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harith ami & muhriz

The weather was super wonderful semlm,me love it!Jadinya i have the mood to finally masak nasi for dinner,tapi nasi goreng jer pon hihihi.

Nasi goreng paprik comot
Earlier,we went for my 23rd+ week check up.Eh eh,ok pulak Hb nye,up from 11 to 13+.True people said,when the mother is happy,the baby pon happy jugak.This time we asked about the gender again(so that boleh shopping baju baby dgn tenang next week),hubby pon suke sgt la,as the answer is still the same;Baby M.Torres ;p My husband wants to call his baby Torres!Ya ampun.But you know,baby nie kan everytime bapak die tgk football match pon he will kick hard hihi,so you love football too baby?Nanti we'll get your Liverpool kits next week k!

Mein Mutterpass-German version of card merah card biru jgn marah i love you;p
One way the antenatal checkup over here is done differently from Msia is;there's Vaginal examination in all appointments,can you believe it?Owh my,but that was my 2nd time so tak kekok sgt dah but still!!Owh yes the medical staff here does not believe in taking supplements too,they won't suggest which supplements to take,unless you ask them.They strongly believe in healthy eating habit and you should get everything from your food.Go and ask for formulated susu tepung for pregnant mommy macam Anmum-they will laugh it out.Saya pernah kene!Dan meraka kate "yang ade susu segar cap lembu sahaja,semua rakyat jelata di negara ini minum susu segar dari lembu dan mereka semua sihat!" hahaha

Then saya ikut hubby pegi sekolah.Told ya,the weather was so cantek kan?Feels like summer dah :)Ini perut aa,sekejap sorok,sekejap ade!semlm die decide untuk ade,menyebabkan orang memberi laluan kepada saya ;p

Oooo ade org dari seronok2 mahu dapat partner main game,berubah menjadi extremely unhappy,L didnot make it to finale.So can we drop Torres and just stay with baby M bang?;p

Orait,enjoy your weekend all!

Hubby bought this car seat last week.Tried on the Quinny and i love it!Ok so baby got a car seat,but the parents do not have any car!Hahaha camne nih?Yeah we'd been driving our parents' autos,since they are the ones paying,the cars are theirs lah kan?When i left for UK,my little brother took over "my"car,hubby's pon sama.And now both Paksu tu nampaknya tak nak return the cars,aiyaya.Kat Malaysia,tak ade car nie macam patah kaki kan?Tumpang Buzz baby lah vroommm;p
Masalah saya sekarang ialah saya mahu makan nasi tapi malas nak masak lauk:(,kalau di malaysia,boleh beli sahaja.Sekarang beras 1kg seminggu pon tidak habis untuk kami berdua.Most days saya masak and makan yg bukan nasi dan yang simple sahaja. Saya bernasib baik,suami(;p) bukan penasi and tidak memilih makanan,beliau hanya menolak besi dan kayu ;p
Egg tartsNussschneckenNot-so-hot honey chicken
Tuna Casserole

Kemudian terasa ingin memakan pizza,jadi saya selongkar fridge dan jumpa ham,olive,paprika and sausage,boleh la.But funny thing about this pizza,the dough didnot rise ;p i suspected the dry yeast was expired haha!But i was so hungry so making another dough was out of story,telan saja lah labu ;p

pizzaku yg tak cantik!
Mungkin ade yang tertanya-tanya(ade ke?;p) Kenapa tidak makan di luar sahaja.Di Augsburg dan Deutschland secara umumnya,mencari makanan yg sesuai utk muslim adalah amat susah sekali,tidak seperti di UK.Pilihan yg ada hanyalah restaurant Kebab pakcik Turkey.Sekiranya ade agenda makan di luar,tidak lain dan tidak bukan,ke kedai Kebab lah kami.Sungguh bosan tapi tiada pilihan,sebab itu semasa kakak mengajak saya makan nasi Arab di Malaysia tempoh hari saya buat muka sepuluh sen.

Kali ini cuba pizza Turkey pulak,sudah bosan dgn kebab.Amat cantek sekali berbanding pizza saya kan?;p

Poor hubby!He's been facing problem to fall asleep because of my loud breathing!
When hubby first mentioned to me,of course i was in denial and refused to believe because never ever in my life did i snore.But it's been more than 5 sleepless nights for him so it is a real problem!

