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harith ami & muhriz

3 more days to .. graduation ceremony!

The ceremony will be held at the Royal Albert Hall and i'll be in the afternoon session.Though my parents are not attending,hubby and one of the elder sisters will be there,huyeahh. Semua dah reserve and we are good to go once the packing is done!
  • Book my place for the ceremony-Done
  • Book and pay for any guest-Done and they charge £29 per guest
  • Order gown for the ceremony-Done and guess the cost for 1 day gown hire?freaking £44 arghhh!!
Remember this entry?Well my dress is nothing like that of Siti nurhaliza's ;p.At 6 mths,the tailor ckp i should go for empire cut instead,betul jugak kan?

This is how the dress looks like after i left it for almost a week in the luggage,kerepot habis!Yer saya mmg tak suke unpack ;p
Now i have to find a matching shirt for hubby dan juga a matching tudung for me!!Ish boleh lupe tudung pula hari tue;p Hopefully sempat cari scarf nanti,Tie Rack's la kot.We are not wearing hats(mortar boards) for the ceremony,so tudung harus la yg kemas sket.No ariani or the likes for me,kalau tak jumpa scarf juga nanti i guess my old tudung bawal will do hahaha


Nurul Diana@Mama Adam + Aidil said...

congrats ami ... berbaloi atas segala pengorbanan & semangat juang .. nanti blk mesia sure dpt keje yg tiptoppp ;-)

NZZ said...

Hi, congrats!! baby pun merasa grads jugak..he he

Liyana said...

Congratulations! But Albert Hall? Jeles ni... :)

Ami said...

diana: thanks diana!keje insyaAllah lepas deliver baru akan difikirkan insyaAllah

NZZ: thanks!aah baby nak walk the isle dgn mama die hikhik

Nana: Thanks Nana!I'm excited to be in the hall too,sebab dulu hari2 asik lalu and tgk dari luar jer.Tapi sebab buat kat situ la guest ticket sampai 29 quids sorang,kat Purdue dulu free jer ;p

angahrahafza said...

hehe..congrats ami :) best2! angah lak yg excited.haha..

SyaNa said...

tak sabar nk tgk baju ami :-)

Anonymous said...

congratulations, Ami!!
harus post banyak2 gambar dengan baju cantik tu and of cos ur cute baby bump! ;)


Fynnaz said...


Owh Fin pun jeles dgn ur baju. Chanteksss!

Ami said...

angah: angah pon congrats!dah habis jugak kan,lepas nie boleh pegi convo dgn baby jugak la ;p

syana: alaa sememeh jer baju tue syana huhu

aida: thanks dear!your stuff dah selamat sampai,nanti my kakak dah post i will let u know ya,tq!

fynn: thanks fynn!

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