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harith ami & muhriz

My student oyster card(tudung bawal tue haha)

Thought of posting this entry as a wordless post,tapi muhriz tido,so baik daku menulis hihi

An oyster card is a smart travelcard used when traveling with public transport within London.It's more convenient and cheaper than cash tickets.Just like your touch&go,you can always top up your credits and put travel pass in it.Worry not,it got daily price capping,so if you need to make lots of journey in a day,they will never charge you more than the price of a Day Travel pass.You can get an oyster card at all the tube stations ticket window,i think they will ask for a 5quid deposit.When you're done using it,you can always return this card to them,they will refund the deposit and whatever remaining credit you have in it.So kalau nak balik malaysia dah,boleh pegi ke heathrow tube station tue,then refund.But of course a student,an elderly is entitled for more discount.But you have to apply and get an approval for that.

When in London,i stayed in Battersea,just across the River Thames.My apt is facing the Battersea Park(and did i mentioned Prince William once played football in here?).Home to school is about 3 km and the nearest tube station is South Kensington.So i might just walk or take bus.

Walking through the Chelsea neighborhood is always nice but i've got a lazy butt,i chose the easiest way and got myself a weekly bus pass instead.Traveling with tube is something i tried to avoid,bosan tgk dinding jer.And i hate it if i need to change lines and the gate of one another is so far away.Turun naik elevators,kalau elevators rosak?But no hope if it is a long journey,taking a tube is the do not want to sit in the bus for 40 mins when the tube can take you there in merely 15mins.But believe me,the Central and District lines are the slowest and with most interruptions.So hop on the double deckers instead,London has a lot to be seen!
Hubby had been wanting to bring muhriz to the zoo since before raya haji,so on the way back from pahang,kami stopped by Zoo Taiping.It was nearly friday prayer,so masuk zoo lepas hubby solat jumaat lah.Tapi kusangka panas rupenya hujan.So lawatan sambil belajar ditunda ke last weekend!

Alhamdulillah,hari yg cerah!Such a beautiful saturday morning!Arrived Taiping around 10am.Just at the right time for animal feeding.They got fed between 10am-12pm.Tapi i berani bagi makan deers je hehe

Nampaknya Muhriz suka.Tahan mata tamau tido.Otherwise kalau die tak suke, jadi macam di Genting hari tue,tak sampai sejam dah tido.Anyway,after 2 hours,we were almost done,tinggal elephants jer belum tgk.Tapi anakanda was so sleepy that he fall asleep on his own.Tertido dlm buggy and without nenen!Hohh itu satu achievement,Muhriz tido tanpa nenen?? =p Mesti penat belajar nie hehe.

There're bears,lions,tigers,crocodiles,giraffe,monkeys.Byk la jugak.Tapi zoo negara pon last pegi dah 20 thn kan,so dah lupa la sebanyak mana haiwan kat situ huuu.

Watching the monkeys

marah tak dpt pegang rabbits hehe
feeding the deers

Time for lunch and we headed to the famous Mak Jah Mee Udang in Kuala Sepetang.Not that far from the zoo,about 20 mins drive.And there's signboard everywhere "Mak Jah Mee Udang 3km,2.5km,500m,200m!"No, i'm not joking,senang nak cari kedainya.I had Mee Udang Special,hubby pulak Mee Goreng Special.Both nie RM11/plate.Not bad or shall i say cheap compared to Mee Udang Sg Dua?Tastewise?Sedap utk my tekak!Lagi sedap dari Mee Udang Salwa tapi still tok leh lawan Sg Dua's.Itu tekak sy lah hehe.We will definitely come again,both to the zoo and this kedai mee udang

Being a stay at home mama is not all about changing little one's diapers.Given this opportunity,i have to plan for activities to keep muhriz entertained and busy hik hik,takkan le anak aku dok tgk tv je kerjanya huhu.penat weh layan anak sorang pon.Sy selalu tanye hubby die ade terfikir tak ape mama dan dudu buat kat rumah?Kalau muhriz kene hantar ke babysitter die main ape ye?kene tinggal toys rumah babysitter ker?Hohh mama mmg byk pikir =p

anyway,let me share muhriz's activities here.

1.Playing with toys.Kami suke belikan muhriz toys and we will keep buying them.Mostly are educational toys,ones yg develop skills.Kami rasa itu ialah investment yg bagus.Tapi beli toys byk byk pon won't help if you are not playing with them.Jadi mama selalu join main sama,ride on muhriz pon mama naik same ok,hover dok?

