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harith ami & muhriz

The weather was super wonderful semlm,me love it!Jadinya i have the mood to finally masak nasi for dinner,tapi nasi goreng jer pon hihihi.

Nasi goreng paprik comot
Earlier,we went for my 23rd+ week check up.Eh eh,ok pulak Hb nye,up from 11 to 13+.True people said,when the mother is happy,the baby pon happy jugak.This time we asked about the gender again(so that boleh shopping baju baby dgn tenang next week),hubby pon suke sgt la,as the answer is still the same;Baby M.Torres ;p My husband wants to call his baby Torres!Ya ampun.But you know,baby nie kan everytime bapak die tgk football match pon he will kick hard hihi,so you love football too baby?Nanti we'll get your Liverpool kits next week k!

Mein Mutterpass-German version of card merah card biru jgn marah i love you;p
One way the antenatal checkup over here is done differently from Msia is;there's Vaginal examination in all appointments,can you believe it?Owh my,but that was my 2nd time so tak kekok sgt dah but still!!Owh yes the medical staff here does not believe in taking supplements too,they won't suggest which supplements to take,unless you ask them.They strongly believe in healthy eating habit and you should get everything from your food.Go and ask for formulated susu tepung for pregnant mommy macam Anmum-they will laugh it out.Saya pernah kene!Dan meraka kate "yang ade susu segar cap lembu sahaja,semua rakyat jelata di negara ini minum susu segar dari lembu dan mereka semua sihat!" hahaha

Then saya ikut hubby pegi sekolah.Told ya,the weather was so cantek kan?Feels like summer dah :)Ini perut aa,sekejap sorok,sekejap ade!semlm die decide untuk ade,menyebabkan orang memberi laluan kepada saya ;p

Oooo ade org dari seronok2 mahu dapat partner main game,berubah menjadi extremely unhappy,L didnot make it to finale.So can we drop Torres and just stay with baby M bang?;p

Orait,enjoy your weekend all!


SyaNa said...

besar da perot ami :-)
ni mmg kaki bola nnt
ehem ami, meh la share liverpool kits tu
kot la mampu milik bleh la aku nk beli utk baby :)
bapak nye mmg fanatik liverpool

Ami said...

ala syana,die ikut mood tue.kadang nampak,kadang bleh plak nyorok perut nie,heran betul;p
owh sama kapal eh?kitorang nak gi liverpool next week insyaAllah.kalau syana nak kirim kan,tgk kat website liverpool then email la ami mana satu,nanti ami kasitau price in RM.nie email

Nurul Diana@Mama Adam + Aidil said...

comeinya perut ami .. alahai baby M nieh boleh sorok2 plk .. kalau kita dah x leh sorok perut yg tebal nieh ami .. adeh x suka VE .. isk..iskk

Drama Mama said...

you look glowing dear. baby boy eh?

how's the baby's doing so far?

Ami said...

diana: rase sebab ami nie petite jer kot,kadang org macam tak notice jer kite pregnant huhu.VE mmg seram kan?huhu

baizura: danke mama irfan,i guess it's the weather,when it's sunny,i'm happy hiks :)
hopefully it will stay a boy,but still,we are open for any is ok :),he constantly keeps me hungry grrr

CiKaYu said...

comeynye u dgn perut u tu...congrats yea dear..

Ami said...

thanks ayu :)

Anonymous said...

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