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harith ami & muhriz

We are done with the items listed in this entry except for the breastpump.Well,pretty much dah decide which one we want and insyaAllah akan beli masa my convocation trip nanti.

Next in the list is the bottles set.My plan is to exclusively breastfeed for the first few weeks,once the baby can latch on properly,i will introduce him a bottle with EBM.

Ok,so how do you choose which bottle for your baby?Which one matters most?Is it the nipple shape? or nipple flow rate or the anti colic features?Most bottles are BPA free nowadays so i'm not too worried about that.And i know bottle feeding with breast milk ain't easy.You have to find the right bottle so little one can switch back and forth from the breast and bottle with no issue,true?
So upon reading online reviews,i came to this First Years Breastflow:
  • Two-part teat system designed to assist combined breast and bottle-feeding
  • Teat encourages same tongue position as breast feeding
  • Inner teat allows baby to control milk flow
  • With extra wide neck for easy cleaning

The only negative feedback i read is the extra teats system make it painful to set up andclean the bottle.Other than that,everyone seems happy with it.So this brand tops my list now.

Other brands that i am considering are Dr Brown(known best for its anti colic system),Tommee Tippee (love the bottle shape ;p) and Avent.
I know many mommies out there choose Avent bottles and i pon suke jugak Avent tapi tak nak la beli sebab ikut2 jer kan huhu,so care to share your opinions?

But hey,i can just buy one or two first and try out new brands if the baby is not happy later kan?
Apart from the bottle sets,we are planning to get this too. Avent Electric Steam Sterilizer

And upon asking a few mommies,we do not see a need for an electric bottle warmer,agree?


SyaNa said...

suke jugak tommee tippee :)
skrg aku da beli 2 botol Avent (4oz)
ingat nak beli tommee tippee 2

angahrahafza said...

ami.. ni pengalaman akak ipar angahla.hehe..bukan pengalaman sendiri. die bg anak die breast milk pakai bottle la kan, so sgt2 memerlukan electric bottle warmer tu. sebab, BM kan dipam sepanjang masa, and disimpan dlm fridge, so dgn adenye electric bottle warmer tu menyenangkan ami la nnti, xyah nak conventionally heat the BM tu..kecuali la lps pam trus bagi baby, then baru la tak pakai electric bottle warmer tu ;P

Anonymous said...

kak gie sangat suukkaaaa sama itu first years, memang mcm kita punye boobs..and kak gie juga guna tommee tippie tuh. avent pon penah guna, tapi tak best dia punye teats tuh, agak keras compared dgn yg lain.k gie guna avent breastpump so,pakailaa jugak botol avent cuma tukar teats dia je

*kak gie*

Nurul Diana@Mama Adam + Aidil said...

kita guna avent ..tpppppppppppppppppp aidil dah nipple confuse dah x mo bf ;-( ... gerammmmmmmmmmmmmmm pun iye ;-(

Pinkwatch said...

I guna avent je utk semua my children.. so far ok je.. takde pon confuse2 apa2.. tp make sure start bagi botol (with EBM) as early as possible.. klu tak takut dia takmau puting tu... kalau dia takmau jugak kena try and error la.. hehehe... tp kalau kita introduce awal penggunaan botol, rasanya baby ambik je botol apa2 pon.. sbb dia kecik lagi, dan tak buleh notice pon ape kita sumbat... hehehe.. janji susu :)

botol warmer tu kalau kat mesia tak berapa nak guna pon.. tp masa I kat UK dulu pon, takde la guna jugak pon. heheheh

Ami said...

syana: comel kan tommee tippee,ami pon ingat nak beli sikit2 jer la,campur brand huhu.

angah: ooo itula macam2 suggestions.ade jugak dgr kalau yg bfeed nie,mlm2 mmg kasi direct jer tak kasi EBM,so tak perlu warmer.

k.gie: k gie gune first years ye?mmg best eh?ami bace review pon first years nie mmg top the list utk baby yg bfeed.tommee tippee pon nak jugak!;p

diana: la ye ker?maybe aidil rase milk flow dari bottle lagi laju kot?ke?pandai2 jek ;p

pinkwatch:i hope so!mintak2 nanti die tak pandai pilih ;p aah mmg plan nak introduce awal,nak suruh hubby feed the baby jugak.tapi hopefully dah sedap botol jgn tanak bobbies mama pulak no to bottle warmer?huhu

Anonymous said...

i actually nak beli MAM punye bottle sbb dia color2. hahahaa. takde la putih je botol nye. tp tah camne terpengaruh ngan offer kat jj the other day. so, amik je la avent for now. i beli botol kecik je pun. nnti kalau dia dah besar skit bole la tukar tommee tippee tu! i pn berkenan kat tommee tippee tu sbb shape dia. lol. tp i discover tommee tu right after i bought avent. aih. too bad.


Ami said...

aida: huhu kite new mommy nie main beli ikut comel kan?takpe,try dulu avent,hopefully baby suke!

nurul aziyana said...

ami, yg btol tamee tippee tu mudah pecah tau kalu jatuh..sbb die mcm kaca dh tgk botolnya dan jurujual gtau la specnya ckit2

Ami said...

zie: huhu kalau dah jatuh ape2 pon mudah pecah,no?kitorang pon dah tgk tommee tippee nie since last year kat UK,what matters most to me is the teat shape and anti-colic features,rase cam nak beli First Years Breastflow tue,tapi kalau tak maybe tommee tippee or Dr Brown's la kot,Avent pon byk issue jugak with the leaking and stuff.And i heard bad reviews about Mothercare's bottles,so yg tue tolak tepi.MAM's so far cam tak berminat lagi.

Fynnaz said...

FYI my BFF so far masa ada anak ni is Avent Electric Steam Sterilizer. Memang berbaloi2 beli dah almost 4 years berkhidmat. InsyaAllah sambung utk baby no 3. Tapi skrang ni tengah gatal nak tukar the whole set to Tommee Tippee sebab Avent's bottle sometimes dia leak. Sajer tukar angin dan nak stop kan botol both brothers pun yer. Alasan! Haha. But TT bottle senang pecah plak yer. Hmmm Avent tahan lasak. Berdentum dentam byk kali jatuh kena campak pun dia ada kesan crack sikit jer. But still every 6 months Fin ganti baru unless BPA kan but still tukar sbb nanti tutup botol longgar dan nampak lusuh.

Lagi satu Fin rasa berbaloi invest is carseat. Fin personally suka product Maxi Cosi. From Cabrio to Priori XP till Rodi XR kitorg suka.

Ami said...

Avent Sterilizer tue boleh guna utk bottle lain jugak kan Fynn?mmg best ye?ami nie pemalas kot nak merebus2 botol so mmg kene beli sterilizer la satu ;p
huhu boys mmg ganas,campak2 botol ekk.tue la ami mmg berkenan kat TT,tapela try dulu,kalau betul jatuh pecah kite tukar brand lain pulak.
Kitorang pon suke Maxi Cosi!comel kan?dah beli Maxi Cosi nie sebab nak pair up dgn Quinny.

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