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harith ami & muhriz

Salam All,
I'll be away again,so this blog wont get updated until next tuesday.
Till then,enjoy your weekend,and take care!

Speedy chandelier at Selfridges,ngeh ngeh
doesnot mean i'm going to get one from Paghees,saje je letak ;p

Kepenatan but had a blast time with Hubby!
Sgt penat kerana:

1.Berjalan-jalan di Oxford St on VIP day, ramainye umat.

2.Menangis kesedihan di Anfield sebab tak dpt ticket(lepas masuk LFC store baru x nanges:p)3.Okla dah penat nangis,kita pusing Liverpool yer dek.

4.Melantak Lobster Pot's Fish and Chip siang dan malam,highly recommended,shedap!

4.Bergossip with our kawan2 MRSMPC in Nottingham sambil makan nasi ayam and berposing di tepi rapeseed farm
5.Kira batu di Brighton sambil melayan Harry Ramsden's
6.Kira sheep @Seven Sister's and ukur tinggi Beachy Head's cliff

7.BerWii!!Me and hubby love it to the max!

8.Sibuk berYM with sistas yg kekecohan mengemas luggage mereka.They'll be here in 3 days so kami sibuk berkemas bilik jugak!:p

Sekian,terima kasih.

Salam All,
Hubby dearie will be here tomorrow,hurray i just cant wait!
Don't worry abg,kitchen,toilet and bilik semua dah kemas this time hahaha.
My hubby couldnt stand mould on the bathroom ceiling or a messy glass stove,just to name few.
And what makes me love him is that
he does not complain but help to clean up instead.I have never been a domestic goddess.I don't bake,i hate vacuuming,i don't scrub the bath tub, i can't sew,and i will only fold my clothes 2 days after washing them!Not that i am not into housework but sometimes i prefer to take things easy,keje rumah berat2 nie slow sket =p
Teruk tak?

Hee pasni bleh gaduh berebut Wii,kene cari 2nd remote asap.

HELP!!!Hubby and i cant decide!
Asda is dropping the Wii price(incl Wii Sports) starting this Wednesday!We have long eyeing for Wii so nyeru kami tadahkan la:p.

Updated: Hubby cepat sket sampai nak test Wii neh =p

Salam All,
I went to check out this baby sling from Baby Bjorn @ Mothercare for a friend.Kat Malaysia they are selling it forRM700.Haaa??Hubby ckp gune kain batik jer huhu,kesian an
akanda nanti.Ok hubby,confirm kene beli 3-wheeler tue kat sini,takot seh tgk price kat Msia =p

Road trip update: InsyaAllah this time around it's going to be Liverpool->Nottingham->Stradford-Upon Avon->back to London->Brighton->Eastbourne.Just one short trip,boleh la kan?

Pss i havenot started my reading assignment.Sekarang tgh malas,ade Syndrome-Habis-Exam =p
Kene kemas bilik and kitchen dulu!Terlebih dari kapal pecah sudah.Muke pon comot/calar sebab mase study saye suke garu muke huhu=p

Salam All,
Alhamdulillah,my exam is finally over hihi!!8 Electronic papers in 2 weeks,penat sgt!
I've tried my best and what's done,is done,hopefully lepas semua amin.Next phase is working on the thesis,which reminds me that i need to see my supervisor for quick catch up this monday aiyark.

And so this madame demand a post-exam-therapy =)

I'm soo looking forward to see hubby next Thursday!!We're going for a short getaway before my elder sistas arrive hahaha.Somebody wanna test out his Garmin neh.TomTom was the initial choice,but according to reviews,Garmin's Malaysia map is more updated.Anybody has experienced using Garmin in Msia?
Ahaa we plan to join the crowd on VIP(Very-Important-Pedestrian) day jugak.Note:both Oxford and Regent Street will betraffic-free on 23rd of May.Hopefully the bargain is as good as boxing day lah(ye ke?:p)

My sisters are still waiting for any travel advisory from MAS in related to the swine flu but i believe everythingis in complete controlled over here.Ok i'm excited about Paris too tapi still quite sceptic the city boleh?=p

Owh i hope it's still not too late to wish all wonderful mommies out there a very happy Mother's Day!

Salam All,
Hee said i'm going to be on hiatus,but cant help to share these videos.
Maru is one hilarious(and smart!) snowball.
Enjoy the videos!

And this one is a special pose from our very own Al Boboy:)