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harith ami & muhriz

.....Spain again!This time to Andalucia(Malaga-Granada-Seville-Cordoba) insyaAllah.

I just can't wait!
Ever since Barcelona,i have always wanted to go back to Spain,forget about Paris yg busuk itu.This time we are going to travel with my in laws,so boleh ke kire BabyMoon?;p
Tickets-checked,hotel+car rental-in progress.Just now hubby kira kan,there'll be 6 more flight trips before baby M arrives.So in total 10 trips la.So no surprise kalau nanti die ckp mau jadi pilot hihi


angahrahafza said...

wahhh bestnye amii.. bile la bole pi ausburg ni.korg jadi tourist guide ek..hehe..

Ami said...

angah,jom dtg before end of june,kitorang nak balik dah by that.cuti-cuti dah lepas viva ke ;p

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