2.Watch kiddie program/cd.Tapi limitkan masa tgk tv.
Yg sy observe,muhriz nie kalau bukak tv,toys tak layan sgt.Tv tutup mmg die main.So sy hanya turn on tv utk certain program shj.Let him watch the program,not the television.Pernah dgr or read somewhere sepatutnya kids under 2 yrs tidak langsung didedahkan dgn tv.Tapi kejam sgt pulak.Kami bagi lah die tgk cartoon,kalau Chuggington tue rasanya seploh kali pasang kot sehari kat laptop nie.Your baby can read tgk due kali sehari jer hahaha ok la tue,sekarang suruh clap,arms up,point to your nose,mouth,semua tahu dah.

Muhriz loves book,sgt suka.sehari tue mesti ade 4-5 kali reading sessions.It is him who usually initiates it.Die akan ambil buku,tarik tangan mama utk duduk on his small couch and read the book to him :) At this stage,mmg kid suka kan colorful pictures and they are building their vocabs too.So no harm reading the same book few times a day.Muhriz sudah ade more than 20 board books and more to come!kadang2 ayah balik kerja tak sempat duduk pon kene tarik tangan suruh bace buku dah hehe.

4.Plan for supporting and stimulating activities.
Kids are fascinated with almost everything,jadi tidak semestinya main itu dgn toys shj.It can be anything around;plastic containers,baskets etc.kalau muhriz die suke;
-emptying and filling,jadi sy selalu juga put small stuff macam cereal atau beras in one container,let him pour them out into another container
-inserting things in and out.kotak kotak kecil sy tidak buang.contoh die terjumpa kotak mopiko,ambil his Percy dan sumbat dlm kotak,keluarkan,then insert balik hehe.boleh juga bagi card holder dan card yg tak diguna kan.i believe ramai baby suke main card dlm purse kan?
-stacking .nie selalunya mega blocks die lah.
-mimicking my action;mama masak die nak masak,so i gave him periuk dan senduk.mama on phone die sibuk same,so i give him an old unused hp.
- latest one,suke scribble sampai dinding pon kene conteng!=p hoho jgn la muhriz ikut mama yg asik lukis kucing badan gemok kepala kecik.crayon sekotak tinggal sebatang je,sekali lukis,sekali baling patah.

5.Bring him out.
Since outdoor playground jauh dari rumah,kami selalu bawa die to indoor playground.Hubby selalu ajak keluar lepas dinner bawa muhriz main :) tiap tiap petang,saya akan lepaskan die main di porch,meloncat member hahaha habis semut kene penyet

yg selebihnya tue making mess here and there.Well,babies should be allowed to roam and mess.I believe they will learn something.Kesian lah kecil kecil tak boleh bersepah langsung =p But to keep yourself sane,jgn la pick up the mess right after.Clear the area once or twice a day jer.Or confine the play area,so idok ler sakit jiwa sgt.But to tell the truth,my home nie looks like a daycare with 10 kids in it kih kih

Pantang! Pantang mama or ayah ckp "no".He will instantly pull his face and give his this mulut ikan and in 30 secs,roll over on all four.Sometimes he even purposely hits his head on the floor!And he does this in public too if you are wondering;depan toys store,dlm tesco huhu.

It used to scare and upset me but now i can see they happen less and less.Depends on the situation,i will either attend or ignore him but will never walkaway.I repeat; NEVER walkaway leaving your screaming kids,mommies!They might hit themselves hard enough to cause injuries.

Anyway,here how i handle the show.If he throws a fit because i say "NO", then i just ignore his screams and cries.I will then proceed with something fun like play with his toys,read his book,or turn on the tv.Muhriz will usually pick himself and join in later hehehe,nampak sgt tadi buat buat =p

But if he is having a tantrum out of frustration like not being able to pick up that container from the laundry basket,I will come to rescue.Pick him up on the floor,give him hug then nenen(most of the time!) and tell him that i will help him.As soon as he is ok,i'll help him to accomplish whatever he doesnot manage before and let he try himself.

What if he does this in the mall and there are like 50 people watching?Haha nie confirm la i angkat terus and try to distract him with something else lah.

But in all cases,marah hanya sekali.Once he throws himself on the ground,sudah sudah la marah.Nanti makin teruk.

