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harith ami & muhriz

..............ade rezeki kami dtg lagi.I'm so gonna miss this place!
But anyway,in the next 24 hours;Hello Malaysia dah!Hello satay,hello burger ramly,air kelapa,air tebu yeayyyy!
Psstt baby,bare with me ok,it's a 12 hours flight,we have done this twice before hihi.
I'm abandoning this space again!Busy packing pulak!My apology to some of you yg email,tapi belum direply!Life has been super hectic nak tercabut tulang belakang pon ade ;p

And i rase i will only blog about the Spain trip later bila dah balik Malaysia wahahaha.
Going back this time is different.It's been 6 years and we are leaving Augsburg for good sob sob!!6 years bebeh,countless flight trips going to and fro Muenchen Airport(from Indiana,from KL,from London lah),so this place is surely to be missed!Masa packing our stuff(for shipment),segala bende jumpa,stamps from the States pon ade lagi!sebab dulu when i was still in Indiana,i used to send card to hubby at least once a month,dgn stamp2 sekali hubby ku simpan hihi.Macam2 bende lah jumpa,card hari raya,my teddy bear busuk bawah katil ;p
I know it's a mix feeling for hubby.On top of all,i can feel this is something he's looking forward to!mesti lah happy sebab he has been here since 2004 haha and dah 3 tahun tak balik malaysia ok ;p nasib baik ingat lagi rupe durian macamane.And getting a German's Diplom Ingenieur is a very tough journey so many congrats abang!!And hands down to all Diplom graduates from here!
But deep down,i tau mesti die sedih punya and we surely gonna miss Deutschland!Haha tapi kalau tanye nie,si dudek nie mesti cakap tak heran pon dengan Deutschland nie,typical him!
Ade rezeki dtg lagi but coming for vacation will never be the same as living here.

Anyway,it's been a while since i update on the pregnancy.I'm entering my 31 weeks,baby dah turn his head down,which is expected at this point of pregnancy.Yesterday was our 2nd attempt to do the 3D scan but it was still unsuccessful!This time baby si notty nie cover muka die dgn lutut pulak dah.Rasanya balik buat 3D scan kat malaysia nanti dah.Everything is normal but my weight tak naik since the last checkup(3 weeks ago)I blame the traveling and packing lah,tapi berat baby naik 200g,berat mama nye tidak hehe.Ok what else,aaa yerp i'm hoping to deliver normally but the doctor said c-sect might be the better choice for me because of my small figure!Anyway,miracle might happen and i'm praying for that. Owh this baby aa,so like his father,tido susah nak bgn!During the CTG scan semlm,even the nurse made a lot of noise by knocking on a paper cup pon(for the purpose of waking him up) baby M nie boleh tido lagi heee.But baby,as long as you're growing healthily inside,mama+bapak tak kisah lah kamu suka tido pon ;p
Scanner dah simpan masuk kotak,tak cantik betul amik gambar gambar nie,but for now,this will do hehe

Baby M @ 28 weeks
Baby semlm @31 weeks.Ikut mama ke bapak?;p

Okeh,world cup fever!Nak muntah asik kene teman hubby tgk bola.Which team are you?Hubby is supporting Spain(macam biasa,die tak akan support Deutschland nye even though he admits Deutschland macam ade chance je kihkih).Me?I do not care much except for the Waka Waka song,saya tak suruh hubby tukar channel pon nasib baik tau.Baby?Die kene sokong Spain sebab he was made in Barcelona ;p There's a big screen showing the match at the city center but there's no way i will join the crowd,nanti nangis nak balik je ;p
Can't wait to golek this kucing gemok!
Ok got to continue packing,the courier guy is coming to pick up the boxes.Tschuss!
Back and breathing phewwww.
The last 2 weeks was super duper busy melayan family from Malaysia,bawak pusing Bayern and Salzburg,then to London and Andalucia,Spain!Owh hubby and i are so in love with Spanien! And i don't think i'm going to blog about London,i had been talking about it the whole of 2009,cukup la kot,bosan org baca asyik2 London hikhik.

In Malaga @ 29 weeks wehooo another 11 weeks to go!