But according to babycenter,snoring during pregnancy is quite common:

Swollen nasal passages may be at least partly to blame for your midnight melodies. Higher levels of estrogen during pregnancy contribute to swelling in the mucous membranes lining the nose and can even cause you to make more mucus.

What's more, the amount of blood in your body increases when you're pregnant and your blood vessels expand, which can lead to swollen nasal membranes as well. (Congestion from other causes, such as a cold or allergies, can cause snoring too.)

Also, the heavier you are to begin with and the more weight you gain during pregnancy, the more likely you are to have trouble breathing during sleep, because of the extra tissue in your neck and throat.

Obviously,i'm blaming my increasing weight!Did i tell you that at this far along,i have gained almost 20 pounds and i have 18 weeks to go!But I was underweight at conception,so i believe the weight is on track as i should expect a total gain of 30-40 pounds.
So hubby,guess you have to sleep with it ;p,so let's get you an ear plug!just kidding,we'll let the doctor know about this next week k ;p
Anyway,has any of you experience this during pregnancy?
Any tip?I tried to sleep on my side but that didnot seem to work.
Hubby offered to cook Lasagna for dinner and he insisted to prepare everything himself,yahooo boleh goyang kaki.Tapi macam bosan pula,so i amik la gambar :) Sort of the step by step instruction on how to cook beef Lasagna.

1.Let us start with the sauce,which you can use both for spaghetti and lasagna

Brown the ground beef with onions and garlic

Put some bell peppers/paprika too.Pour in tomato sauce,reduce heat
Add 1 tablespoon white sugar,1 tablespoon dried basil and 1/2 teaspoon dried oregano
Let it simmer for about half an hour then seasons with salt and pepper.

2.To assemble,we need some lasagna noddles,cheese and creme fraiche.Ideally,bechamel sauce works better but hubs said he prefers the easier way(malas sebenarnye;p) and Creme Fraiche tastes just as nice!

Ok,cook the lasagna noddles in boiling water.
Hubby used 9 pieces(3 noddles for each layer).
Spread the sauce at the bottom of the baking dishArrange the lasagna noddles over the sauce.Spoon some sauce over the noddle and top with creme fraiche and sprinkle with grated cheese,the more the merrier!

Place another layer of noddles and sauce and creme fraiche and cheese.
Repeat for as many layers as you want.Bake in a preheated oven for 45 mins and walla!
A little work but it's all worth it,danke hubs.
So in returns,i made him this.
Chicken schnitzel with black pepper sauce,comot!

Went to the flea market the other day,though it was raining i insisted on going out
sebab dah 2 hari tak keluar rumah!I did not care much about other stalls except this one stall selling all types of book,in German of course.Since hubby spends more than 5 years here,and i too know little bit of Deutsch,we think the baby has no choice but to learn a bit of the language.
And since the buggy is already here,i have one thing in mind; let's get baby M a buggy book!
To be exact,i was looking for a soft book.But the stall did not have it,maybe hari tue last day kot.Nevermind,boleh beli soft book nanti,so i took this one first.Title macam comel,so without much thinking,i just grabbed the book,asked hubby to pay and ajak balik!It was raining,remember?
Kat rumah,i told hubby "Jom abg,let's read it out for baby M!" First and second pages were ok,simple Deutsch jer nie.But owh my,3rd page onward Mama dah tak faham hahahaha,hubby pulak kene translate;p
Sorry baby,i'll save this book for your(or our;p) Deutsch lesson with bapa later ok
We are done with the items listed in this entry except for the breastpump.Well,pretty much dah decide which one we want and insyaAllah akan beli masa my convocation trip nanti.

Next in the list is the bottles set.My plan is to exclusively breastfeed for the first few weeks,once the baby can latch on properly,i will introduce him a bottle with EBM.

Ok,so how do you choose which bottle for your baby?Which one matters most?Is it the nipple shape? or nipple flow rate or the anti colic features?Most bottles are BPA free nowadays so i'm not too worried about that.And i know bottle feeding with breast milk ain't easy.You have to find the right bottle so little one can switch back and forth from the breast and bottle with no issue,true?
So upon reading online reviews,i came to this First Years Breastflow:
  • Two-part teat system designed to assist combined breast and bottle-feeding
  • Teat encourages same tongue position as breast feeding
  • Inner teat allows baby to control milk flow
  • With extra wide neck for easy cleaning

The only negative feedback i read is the extra teats system make it painful to set up andclean the bottle.Other than that,everyone seems happy with it.So this brand tops my list now.

