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harith ami & muhriz

Assalamualaikum,selamat berpuasa semua

Muhsin came home on day 38,Saturday 22 June 2013.Ingat nak tulis our experience berulang alik ke hospital for more than a month tu tapi maybe later.Sekarang nak update pon tak sempat,kene berebut laptop dgn abg Muhriz satu hehe.Muhriz has been a wonderful big bro.Sayang kat adik,suka kiss adik.Bila Muhsin menangis,depending on his mood,dia akan dtg to his adik,pegang tangan adik or usap kepala dan ckp "Do not cry" :) Tapi ada time tak boleh tinggal die berdua sebab die still curious,habis mata hidung telinga adik kene picit =p.So dah almost a month.Sometimes bgn tido macam tak percaya my baby is home :) I remember,3 days before he was discharged from the surgical unit,the moment his surgeon told me Muhsin was ready to go home,I cried in disbelief.I'd been longing to take him home but was not too sure if I could look after him macam nurse2 and doctors there did.Too anxious and overwhelmed,I asked him "Do you think I can keep my baby safe and well at home?Should I watch his breathing?Over here they have this detector to monitor his oxygen intake,heartbeat but I have none at home,so what if he's struggling?What should I do??"berpuluh2 soalan keluar instantly.But he told me to relax,go home,talk to my husband,prepare and plan Muhsin's stuff,write down all the question and most importantly do not worry too much as I would manage it.Muhsin was sick,but that was before.Then he's fit and healthy so just treat him like Muhriz,like a normal baby.We walked away from the hospital nursery with a mixture of joy and insecure.But the surgeon was true.Muhsin has been an angel.Though his little cough can sometimes be frightening,but we manage and settle it.Just look at him now,budak gembira tapi suka sgt berdukung,jgn harap nak letak hehe.Thank you Allah for granting our doa and keeping him healthy