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harith ami & muhriz

huhu hubby,finally saye update nie ;p.Last few weeks amat la busy aihhh.Macam2 ade,dari Team buiding to Annual Dinner.Anyway nak share photos.First event was CPU Vertical Design Engineer Q4 nye Team Building.We went for photo hunting around Bayan Lepas and Georgetown.Superb!My team dpt 2nd place,hahaha
3 days after teambuilding itu,on WW48.4,PNG Design Center organized its Annual Dinner at Bayview Hotel,Ferringhi.The theme was LIVE GREEN.Dress code was ermmm casual?Nvm,i was not in the mood to dress up either. I think engineers mmg expert la pakai casual(yeah call me comot or whatever) ;p
Ok,gambar dinner plak.The dinner was scheduled to kick off at 430pm,ade outdoor activities dulu.Tapi i was busy with work ,byk meeting.The event started at 430,tapi kul 4 baru kite keluar office.Rushed home,siap2 then drove to Ferringhi like a Penang driver,vroommm.

My Team

on monday,a car was caught on fire in our carpark.Lagi teruk pasal the fire spread to one of the adjacent cars!Bad news spread faster than lightning right?I knew about this incident from a Motorola friend,2km from Intel,dahsyatt.

Then my team welcomed a US visitor. Farewell dinner for Mr Rob somewhere in Balik Pulau on WW50.5.cantik gak tempat nie,saye pon tak penah tau restaurant ini wujud.
Okie,last one,another BIG thing coming..........My hubby si dudek is turning 24 this Sunday.Baby kan dudek nie hehe.Your pressie is on the wayyy,tunggu yer muaaxx.