Alhamdulillah, the drama doesnot last for more than 5 mins most of the time.Not sure how many of you with kids yg buat macam nie but hope this helps.
Can't wait for this phase to be over!
hihi dulu ade jugak post pasal muhriz's food,sekarang nan ado ;p
since die dah masuk setahun nie,muhriz byk makan ape yg mama dan ayah die makan,cuma versi kurang garam gula santan dan seangkatan.Did i tell you he is one picky eater?come one point,i was so upset,sgt tension,semua food die reject.mama dari malam dah plan ape nak masak utk kamu.nasib baik teringat this feeding rule; never turn a feeding session into a battle.Jadi mama ikut apa kamu nak;nak makan sendiri?nak mama makan sama?nak makan mama pon boleh

kadang kadang ada hari mama kene masak macam macam.contoh;scramble eggs -rejected,beehon goreng-makan sikit,nasi&soup ayam-makan,Aglio Olio Fussili-buat baling.Takpe,kamu tanak makan,mama makan kan hahaha.So sekarang if we have nasi goreng for dinner,he might have the same thing too,tapi yg tak ada cili padi.tapi kalau muhriz makan chicken porridge,mama dan ayah tak join la hehe.

yg nie die selalu juga makan,pasta with tomato sauce.blend tomatoes+ celery sket.heat up some olive oil,saute garlic till brown,masuk chopped chicken breast(sy suke rebus dulu),then sauce tadi.jgn lupe letak mix herbs sket.

easy peasy eh?
yummehh.mama nak?
nie pon selalu makan dah,rice porridge.dulu tak suke bubur.hehe macam macam.

Hari ini mahu mengarut boleh?Blog sendiri kan,lantak.macam lah ramai yg bace hek hek ;p

semlm hubby pulang lambat,730pm baru sampai rumah.kebiasaan dlm 6-630 sudah tiba,jadi 730 dikire lambat lah.anak pulak tak habis tgk upin ipin,640pm terus pengsan,pengsan sampai ke pagi!tak pernah dibuat.Letih ape pon tak sure,tgh hari dah tido,mama pon tido same hihi.
jadi si ayah gigit jari tak dapat main dgn anak.masa keluar pegi kerja masih gigit jari anak masih tido,cium pipi kiri,muhriz golek ke kanan,cium kanan,die golek ke kiri.then it got me thinking,andai kata saya bekerja,akan adakah situasi begini?Harapnya tidak.

Sy sudah memakai title isteri di rumah selama 2 tahun.Bukan tidak mahu bekerja kembali,tetapi masih mencari cari masa yg sesuai.Sesuai umur si anak ditinggalkan.Sy sgt cerewet tentang penjagaan anak,terutamanya keselamatan.Jadi dari saya menggunakan separuh waktu kerja dok call baby carer tanye anak macamana,baik saya jaga sendiri,puas hati.

Saya cukup berterima kasih kepada mereka mereka yang tidak pernah mempersoalkan keputusan saya utk menjadi ibu di rumah.saya hormat kamu,kamu hormat saya.tetapi masih ade juga yg tidak jemu jemu asik bertanya.Tidak serik kata orang heh. "Bila nak kerja semula?" eiii sakit telinga.Nak saja sy jawab
"tanak kerja boleh?" atau
"saya nak besarkan anak sendiri,tanak indon jagakan" atau jawapan lebih kerek
"saya ade degree dari US,masters dari imperial college london,penah jadi design engineer selama 3 tahun,kalau nak kerja bila bila pon boleh!"

tapi jawapan khayalan je tue.hakikatnya,sudah 2 tahun on hiatus,mesti market value ku sudah jatuh.Hakikatnya saya tidak berani berkata begitu.Risau org berkecil hati tetapi org tidak pernah risau hati saya kecil.tapi takpa,jawapan itu sentiasa tersedia utk mereka mereka itu hek hek.

ini kerja lama yg ditinggalkan.tajuk kerja;CPU Design Engineer.tidak glamour sedikit pon,pakai baju busuk je pegi kerja.nasib baik saya mandi.kerja yg disukai,gaji yg puas hati.Tetapi utk kembali tidak rasanya,terlalu sibuk.
hubby pernah bertanya,aik bersih shj meja,tak ade paper work ke?
Ape kelas kertas kertas nie sayang oiii kekeke.
winter 2004, Augsburg
zaman kurus pipi tak gemok hek hek
Hubby ckp keturunan die mesti support Liverpool,MU jangan sesekali.Pantang.Katanya MU itu kelab ikut ikut rakyat Malaysia,yakni ramai supportersnya taktahubola-tapi-nakminat bola jugak.Jgn marah naa.So anak die kene paksa daftar diri patuh setia kepada LFC dari kecik lah,kesian hahahaha.Actually ni Muhriz's 2nd LFC shirt.Given by a friend,bought in Anfield.Yg bapak die belikan dah tak muat.

