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harith ami & muhriz

Saturday:Went to the Schloss Neuschwanstein.
was our 2nd trip to the Castle.
Photos are here

People say that the view from the Marien Bridge is spectacular.Tapi mase first trip tue,the Brueke(Bridge) was closed.So 2nd trip nie kitorang pegi bridge tue semata2 huhu.Mmg sgt cantik!

Photos from our 1st trip, back in Winter 2004

Can you spot die Brueke(Bridge)?

This castle was the inspiration for the Sleeping Beauty Castle in Disneyland.
And it is labeled as the most visited castle in Europe.But no photos are allowed inside the castle andit's a guided tour.Both the castle and the bridge were built in the 19th century,lantai bridge itu still kayu,gayat gilerr.

Lepas penat naik turun bukit,we went to Munich.
Jalan2,had kebab(yeah,what else?) for dinner,then balik rumah.


On Sunday: just lepak kat rumah.In Deutschland(and some other European countries like Netherlande,Austria,Schweiz,France,Belgium) sunday ialah hari bosan sebab all shops, including the mall,are closed!bosan bosan.

Abg super lovesss nasik dagang Kelate.So saye pon import la beras nasik dagang all the way to Augsburg nie.Tapi beras je kan,so ok la.Sambal belacan ma pon abg request sekali and dah selamat masuk perut die dah hahaha.

So semlm masak nasik dagang nie 2 rounds.First round kami makan for lunch then kasi kawan abg jugak.2nd round masak utk dinner.Since mengukus tue lama ~1.5 hrs,i surfed the internet la while waiting and came to the Bicester Village Outlet Shopping webbie,terus lupe nasik dagang.I went to find out how to get there from London lah,what are the lines available etc etc.Sgt kusyuk ok.This outlet is just 70 miles from London hurray.Mase tgh surf tue,hubby kept asking me to check out the nasik dagang tue,and i was like "yerr abg.....lame lagi tue kene kukus".Sampai hubby tanye kali ke berape dah,saye pon tgk jam.Yosh,dah overcook rupenye.Sib baik tak tahap lembik lagi.Hubby ckp die pening,saye pon terfikir la abg nie kalau lmbt makan(read: lapar)mmg pening.Dek,sorrrryy!Pengaruh tidak elok.Puan-puan, perut hubby kita lagi penting dari handbag yer;p

Our marriage turned 2 yrs old on Monday(18.08.08).
Sekejap jer rasenye,dah 2 thn kan?
Hubby came out wih 3 surprises.
I once told him that i love surprises hehh tak expect pulak he takes my words seriously;p
Skang saya la pulak yg tade surprise utk hu
bby hahaha.

Monday: pergilah kami ke Salzburg,Austria utk ke 3 kalinya.
Das wetter was so nice,and manyak flowers,i likeyy(who doesnot,right?)

Tuesday: Our anniversary dinner @home.
We have been planning the menu since last week.
The food turned out good and it was really fun main masak+makan same2 nie.
Plus makan lobster kat kedai mau la bersepah habis,especially saye la!Saye suke makan bersepah2 tau.My hubby and i were soo influenced by this masak2 show (tiap2 hari wajib tgk =p): Das Perfektes Dinner, that our menu pon kene ade 1.Vor Speise (Starter) 2.Haupt Speise(Main Course) 3.Nach Speise (Dessert)

Hot Honey Wings

Main Course
Lobster Pasta
Strawberry CheeseCake with Mascarporne Creme
The cake was one of the surprises from hubby.Initially we planned to bake Molten Choc Cuppies,tapi on the way nak balik dari beli grocery,abg tibe2 ckp nak pegi amik cake.He ordered one (with his friend)for our dinner rupenye.OMG the cheesecake was soo
yummilicious,thanks aneep!

To hubby,i love you for always being there,for being so understanding,for all the pampering and for being all that you are; a god-sent angel to me :)
I am blessed to have you in my life muahhh
May our marriage filled with all the love and joy in the world insyaAllah.

10 mins jalan kaki dari rumah aje Fest nie.

Macam kg Robinhood

I have uploaded more photos here :)

Ok gtg, kene ke Asien Laden(Market) .

3rd day.
I am recovering from jetlag.

Summer weather is beautiful with an average temp of 27 C.Abg ckp sgt panas,mengada mat saleh tipu nie.
Die Stadt(Town)

Hubby makan sambal yg my ma kirim,terus sakit perut.He lives on pasta and pizza,so kene sambal cili padi sket,sakit perut la haha.

I will share more photos later, nak test new gadget :).