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harith ami & muhriz

main kiss kiss dgn ayah ;p

My monster is 5 mths+ now.Just look at him,makin cheeky!!
Turning over dah expert,but he's still working on creeping.When he's on tummy,asal tak boleh gerak je jerit panggil suruh angkat,manjaa betul.So if he's awake,i have to be around him,if i'm out of his sight,siap la ;p
Anyway,this little guy is getting noisier,makin bising since he can say and combine the letter T like "Te Te, Ta Ta".And wait until the father comes back from work,lagi la bising huuu.

I'm glad i'm still a SAHM.Hubby and i still agree that Muhriz is still too young to be sent to a babysitter.and to imagine my baby waking up looking at unfamiliar faces,being bathed and fed by someone else is just so heart-breaking!But we do plan to send him to nursery or play school later when he's a year old,for the sake of improving his social skill.He hates stranger you know,to the extend kalau org ambil die,less than one minute he will cry out his lung macam kene pukul! ;p Well,he's with the mother 24-7,mmg bukan salah die lah kan.

Owh i have started solid on him.I know,he's not yet 6 mths but i believe a mother knows what's best for her child hiks.I shall blog about this later.

askar kecik,askar besar
A'kum Happy new year to all,hahaha 2nd week baru nak wish ;p
Muhriz @5 months

Makin nakal nie,suke berebut barang yg mama pegang; phone,biscuit,cawan ;p