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harith ami & muhriz

Salam All,
Hubby dearie will be here tomorrow,hurray i just cant wait!
Don't worry abg,kitchen,toilet and bilik semua dah kemas this time hahaha.
My hubby couldnt stand mould on the bathroom ceiling or a messy glass stove,just to name few.
And what makes me love him is that
he does not complain but help to clean up instead.I have never been a domestic goddess.I don't bake,i hate vacuuming,i don't scrub the bath tub, i can't sew,and i will only fold my clothes 2 days after washing them!Not that i am not into housework but sometimes i prefer to take things easy,keje rumah berat2 nie slow sket =p
Teruk tak?

Hee pasni bleh gaduh berebut Wii,kene cari 2nd remote asap.


iswatie "colours of life" said...

i love cooking n baking but i cannot stand with kemas umah, lipat baju n basuh pinggan.luckly now ada helper.phewwwww...hahahahahahahaha

Nadia Dzai said...

I love kemas rumah everything, but cant stand cooking and baking, dishes. eheheh.. tape pro n con, alaa bestnye hubby nak dtggggg..

Ami said...

watie: i love cooking too,kemas bilik,basuh pinggan ok lagi,the rest tue(especially lipat kain)errrr kim salam jer la hahaha.

nadia: yerp tue la,there are things we're just not into doing it kan?:p
kitorang jumpe once a month jer =(

Aida Narina said...

amii, i think i am a domestic goddesssssss. seyh panjang "s" i tuuu. :p. tapi bukan sekarang. sekarang masa genting. i kabut ;ppp. btw, ami dh beli wii yeah? wahh-wahhh seronot. Takpe, i punya masa bersuka ria lagi 2 weeks, hehehe. enjoy ur time with hubby ami :)

Anonymous said...

if ur hubby is so fussy abt so many things... mine plak terbalik hubby tukang sepah bagai... nanti i la kene kemas :P hihi

aaaa... ami, nk wii!!! opsss tp tak tanya lagi hubby tu pasal nk bli wii ni :P

i've check online haga kat sini still around 1k i think.most of website yg i pegi kata haga still tak jatuh laa.jatuh pun skek je.huhuu.sampai bila sale tu?


Liyana said...

Ni next month I balik Msia rumah sana confirm macam tongkang pecah. Never mind. Asalkan kasih sayang melimpah ruah. Usually I will kemas rumah sampai spotless, so during that time, makan luar aje..hehe.

Enjoy your time together!

p/s: Yes, going back in 2 weeks ++

Ami said...

aida: ha ah dah beli.nie tgh practice golf+tennis huhu.all the best with your exam!

puan coffee: We got it for GBP177 which includes Wii Console(inc Wii sport),Wii play + extra remote+ Wii accesories.Ok kan?Tapi this promotion dah expired,kalau you nak,kite bleh tgk2 yg lain plak heee.

Liyana: alaa bestnye balik msia,makan di luar adalah wajib hihi

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