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harith ami & muhriz

Let see if i miss out anything.....
1.Sponsor's Financial Support Letter---->Done
2.Visa Application--->Done

3.Ticket booking------->Done
4.Travellers check($$$$) collection from sponsor----->Done
5.Accommodation in London--->Not Done
6.Packing--->Langsung belum start =p
Once visa is ready,i shall collect my flight ticket pulak insyaAllah.

I received these cards from askar2(anak sedara)mase balik dari the States last 3 years.
So comel kan?
Tapi sekarang my nieces and nephews dah besar,nak ke diorang buat card macam nie lagi nanti Cimie and Uncle Harith balik hukhuk.
Cimie can speak German?=p

This one was from Iqbal;kak long's youngest son.

So..School of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (South Kensington Campus),here i come.Huu takotnyee,dah browse through the syllabus,all the courses seem interesting.
Ade yg very similar to my job scope back in Intel,which is to design from RTL(Register Transfer Lev
el) to Circuit/Schematic,hence the title "Circuit Design Engineer".
Wish me luck ya friends.I am still not sure what awaits me after i complete the study.
Back to working in Semiconductor industry kah,ke nak further pHD(macam sgt tak hahaha),ke keje dgn hubby jadi Domestic Engineer(sounds better than Housewife kan =p)

Oops kene schedule monthly balik kampung nie.
Hubby will come in Oct,Nov tak sure lagi whose turn to travel,Dec is my turn.I will spend the Christmas and New Year break in Augsburg.
Abang dah ckp awal2,tak dpt la pegi Boxing Day Sale in London.Tak kisah dek!

Okla gtg,rajin kan update pasal raya.
To all readers,
Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri,Ampun Maaf dipinta,kalau ade tersalah kata ya.
Drive safe and take care ya you all!!

Morning all!!It's 1:45 am!!saya tak boleh tido :(
It has been 4 days,apsal jetlag tak hilang lagi nih adeh la.
Kalau la boleh tido cam boboy nie.He's on
e real GARFIELD i tell you,tido jek keje huhu.

Sekarang nie saya visit Bangunan Biru di Jln Raja Laut almost everyday.
Balik dari KL mmg wajib terus mandi la,seriously kotor,berhabuk :(.
I am a kg girl and i need more fresh air huhu.

Alhamdulillah dah selamat sampai.
Tapi transit kat Doha tak best la.
Saya berjaya puasa throughout the journey.
Tak letih sgt pon,flight departed from Munich at 12pm,
flight belum take off saya dah pengsan ;p

@the Muenchen Airport.Sedihh..but hey,hubby said i am one strong girl,ok punya =p

Tschuss Deutschland!

Ok friends,I have 4 extra Tie Rack scarves to let go,bought them at the Munich Airport.
After sedih2,kecoh2 cari gate,sempat singga
h Tie Rack jap.
I am selling these at RM57.Email me at if interested ya!
Postage will cost another RM5.Nak pickup pon b
oleh =)

Sebab tgh kemas buku sekolah,terus teringat Purdue huuu.
Some old photos to share,mostly taken in Winter 2005,my final semester.

On my commencement day.Orange tassel is for engineering student.
I insisted on wearing a kebaya even tgh snowwy pon,baju kebangsaan kan.
Tapi masuk angin tak ingat punya hahaha
The golden cord signifies my nerdiness hahaha

The Engineering fountain.


Sile pakai winter boots,damn slippery.

Old school huhu.

Sekolah baru macamana ya.takottt......

On another note,i'm leaving Augsburg tomorrow morning.Sedihnya...
Abg,i will see you again on the 2nd of Oct ok?
Jgn tido sebelum berbuka tau bang =p

10 Ramadhan.

First part of Ramadhan is almost done.I will be going home this Friday sob sob.Leaving hubby dearie to berbuka and bersahur alone :(Second part is to berpuasa in Malaysia.I need to 1) settle final stuff with the sponsor 2) apply for UK visa 3)book the flight ticket and most importantly 4)get the travellers checks haha.Travellers check from hubby dah dpt,tunggu from sponsor plak kekeke.
Towards the end of Ramadhan and Eid,insyaAllah i will be somewhere in London,busy exploring the place, looking for an apt to rent.Hubby will come over during the weekend of 3rd Oct,x dpt cuti raya,kesian abg.
Kak Zaza has already invited us to spend the raya with her family.She thinks i should give a miss to berhari raya di Msian hall as it will be jam packed and the food was not enough most of the times.
Hermm tgk lah.
School starts on 6th of Oct and i have not prepared a single thing,bagus!
I just peek through a few pages of my Fundamental of Microelectronics Designs(read:taken in the 3rd semester mase degree) hahaha, and i didnot even read it.So pemalassss.
Fasting abroad is not that bad.This is my 5th Ramad
han without Pasar Ramadhan,alhamdulillah berbuka simple2 ja.I used to beriftar @ West Lafayette Islamic Center back in Indiana,but since i am a stay at-home-wife kat sini,tade excuses tak masak la kan.No ramadhan buffet or whatsoever,except some makan2 at friends' houses.So far tiada pambaziran berleluasa alhamdulillah.Kueh tue buat satu jer at a time,and makan la kami kueh tue sampai habis,dah habis baru saya buat kueh baru huhu.So since 1 st of Ramadhan,boleh bilang la berape kueh jer kami dah mkn;puding caramel,puding cocktail,apam balik(x berape jadi!!) ,cucur udang,popia.See,saya tau buat yg paling simple jer.Lauk pon,saya akan make sure masak cukup2 berbuka and bersahur je.Nasi Ayam,ayam percik,roti jala,mee goreng,ayam madu,ayam masak merah,ayam masak lemak,lasagna,grilled chicken-checked!Hari nie plan nak masak nasik lemak sambal sotong and masak mee sket kot,tue ja.

Anyway,fall is almost here.Though windy,it's pretty :)

Selamat Berpuasa all :)