Rambut muhriz banyak,spiky dan cepat panjang-ikut hubby,haluih dan agak keperangan-ikut mama.Ini dah 4 kali botakkan kepala budak kecik nie.sendiri potong.Hubby tukang potong,mama jadi clown.So far sgt behave mase potong rambut,umpan toys barang satu dua.tapi dah besar nie just bagi je die pegang rambut yg kene potong tue,dok telek la rambut tue setengah jam.Amazed dgn rambut sendiri agaknya.Kalau potong kat kedai confirm ade yg berguling nanti.sayang budak botak mama hek hek
at 6 mths.kali ke 3 dibotakkan
just over the weekend

My dada is in Hannover since Monday and i think i've started to miss him.Before leaving,he told me to be good and listen to mama.Well dada,i do listen to her until hehe.. last nite!

It felt so different not having you around.Like something is missing.There's no you to sit on while watching u
pin ipin.No You to read our fav book before bedtime.No you next to me on bed.No You to carry me around.Where are you dada?Kenapa pegi work tak balik lagi nie.

But i didnot know how to tell mama.I kept repeating this " ataaa ataa mama ataaa".But to my frustation,mama didnot seem to get it!So i threw fits,maybe you could appear behind the door after hearing my scream.I screamed,threw myself on the floor and kicked,mama picked me up and offered me toys,nenen,food,turned on pororo my fav.But I didnot want those things,i just want you.I heard her telling tokma she had no idea what else to do to distract and calm me down.

Ma ma ma ataaa ataa ataaaa!!!Ehemm well,i meant to say "i want my dada!"
Mama still didnot get it,she kept offering me toys instead so..........i bang my head on mama's face!I looked at mama,her lips were bleeding.Did it hurt mama?I'm sorry!

Mama passed me over to tok ma and she went to the bathroom.When she came back,there was no more blood and she told me it's time for bed.
Light was turn off,i heard mama recite ayat ul Qursi then she kissed me on cheeks and tell me she loves me no matter what,like she always does. Then i heard no more from her,did she fall asleep?was she upset with me? Sorry mama,but dada,can you come back quick?I donot want gift,all i want is you!
Nvm,it's dark,no one would see me rolling on the floor so i counted the sheep,1..2....................987.......zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Bgn pagi tokma pujuk.morning walk pegi tgk ayam,bird
vroom sane vroom sini dlm rumah.
tgk hujan.mama nyanyi rain rain go away,sakit telinga muhriz.
suke panjat panjat.mama gigit nanti!
motif letak gambar 2 beranak tak mandi lagi?tak ade motif,just rasa lama dah tidak bergambaran dgn anak hek hek.standard la musim bah tak mandi pukul 2 ptg kan ;p

Muhriz has been on disposable diapers since saturday,tak suke betul tapi CD basuh hari nie,lagi 3 days baru kering.At this time,i wish for a dryer.Dulu bukan main tak suke guna dryer,asik complain baju masuk dryer shrink la,keronyok seribu la.Leceh nak cari coins la.Kat Indiana,sekali guna dryer letak 2 Quarters,kat DE 1 Euro,rumah London ade washer/dryer sendiri tapi dryer tue 3 jam pon tak kering2 baju hek hek dryer kodi.Sekarang tak ada dryer baju tak kering,bising pulak ;p Eh jap kalau dulu,kasut sekolah tak kering,letak belakang peti,eh maybe i can do the same with his CDs.

Muhriz tgh demam sebenarnya.I'm not sure whether he got that from his dada atau demam rindu tido bawah ketiak dada atau teething fever.All 4 first molars coming out at the same time.It's sure hurt,ouch!Dont worry baby,mama will always be there for you,dukung tawaf rumah yeahh hehe.

And hubby,demam dan batuk right before leaving.Macam macam.
Stay warm over there abang,we miss you!