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harith ami & muhriz

Are you addicted to facebook?Facebook can be time wasting,but it somehow keeps me connected with others.You can see me on facebook a lot as I check it like 60 times a day haha but no,i dont think i'm that addicted.apart from saying hi and adoring others photos,there are some good groups for you to join and that depends on what kind of things you like and what you're looking for to share with others.As a mama,besides the breastfeeding(Kumpulan Ibu Menyusukan),cloth diapering(Malaysian Cloth Diapering Parents)and parenting(Malaysian Parenting Page) groups,another one that i'm currently hook on is the homemade recipe for babies(Resepi Bayi Homemade) and all thanks to my friend,azie,who introduced me to this forum.So go join the group!hehe

There's no rule saying that your baby's first food need to be rice cereal/porridge.Try to consider others too like banana or avocado.These fruits are not only nutritious and easily digested,they are easily prepared too as there is no need for cooking!Muhriz's first food was banana but it certainly not his fav.i can't remember when was the last time he had banana.

Anyway,I've been meaning to post this earlier (as mentioned in this entry)but lets just say i've been busy chasing after my little crawler ;p. It's no rocket science but i hope some will find this useful especially for a first time mama like me hehhh.

Avocado puree
1. Peel and scoop a ripe avocado

2.Place on a sieve and mash.Or you can just mash in a bowl or even blend it.

3.Add breastmilk or water to thin the texture.First food should be thinned to a texture not much thicker than milk

These photos were taken about 3 mths ago when feeding session was sweet and easy.Those days are gone hehe.Now it takes hours to get him to finish a bowl of porridge.Most of the time,muhriz will either screw up his mouth or turn his head away.that deserves another entry ;p
Lack of updates again. Earlier this year,i made promise to myself to update this blog more often but heckk bila anak buas,jadi excuse pulak dah =p.But seriously now that muhriz is crawling,there's more work for mama.As he picks up almost everything along his way,i make it a daily routine to mop the floor.Bunyi macam rajin bukan?hehe tapi reality nya mama Muhriz tak rajin so i just mop kawasan muhriz lalu je hahahhaa.But that is enough to keep me busy the whole day.Mop sini,tumpah air sane,mop sana,baling rusks bawah kerusi pulak dah.Hohh itu belum die merangkak pegi dapor,terjumpa tepung(mama tgh buat cucuq),habis buat main macam game suci dlm debu sukaneka tapi versi atas lantai hehe. Muhriz lovess making mess as he roams,sgt suke die.Die paling pantang mama kemas toys die,mesti die sepahkan balik.And he absolutely loves scattering his napkins on the floor,pantang betul lah die nampak napkin lipat2 nie.But from what i read,constant complains will upset and frustrate a baby,as if what is he doing is unacceptable and he is bad.So i just let him,sepah2 tue buat tak nampak,even muka sket lagi nak sama mak singa.Bila hubby agak2 nak sampai rumah,mama kemas lah hikhikhik.Hmm maybe i should contain Muhriz's play area and let him runs freely in one of the room,but how is that possible when mama spend most of the time in the living room watching tv =p.I guess i just watch him having fun,let him roam and mess and left this blog not updated teheee.Bye!
Bringing Muhriz to playground has become our weekly routine now.Hopefully it will help him to mingle and socialize around with other kids.Yerla tiap2 hari asik kat rumah berperang dgn mama kan bosan jugak die kan?

budak kecik dah 8 8 mth,budak ini still bertempek,tak boleh mama out of his sight,mesti panggil punya.still takot manusia besar ;p kids takpe,die nak kawan,excited kalau jumpa terus panggil.So mmg la sungguh kene join playgroup or masuk nursery next year.tapi nanti mama nangis pulak.semlm mama sampai mimpi hantar muhriz to nursery,then mama buat drama menangis kat nursery tuh .so sekarang anda semua tahu mengapa saya decide utk jadi SAHM,plan nak hantar baby to nursery next year,tapi sekarang dah start menangis kahkah.ok back to the little one,merangkak belum,nak merangkak ye kot.malam2 still kene pusing bawak naik kete.almost every night ye puan-puan sekalian!pernah tue 12am dan die still mau naik kerete,masuk kereta senyum lebar nampak gusi hehh.
sekarang muhriz ade new interest,nak makan ape yg mak pak die dinner kitorang mmg huru hara,menjerit sane sini sebab ade tangan kecik seboook nak curi nasi org.kalau nak dinner dgn aman ala2 romantik,kene tidokan mamat nie dulu,makan cepat2,kemas cepat2.

muhriz still tido bawah ketiak but lately die dah pandai terjun tiruk turun dari katil!bahaye nih,sebabkan org kate sleep when your baby sleeps.tapi mama nie,kalau nap ptg tue,muhriz dah bgn mama tido lagi hihi.So kejadian yg ayah risau2;mama tido anak terjun katil dah jadi minggu lepas.tapi baby mama ni hero malaya,nangis sket je.
lagi,muhriz masih lagi nenen 100%,kasi EBM dlm bottle kesian bottle kene baling.pagi tak suke makan,so lunch dgn dinner je.rusks dulu makan,sekarang buat mama la tukang makan nye.

ok mama nak join muhriz nap sebab hari nie mama puasa,level kewarasan berkurang sikit sebab panas sgt dan risau milk production affected ke tak nie.