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harith ami & muhriz

Aiyoo NOV has come to its end maknenye...............
1)Two more weeks to Augsburg HURRAAYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!
2)Two more weeks to submitting 4 COURSEWORK,yes you hear me right,4 semuanya huwaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...
hmmm...sempat ke??????
I dont understand why IC ini is still on term-based,which is for me menyusahkan!
hmmm next term will start mid of Jan and ends in March and i have signed up for 4 courses in Spring so yeah pls expect to hear my complain about another 4 cour
sework later=p

tak ade interesting topic to share,since i have been doing nothing else but working on lab assignments,coursework1,2 blabla...........
owh okie why not ...ckp pasal
my lunch box!
can you believe that this 25 yrs old student bawak bekal to school?

isinye depends,kalau ade leftover from dinner,bawak itu jer!kalau tak, ape2 a
je la kan,nasi goreng,sandwich or pasta lah most of the times.
hihi tak penah pon amik gambar my lunch box before,tapi for
this entry.......

1.Bekal semlm: Haddock Fillet together with penne and che
ese2.For today...Beef lasagna (leftover from dinner) and salad


:: vErde+hAzizi :: said...

owh babeeeeee
do u cook that urselfffffffff?!?!??!?!
pandai nyeeeeeeeee!!1
i masak lasagna je pandai...yg lain tue hampehs ;p

Liyana said...

Counting days jugak? Hehe, kita sama la. I pun byk kerja b4 balik kampung. Tapi takpe, tu yg semangat nak siapkan tuh.
I pun bawak bekal everyday. Usually masak dinner sekali ngan lunch for the next day. Kat sini even local Swedish pun memang bawak lunch pack. Most of my colleagues ni health-conscious, tapi I sebab nak jimat :)

Kumprinx said...

kemain betul.

Liyana said...

About the FM, I was thinking about the same thing. Okey, kita buat 'barter trade' ye. But kena tunggu I balik Sthlm later.

Ami said...

verde: alaa biase2 aje verde,baru nak belajar masak ni

liyana:orait,pasal magnet tue nanti2 kite diskusi lagi,thanks!

iswatie "colours of life" said...

Salam Aidiladha ami...

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