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harith ami & muhriz

My student oyster card(tudung bawal tue haha)

Thought of posting this entry as a wordless post,tapi muhriz tido,so baik daku menulis hihi

An oyster card is a smart travelcard used when traveling with public transport within London.It's more convenient and cheaper than cash tickets.Just like your touch&go,you can always top up your credits and put travel pass in it.Worry not,it got daily price capping,so if you need to make lots of journey in a day,they will never charge you more than the price of a Day Travel pass.You can get an oyster card at all the tube stations ticket window,i think they will ask for a 5quid deposit.When you're done using it,you can always return this card to them,they will refund the deposit and whatever remaining credit you have in it.So kalau nak balik malaysia dah,boleh pegi ke heathrow tube station tue,then refund.But of course a student,an elderly is entitled for more discount.But you have to apply and get an approval for that.

When in London,i stayed in Battersea,just across the River Thames.My apt is facing the Battersea Park(and did i mentioned Prince William once played football in here?).Home to school is about 3 km and the nearest tube station is South Kensington.So i might just walk or take bus.

Walking through the Chelsea neighborhood is always nice but i've got a lazy butt,i chose the easiest way and got myself a weekly bus pass instead.Traveling with tube is something i tried to avoid,bosan tgk dinding jer.And i hate it if i need to change lines and the gate of one another is so far away.Turun naik elevators,kalau elevators rosak?But no hope if it is a long journey,taking a tube is the do not want to sit in the bus for 40 mins when the tube can take you there in merely 15mins.But believe me,the Central and District lines are the slowest and with most interruptions.So hop on the double deckers instead,London has a lot to be seen!


Anonymous said...

Traveling trough London via tube is a great way to get around. But, if you're looking to see the sights and enjoy the city from above I would recommend renting a car. It might be a little troublesome because of traffic but it'll give you a chance to see everything.

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