yg cuba aturkan.

Ini plak hari Sabtu punya makanan utk mama dan baba: Nasi goreng for breakfast,beehon soup tulang for lunch,dan ini for dinner: Teriyaki Grilled Salmon(marinated dgn lemon,brown sugar,sesame oil,soy sauce) with aglio olio tri color pasta.
Pastu baba menrajinkan diri mensmoothies kan buah.Dulu before kewujudan Starbucks di Purdue Union Mall,saya suka juga beli smoothies ni,itu dulu la cerita cite zaman dinosour .So we had mango,orange,banana,passion fruit,1 cup of strawberry yougurt,1 cup of milk and ice all in one go,yummeeh jugak.Muhriz tak minum ni,puas pujuk.Bagi passion fruit sebijik habis pulak die makan.Hari ini hari isnin,esok selasa.
Ini ialah kakak no 2 saya,weekend lepas attending her company's annual dinner.Kakak adalah mommy kepada 4 kiddo,eldest dah form 4,youngest standard 4.
dan ini ialah saya,6 tahun lepas.ENAM okayy
kakak pakai baju saya,muat dan dpt best dressed even tue fesyen 6 tahun lepas tak kisah la nyah yg kisahnya die adalah muat.saya nak sumbat tangan pon dah tak muat baju tue hahaha.Zaman tu(cehh macam dah lama sgt kawen),french lace nie kire tgh in la jugak,saya pon tak mboh ketinggalan la nak pakai french lace jugak.dan saya tak mboh sewa2 nie,i is very tamak one,semua baju kawen pon nak sendiri punya.Okla jahit kat amin jauhary,idok le designer lain yg maunya harga baju sama dgn mas kahwen gua,di kelate mostly takdak wang hantaran2 nie,semua jadi mas kawen dpt kat isteri,seronot kan?

tapi tidak la depressed mane dgn kegemokan dan kedoraemon sekarang.Sebab kilang susu Muhriz kan,standard la kurus2 ape kejadahnya.Lepas kawen sampai la 3.5 years kendian berhoneymoon,naik 2 kg je,mase pregnant naik 15 kg,muhriz keluar turun la 10kg,so masih ada 5kg berlegar legar.Tapiii,unless kamu berat 40kg macam saya sekarang nie,tak yah nak promote bengkung kurus eh.Takpa lah tak muat baju tue balik,kite jahit lain,bleh dok bang?hihi

Dgn ini secara rasminya saya nak panggil ini baju kurus belacan.