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harith ami & muhriz

Eid Mubarak to all readers!
My Eid celebration was simple,pegi lunch @Msia hall and later had nasi ayam for dinner with housemates:)
4 yrs beraya in the States,so dah terbiasa dah kot.But still,my heart is always in kelate tau hee.

Hubby has been asking why didnt i update the blog.Huuu coursework sgt pening,plus tade idea nak update ape.Ok,another week to go then off balik kg Augsburg again.Alhamdulillah hubby pon ade break for 2 weeks!So boley la pegi honeymoon hurray.Our initial plan was to go to somewhere warmer than Augsburg(or London),so my choice adalah Rome.Tapi hubby lmbt confirm cuti die,ticket and all dah mahal la.Winter break is a high peak period,so mmg la mahal kalau reserve lmbt kan.So we came with plan B,which is Rodeln Fahren in Alps!Hubby dah reserve a rest house for 3D2N :)

Hee our first time nie,
Abg dah beli Rodel siap2 dah kekeke.
Back in the Purdue,penah la sledding kat satu hill nie.But that was hmmm 4 yrs ago =p and bukit tue kecik jer.So i'm really looking forward for this trip.

Der Rodel


iswatie "colours of life" said...

Dear....perfect location for your sgt......i hope you will enjoy it! jgn lupa update blog balik..cant wait for the nice picture!

Salam Aidiladha to u n ur hubby n also Happy Honeymoon!

david santos said...

Brilliant posting!

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