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harith ami & muhriz

Poor hubby!He's been facing problem to fall asleep because of my loud breathing!
When hubby first mentioned to me,of course i was in denial and refused to believe because never ever in my life did i snore.But it's been more than 5 sleepless nights for him so it is a real problem!

But according to babycenter,snoring during pregnancy is quite common:

Swollen nasal passages may be at least partly to blame for your midnight melodies. Higher levels of estrogen during pregnancy contribute to swelling in the mucous membranes lining the nose and can even cause you to make more mucus.

What's more, the amount of blood in your body increases when you're pregnant and your blood vessels expand, which can lead to swollen nasal membranes as well. (Congestion from other causes, such as a cold or allergies, can cause snoring too.)

Also, the heavier you are to begin with and the more weight you gain during pregnancy, the more likely you are to have trouble breathing during sleep, because of the extra tissue in your neck and throat.

Obviously,i'm blaming my increasing weight!Did i tell you that at this far along,i have gained almost 20 pounds and i have 18 weeks to go!But I was underweight at conception,so i believe the weight is on track as i should expect a total gain of 30-40 pounds.
So hubby,guess you have to sleep with it ;p,so let's get you an ear plug!just kidding,we'll let the doctor know about this next week k ;p
Anyway,has any of you experience this during pregnancy?
Any tip?I tried to sleep on my side but that didnot seem to work.


Anonymous said...

i have the difficulties in breathing during sleep, tapi tak tau la kalau masa i tdo i snoring. so far my hubs tak complain ape2. i guess takde la kot. hehe.
cume part payah nak bernafas masa tido mmg nightmare. i siap mimpi & bila terjaga tu tercungap2 tak cukup nafas.

btw, i have drop an email to u. check it out ,k.
thx! :)


Nadia Dzai said...

hahaha, (sorry ami, tergelak pulak, sebab mesti la u dalam denial kan ;p sbb bukannye dengar pon) nanti ur hubby get use la kan kan kan ;p ;p hopefully time pregnant nie je la.

Ami said...

aida: oh my,you terjaga sebab semput ke?hubby ckp die kejut i pon i tak bgn so kene tahan telinga je la.ok,dah reply!tq

nodie: betul!i mmg tade masalah la,plus i'm always the first one yg tido huhu.hahaha kalau after deliver nanti still snore mmg kene sekeh la kot ;p

NZZ said...


Salam kenal, btw, I snored everytime I got pregnant, lagi kuat bila dah 3rd trimester (according to my hubby lah) tak tau lah if dia exxagerate kan, and even louder bila heavily pregnant and tired...he he..but after deliver that thing hilang fret not, all hubbies kena sabar lah skit for a few months...kita pregnant anak dia jugak..he he

Ami said...

Thanks for dropping by!Alamak,macam tue i kene ckp kat hubby to expect louder snoring la lepas nie true!baby die jugak kan,kene la sabar sket kan?;p

Rene A Mollar said...

Snoring arises when breathing is obstructed. This can be caused by a cold or an anatomical
irregularity in the nose or throat.

However, the most common cause of snoring is, that the muscles in and around the throat
relax too much when we are asleep. This means that the opening in the throat becomes
narrow, and air has difficulty in passing.

You can look into anti-snoring nasal drops. The nasal drop lubricates and softens the
mucous membrane and lightly tightens the musculature in the throat. This means that
breathing is not disturbed in any way, and that your mouth will not be as dry in the morning.
Check out the link below for more details.

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