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harith ami & muhriz

Salam All,

It's been a while eh since my last update.Sgt busy,what's with the dissertation,raya and packing.Tapi the first two dah siap,tinggal lagi nak packing and shopping pulak.
Selamat Hari Raya all,i hope it's not too late nak
wish,raya kan sebulan?:p
Celebrating Eid in London was not that bad,our 4th raya,tapi baru 2nd time celebrate sama2.
So,pagi raya to High Commission,Belgrave Square for Solat Raya,1o mins
away from home,sib baik!Ade tv3,penat kami posing,tapi tak masuk Buletin Utama pon huhu,over acted kot ye =p After solat,ajak friends to come over,mkn sket,lepak2,main cards,main Wii and solat zohor before heading to our duta's open house.
salam with budak-degil-tanak-pakai-baju melayu

@ the High Commissioner's open house

So that was the first day of Syawal,came monday,habis kaki tangan tercabut because my first draft needed tons of amendments =( I could not have made it without hub's help and support.Oooo on Friday, the submission day kan,we both slept for only 3 hrs,tapi x rasa mengantok langsung sebab i was damn excited it was over =p Tanye hubs,kat mana nak dinner,konon to celebrate la kan.Tapi die ckp nak mkn isteri masak lah!Nampak sgt dah berapa hari i tak masak proper dinner hahaha,sorry abg :p

So,that's it, I'm moving out this Wednesday,sedih pulak.
Except for the expensive house rental(in central),London is really really a nice place to live in kehkeh.
Our 2-bedrooms flat is priced at GBP350/week,i wish i could have saved more for shopping and whatnot,tapi being close to the school adalah sgt convenient,so pejam mata lah.
No more bus sekolah 345/49 or quick escapes to the Oxford St or Knightsbridge after few hours of stressing Cadence and TCAD labs lah lepas nie sob sob.Hubs,boleh tak nak dtg mase boxing day nanti?:pI guess this is my final post from Parkgate Road,London.
Lepas nie,welcome to the new series of "The Not-So Desperate Housewife in RauwolffStr.7,Augsburg" jeng jeng

Ok,gtg.kejap lagi to another open house by MSD,then to Uxbridge pulak.
Maaf Zahir Batin yer ;)

I dropped by MARA office earlier today, nak hantar claim akhir pengajian,thesis and air ticket. The officer tanya" How long have u been married?Belum ade baby kan?" When i said 3 and aah,not yet,terus die ckp okla tak payah balik Msia terus,pegi la singgah germany ;p thanks Encik MARA!
Just 3 more weeks,hang on there ami!Okie,nak sambung report.
Selamat Berbuka ;)