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harith ami & muhriz

Back and breathing phewwww.
The last 2 weeks was super duper busy melayan family from Malaysia,bawak pusing Bayern and Salzburg,then to London and Andalucia,Spain!Owh hubby and i are so in love with Spanien! And i don't think i'm going to blog about London,i had been talking about it the whole of 2009,cukup la kot,bosan org baca asyik2 London hikhik.

In Malaga @ 29 weeks wehooo another 11 weeks to go!


reena said...

Rajin btol ibu mengandung ni berjalan :)

iswatie "colours of life" said...

confirm nanti anak rajin jln...

ami.....perut bulat..nampak perut dr muka..hehehehe

Ami said...

anak mmg terpaksa ikut mak+pak jln hulur hilir la nanti ;p

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