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harith ami & muhriz

Salam Maal Hijrah to all.

Anyway,how did we spend the break?Lepak rumah aje,did some house cleaning with hubby,pegi Ikea beli new pillow,buat coursework and tgk TV.Hubby plak dok try his bday pressie vroommm vroomm huhhh.I am one supportive wifey after all kan,layan jer hubby suke Liverpool ke,gaming ker hihi.Actually dah bosan,asik2 kasi hubby shirt la,belt la as pressie.Hubby pon kotnye dah bosan dpt bende2 macam tue hahaha.So why not bagi sth to do with his interest/hobby kan?
Sebab dok kat rumah jer kan,tgk tv jer lah.Unfortunately kat sini,MTV and CNN are the only channels i
n English,so kalau tgk channel lain tue,hubby lah translator nye :) .Let me warn you sth about the german's channels,kalau tiba2 di tgh hari buta,tgh tgk documentary channel,ade adegan 18sx w/o sensor sket pon tue biasalah.Hubby ckp if our children were to grow up here,kitorang tak beli TV kot,byk sgt yg tak patut tgk ;p,sakit jantung.Talking about MTV,i just knew about this dating game show called Shot at Love with Tila Tequila.I'm not sure if the show is aired in Msia or not,but i hope it is not!!It's about a bunch of lesbians and guys competing for Tila(she's a bise*ual!!),haaa show macam tue pon ade ker??!!

Anyway,semlm tak masak dinner,sebab i was out of idea nak masak ape,and hubby plak offered to dine out.We rarely makan luar kat sini sebab limited choice of halal food.Kalau keluar makan tue,our one and only choice adalah Turkish Restaurant,makan kebab.Hubby had Donner Kebab while saye pulak mkn Donner Shale or sth namanya( lupe =p)

Our new year celebration?Maybe just stay kat rumah kot.Last few years,we joined die Augsburger for new year countdown depan Rathaus(Town Hall).But since then,saya sudah tak berani nak pergi :p It's not crowd or the beer smell,but the fireworks!Burning your own firework is legal in Germany and tau tak,mase celebrate new year tue,one of the fireworks went up high and high,tapi tak meletup!Instead,it fell down,jatuh atas saye!!!Nasib tak meletup,semua org dah lari tinggalkan saya once nampak the firework tue jatuh balik,except hubby lah,who was trying to pull me Cuakk hahaha.So itulah ceritanye,will see if i have enough courage to join the crowd again tomorrow.
Happy New Year readers!
I'm back from Oberaudorf :)

No white Christmas here in Augsburg hu
Hubby ckp ade snow sket jer last week and that's it,hujan jer ade lah.
The way die Deutsche (the Germans) celebrate Christmas is a bit different from Britons or Americans.
They unwrap the gifts on the Christmas Eve or Heiliger Aben
d and not on the morning of the 25th!
Then they fancy this guy called Nikolaus on top of Santa Claus
Owh and Christmas market(Weihnachtsmarkt) is a must v
isit,the highlights are Christmas deco,Gluehwein,Bratwurst etc.So last Sunday was my 3rd visit to the Augsburg's Weihnactsmarkt(went there in winter04 and winter05),camera bawak,tapi tak letak battery huhu,so i just attach old pics lah yer:p
Okie Oberaudorf story!
Unfortunately our Rodeln Fahren trip had to be cancelled sebab the Rodeln path tu tak cukup snow plak,aiseh.Skiing park jer bukak.Sebab dah sampai kan,pegi j
ugak la to the top of the hill,nur fur wandern(jalan2) :) The rest of the trip,lepak di rest house saje.Early Wed morning,terus balik Augsburg and did the last minute grocey shopping since the stores will be closed for a few days kan.
Ok,happy holiday all!

Hubby dearie turns 25 today!
We've known each other since Ting.4,budak2 lagi.
Main baling2 buku,pencil case,minyak mestika etc,ganas tak :p?Sekarang dah 25 y.o,how time flies eh?
Sudah almost sebulan saye tidak melakukan lawatan ke High Street Kensington
Tapi setelah melihat website La Senza-1/2 price sane sini,siapa boleh tahan kan hee.
So mase break 12-2pm tadi,melencong ke High Street kejap.Mmg pening kepala sebab sale sana sini,those tak tahan godaan nescaya akan ponteng class pegi shopping huhu.Objective ke High Street adalah utk beli LS nite wear:D je,so saya buat tak nampak la kedai2 lain itu kekeke.Maybe sebab saya ckp dgn hubby nak pegi LS jer,so mmg betul2 jadi pembeli berhemah la=p50% tau!

Kemudian ke Bayswater belikan fridge magnet kakak2 saye,sib baik pesan magnet and bende2 kecik jer =p.
Then ternampak pulak Tie Rack di Whiteley on sale juga .So why not kan,tudung saje,hubby for sure kasi green lite nyeh.Apsal la tie rack kat Msia mahal yer?

Ok dah habis mengarut,have a great weekend all!

Eid Mubarak to all readers!
My Eid celebration was simple,pegi lunch @Msia hall and later had nasi ayam for dinner with housemates:)
4 yrs beraya in the States,so dah terbiasa dah kot.But still,my heart is always in kelate tau hee.

Hubby has been asking why didnt i update the blog.Huuu coursework sgt pening,plus tade idea nak update ape.Ok,another week to go then off balik kg Augsburg again.Alhamdulillah hubby pon ade break for 2 weeks!So boley la pegi honeymoon hurray.Our initial plan was to go to somewhere warmer than Augsburg(or London),so my choice adalah Rome.Tapi hubby lmbt confirm cuti die,ticket and all dah mahal la.Winter break is a high peak period,so mmg la mahal kalau reserve lmbt kan.So we came with plan B,which is Rodeln Fahren in Alps!Hubby dah reserve a rest house for 3D2N :)

Hee our first time nie,
Abg dah beli Rodel siap2 dah kekeke.
Back in the Purdue,penah la sledding kat satu hill nie.But that was hmmm 4 yrs ago =p and bukit tue kecik jer.So i'm really looking forward for this trip.

Der Rodel