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harith ami & muhriz

I love cookies(at least since i come here,kat msia mkn tat nenas jer:p)
First it was M&S cookies,then Cadbury's then Fox's,but on top of all,it's Ben's Cookies(and Millie's) that i love most.Yummeeeyyyy yummyyy!!!
The smell,sedapp sgt2,i'm sending a box to my family through my housemate.tapi sendiri makan pulak dah,anak durhaka sungguh.So esok pagi2 kene gi Ben's lagi nak topup.
Selalu macam tue,hari tue bawak balik Krispy Kreme for hubby,
sendiri makan jugak :p

My favourite-Triple Choc!
Anyway,London Fashion Week is finally over.
I have nothing to do with it,
except that i passed through the exhibition every day on the way to the college
(itu pon nak kire ye:p)If you're lucky,you might get some free fashion magazines( i got 2!!).
When they started b
uilding up the tent,i thought it was for a concert :p
Well,who can expect an event like that at the National History Museum kan?
Dinosour? and fashion?
That's the NH Museum at the back,the admission is free so yerp if you're visiting London especially with kids,
bring them here
Few days back,i woke up in the middle of the night and had a hard time going back to sleep.
After half an hour pon still tak boleh tido.
I didnot want to surf or read,nanti langsung tak mengantuk pulak.
So i decided to make a list!
Not a handbag list or whatever but a list of food that i miss hahaha.

I can get some of them here like laksa from Msia hall but of course
tak sama laksa janggus!

So here goes my list,written at 130am.

Semua masakan Ma especially singgang tulang or daging and ayam masak merah
Nasi Dagang from Ma or Hover Restaurant
Nasi Kerabu and Ayam Percik,Yati Restaurant
Nasi Ulam Budu dgn Sup Perut,Pasir Mas
Nasi Berlauk Nasi Air Maksu Nab
Kueh2 kelate especially akok
Mee Udang Sg Dua,Kepala Batas or Salwa,Teluq Kumbar
Beriani or Nan with Ayam Tandoori @ Kapitan,Lebuh Chulia,Georgetown
Tom Yam Bangkok Restaurant,Bayan Lepas
Laksa Janggus,Balik Pulau
Mee Soup Tmn Sardon,Gelugor
Raja Burger @ Kg Jawa,Bayan Baru
Char Kuew Teow Sani,Bayan Baru
Kari Kepala Ikan Minah Restaurant,Gelugor
Nasi Kandar,Tosai Kayu Pelita or Kaseem Mustapha
Ayam Kapitan Hamidiah,Georgetown
Cendul Penang Road,Georgetown
Pasembor Gurney's Hawker,Georgetown
Durian Balik Pulau
MIL's Ikan Patin Asam Tempoyak/Bakar Tempoyak
MIL's udang goreng tempoyak
MIL's Ikan Talapia Goreng Berlado
Satay Kajang Keropok Lekor Tganu
Air Tebuuuuuu

No,i'm not yet pregnant,how i wish i am!
This is just craving di tengah2 mlm hari haha.
Cant wait for the end of the year,hopefully our plan nak balik jadi,definitely kene pegi Penang neh macam nie :p
We went out for our first date on this very same date,seven years ago(20.02.02) =p
Wow dah 7 years kan abg?

Anyway,tak best kalau post tade gam
So i was looking for our gambar dulu2 when we're still dating,tapi tade,none in this laptop.
So,just share these ones lah.
These photos were taken a day after our wedding reception in 2006.
Kurusnye hubby saya :p
My batch nie ramai jugak yg kahwin satu sekolah MRSM PC tau:)
Our first road trip in England :)
Tapi mase kat Bath and Oxford,it rained cats and dogs!So tak jalan pon,pusing town dgn kete jer hehehe.
Back in London,we went to Buckingham Palace to see the changing of the guards.I have been here for half a year,but that was my first time to the palace :p.Over excited pulak tue,the event start at 1130am,tapi 1045am kecoh keluar rumah,even naik bus 15 mins jer to the palace,hubby ckp nie sapa tourist nie :p.
Hubster's going back to Germany tomorrow morning :( then dah packing barang,he'll be heading to Copenhagen for a month plak.Hopefully jadi la wifey nie pegi visit sane.

Stonehenge Windsor Castle
Changing of the Buckingham Palace Guards

It's snowyy in London huhu.Why is that a big deal?
Because it's in LONDON,not in West Lafayette,IN huhu.
Last nite all the bus were suspended.And some are still wit
hdrawn from service this morning.
Camne nak gi sekolah nie?
Owh tak payah pegi since the head of department announced all
classes are cancelled today :p!!
So,yours truly and her housemates pon went out to t
he Battersea Park depan rumah
to join other Londoners layan snow:p
I love it when it snows but i'm praying for warmer weather toward
s the weekend sebab....
kereta and hotel sudah reserved!
Hubby,bawak my snow boots sekali this friday yer?

View from my bedroom this morning.Pwetty kan?

Albert Bridge Road

Battersea Park,SW11
me in pink pyjamas huhu!