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harith ami & muhriz

Went to the flea market the other day,though it was raining i insisted on going out
sebab dah 2 hari tak keluar rumah!I did not care much about other stalls except this one stall selling all types of book,in German of course.Since hubby spends more than 5 years here,and i too know little bit of Deutsch,we think the baby has no choice but to learn a bit of the language.
And since the buggy is already here,i have one thing in mind; let's get baby M a buggy book!
To be exact,i was looking for a soft book.But the stall did not have it,maybe hari tue last day kot.Nevermind,boleh beli soft book nanti,so i took this one first.Title macam comel,so without much thinking,i just grabbed the book,asked hubby to pay and ajak balik!It was raining,remember?
Kat rumah,i told hubby "Jom abg,let's read it out for baby M!" First and second pages were ok,simple Deutsch jer nie.But owh my,3rd page onward Mama dah tak faham hahahaha,hubby pulak kene translate;p
Sorry baby,i'll save this book for your(or our;p) Deutsch lesson with bapa later ok


CiKaYu said...

amni, cutenye u dah beli buku dah.....cute2 kan buku2 baby ni...i pernah abis bnyk just beli buku je, alhamdulillah icha suka buku, before tido bacakan tuk dia.

Ami said...

aah ayu,his first book.betul2,comel sgt buku baby nie kan?so colorful huuu.oo icha suke buku yer,hopefully baby M pon same nanti!

angahrahafza said...

hehe..ami..his??baby boy la ni..kantoi di situ :P

Ami said...

huhu angah,tue yg dr ckp mase last scan lah.tapi kitorang open for any possibility,tade gender preference ;p

angahrahafza said...

hehe btol2..asalkan sihat ;) mane pun mesti comel punye..hehe..

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