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harith ami & muhriz

2nd week of April and it's still cold over here.
Now i miss our sunny Malaysian weather pulak.Kat Malaysia asyik complain panas,padan muka!;p

Tapi over the weekend adalah sun sikit,so we went out for a walk and have some ice cream yummmmy! Hubby will usually give me this you-are-not supposed-to-eat-ice cream look tapi last2 i dapat jugak huhu.
And we went to check out baby stuff too but ended up buying just a baby bath thermometer and a bulb sucker jer huuu21 weeks!

My mother has been calling me Ms Pumpkin,comel eii?Hubby, on the other hand,calls me macam2 Ms Teletubby la Tembikai(Watermelon) la.And wait until you hear him saying "I think your tummy's gonna explode!" aarghhh

Anyway,dear Spring,please come fast!I can't wait to see more colors!

More pretty flowers pleasee!


Drama Mama said...

wahhh congrats dear! ur sooo preggy! i just get to know it. :-)

zailamohamad said...

hahaha comel aje Ami, takpe..tak lame lagi ntah2 hubby Ami mengandung juga (boroi)

Ami said...

baizura: danke dear :)

k.ila: hahaha ade possibility tue,pahni die pulok jadi tembikai baru tau

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