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harith ami & muhriz

We went out for our first date on this very same date,seven years ago(20.02.02) =p
Wow dah 7 years kan abg?

Anyway,tak best kalau post tade gam
So i was looking for our gambar dulu2 when we're still dating,tapi tade,none in this laptop.
So,just share these ones lah.
These photos were taken a day after our wedding reception in 2006.
Kurusnye hubby saya :p
My batch nie ramai jugak yg kahwin satu sekolah MRSM PC tau:)


zailamohamad said...

hi fren also from MRSM PC but i guess they all r ur seniors becoz we r 27 y.o on this year..just wanna ask dat u kenal tak sis Nazmiah n Tuan Nadrah Naim??kalo xingat pon xper coz i guess they all not famous at all kot;p

Ami said...

hi zaila :)
Their names are familiar,especially Nazmiah.guess kalau u tanye them about me pon mesti diorang tak kenal kekeke,junior paling tak glamer.
Kalau tgk gambar,cam kot diorang.Thanks for dropping by :)

Syeeda said...

hi ami..silent reader of ur blog i am..:)..hey u know what?...200202 is also ma special date..he kinda say that 3 words (u know what kan) on this date!..hihihi..what a coincidence kan?..:D

we are now husband n wife..just got married on 1st August 2008..:)

oh btw, wish u could do preorder tie rack scarf..hehe..ada jugak le chance nk asyik2 i terlambat time!

eiseai said...

ami...baru ternampak post ni. sama lah date tu special for us. we got married exactly 2 years after ur special date...

Ami said...

syeeda: hye syeeda,thanks for visiting!hee same date!beautiful date kan?:) okie next time insyaAllah,kene cepat2 tau :)

eiseai: ramai rupenye geng!happy anniversary sally :) lepas nie for sure i ingat your anniversary date hehe

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