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harith ami & muhriz

Apart from a few throw up sessions in the first trimester and some upper back acne attack,i am happy to say that so far,20 weeks into pregnancy,so good.Of course there are days when i feel down,especially when i was away from hubby for the last 3 months.During that period,i kept reminded myself,"don't get too carried away".Of course when i was sad,i allowed myself to be sad but if it was for no apparent reason,i would try to stop it.Being pregnant is not a sickness or a weakness and i want this little one to be born healthy so i have to keep myself balanced and stay healthy as possible too.Easy said than done right?hahaha
Anyway,dah lama tak post gambar food.While it is normal for pregnant women to gag at the kitchen(and even their partners body odors), i am grateful not to fall into that group.And these days,cooking has been a lot and a lot easier with the extra helping hands in the kitchen,rajin ok hubby sekarang nie ;p

Kueh Bakar-hubby mintak.

Hubby's favorite-Honey Sesame chicken
Home made Mozzarella pizza.
We had this 2 days in a row hahaha


Nurul Diana@Mama Adam + Aidil said...

wau menu .. berkaler2ful .. rajin ami .. ;-)

ps: ami nanti bersalin kt mesia or sini???

Ami said...

diana,kat sini takde choice kene masak jugak.deliver kat msia insyaAllah :)

iswatie "colours of life" said...

ami....sedapp nyer...u can enjoy the foods still with my sickness....layan ja lah even this is my 3rd experience....

zailamohamad said...

pandai Ami buat kueh bakar tu, kak ila meme failed ah bab2 buat kueh ni;D

Ami said...

watie: alhamdulillah,dah sehat dah more muntah2,mkn tak kisah ape benda,tapi tak boleh mkn byk nanti rase cam semput huhu.take care watie!

k.ila: tok reti pong k.ila,tue tgk recipe semata2,sib baik senang,tapi kureng puas hati sebab pakai pandan essence,kalu ade daun pandan lagi ok,jgn tertipu dgn rupe die ;p

Anonymous said...

sedak laa tgk gambar pong...kak gie malas laa nok buat kuih muih ni, beli sajokkk

kak gie

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