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harith ami & muhriz

Ladies,ask your partner to sign up for babycenter update too!
Why?Before going to bed last night,my darling hubby suddenly asked...

Him:Honey,let's do some shopping tomorrow,nak?
and i was like...

Me:ek?Do you mean grocery shopping?
Him:Tak lah.Jom beli baju baru untuk honey.
Me: ???

Ingatkan demam tiba-tiba hubby nie,but then i figure out that he just read the weekly email update from!!kihkih


Nurul Diana@Mama Adam + Aidil said...

kagummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ;-)

Precious Moments said...

Never say no to a pedicure.

nurul aziyana said...

bagus harith ni..bila ntah fahmi nk bc psl prgnancy ni..

Anonymous said...

oh...sungguh bahagia :P

*kak gie*

Ami said...

diana: kagum ek huhu

sarah: hooray!

azie: zie,harith lagi rajin bace dari oghe benanye hahah die tinggal tade perut jer ;p

k.gie: org belanje mmg bahagia kan?;p

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