Other brands that i am considering are Dr Brown(known best for its anti colic system),Tommee Tippee (love the bottle shape ;p) and Avent.
I know many mommies out there choose Avent bottles and i pon suke jugak Avent tapi tak nak la beli sebab ikut2 jer kan huhu,so care to share your opinions?

But hey,i can just buy one or two first and try out new brands if the baby is not happy later kan?
Apart from the bottle sets,we are planning to get this too. Avent Electric Steam Sterilizer

And upon asking a few mommies,we do not see a need for an electric bottle warmer,agree?
2nd week of April and it's still cold over here.
Now i miss our sunny Malaysian weather pulak.Kat Malaysia asyik complain panas,padan muka!;p

Tapi over the weekend adalah sun sikit,so we went out for a walk and have some ice cream yummmmy! Hubby will usually give me this you-are-not supposed-to-eat-ice cream look tapi last2 i dapat jugak huhu.
And we went to check out baby stuff too but ended up buying just a baby bath thermometer and a bulb sucker jer huuu21 weeks!

My mother has been calling me Ms Pumpkin,comel eii?Hubby, on the other hand,calls me macam2 Ms Teletubby la Tembikai(Watermelon) la.And wait until you hear him saying "I think your tummy's gonna explode!" aarghhh

Anyway,dear Spring,please come fast!I can't wait to see more colors!

More pretty flowers pleasee!

Ladies,ask your partner to sign up for babycenter update too!
Why?Before going to bed last night,my darling hubby suddenly asked...

Him:Honey,let's do some shopping tomorrow,nak?
and i was like...

Me:ek?Do you mean grocery shopping?
Him:Tak lah.Jom beli baju baru untuk honey.
Me: ???

Ingatkan demam tiba-tiba hubby nie,but then i figure out that he just read the weekly email update from!!kihkih
.....Spain again!This time to Andalucia(Malaga-Granada-Seville-Cordoba) insyaAllah.

I just can't wait!
Ever since Barcelona,i have always wanted to go back to Spain,forget about Paris yg busuk itu.This time we are going to travel with my in laws,so boleh ke kire BabyMoon?;p
Tickets-checked,hotel+car rental-in progress.Just now hubby kira kan,there'll be 6 more flight trips before baby M arrives.So in total 10 trips la.So no surprise kalau nanti die ckp mau jadi pilot hihi
Apart from a few throw up sessions in the first trimester and some upper back acne attack,i am happy to say that so far,20 weeks into pregnancy,so good.Of course there are days when i feel down,especially when i was away from hubby for the last 3 months.During that period,i kept reminded myself,"don't get too carried away".Of course when i was sad,i allowed myself to be sad but if it was for no apparent reason,i would try to stop it.Being pregnant is not a sickness or a weakness and i want this little one to be born healthy so i have to keep myself balanced and stay healthy as possible too.Easy said than done right?hahaha
Anyway,dah lama tak post gambar food.While it is normal for pregnant women to gag at the kitchen(and even their partners body odors), i am grateful not to fall into that group.And these days,cooking has been a lot and a lot easier with the extra helping hands in the kitchen,rajin ok hubby sekarang nie ;p

Kueh Bakar-hubby mintak.

Hubby's favorite-Honey Sesame chicken
Home made Mozzarella pizza.
We had this 2 days in a row hahaha

Hello from Augsburg!
Arghhh comot melampau!This is my very first full photo with the baby bump(kalau nampak lah hihi;p)

It's been 5 days since i arrived in Augsburg.The journey was sgt ok Alhamdulillah :)
More updates to come after this,after i have done folding the 3 loads laundry,unpacking belacan and segala bekal mak nenek,and booking and planning our May and June trip!

Anyway,i'm in my 20th weeks now,cepat kan?
Care to know what's the baby listening to?

Most days the father akan kasi dgr something from Maxim or Mozart and kadang2 this one huhuhu,nak suruh anak jadi rock star kot ;p