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harith ami & muhriz

I'm going to rant the rest of my UK trip in this entry,sekarang tgh mood nak update ;p
Not much on our stay in London though,as i mentioned before,kat London keje nya ulang alik Oxford Street hihihi but here a few shots at the Regents Park(while waiting for the shops to open) and Hyde Park(taking a break and catching our breath from the crowded shopping street).

Tulips yg cantek!
I heart Ben's Cookies!!After London,we traveled up north for 1.5 days and our first stop was the Bicester Village.Not sure what did my sister got herself but me and hubby bought absolutely nothing for us huhu.We just strolled one round,then waited for kakak in the car while eating spicy chicken wings and sandwiches hahaha boleh tak? ;p

From the outlet,we drove up to Travelodge Perry Barr in Birmingham to overnight.The hotel is a new one that the building does not even have a number!And tau lah without a bulding number,kalau the street was so damn long,mula la pening nak cari,even with GPS.bila i call the hotel pon,diorang tak tahu jugak haiyaaa mula la mak jadi singa ;p

The next day tue after breakfast,drove up further to the Cheshire Oaks Outlet in Chester.My first time here and for me lah,this outlet is much much better than the Bicester Village.Tapi ade satu disaster!My hubby lupa pin credit card die waaaaaa,and since it's a pin card,the store didnot want to accept signature,muka cashier tue macam nak gelak je tgk i jeling kat hubby ;p Dah tak boleh main swipe swipe dah huhu.Tapi hubby and baby ade dapat something,my kitchen pon dapat something,danke abg!

From Cheshire to Liverpool is about half an hour.Rakan KOP sorang nie mesti la nak pegi kan.Beli baju berjemaah,had fish and chips and watched sunset dekat Albert Dock.From Liverpool we tumpang tido rumah kawan my sister in Manchester.Hubby dah tarik muncung dah hahaha but it was just for one night,takde nye si baby nie nanti jadi MU fan kehkeh.
Rakan KOP berjemaah :pNext morning tue,after 3 pinggan nasi lemak sorang ;p,we left Manchester for Heathrow.Our flight was at 2pm,830am baru gerak and it's a 3 hour journey.The journey was smooth until the last 10 km,dangg!!There was an accident on M25 heading to the airport,so the traffic was really bad!Cuak bangat seh,i was thinking the what if?What if we missed our flight lah kan,dah la i nak balik rumah sangat2,sampai mimpi2 dah.Nasib baik the car rental company tue provide shuttle service with pakcik driver yang baik hati;he knew we were late,so after everyone buckled up,terus die pecut to the terminal hikhik.And we made it!Managed to check in 5 minutes before the counter closed feuwwwwwhhhhh!

130pm,the gate opened and everyone started boarding the plane.Boarding completed,flight door was closed and as i was about to fall asleep sebab letih berlari tadi,the pilot made an announcement that that flight was cancelled because the Munich Airport was closed due to the volcanic ash :( nak nangis,i so wanted to go home!And a lady seated in front of us did actually cry,kesian die,she must have an important business back in Munich.Tapi ape nak buat kan?So we were told to claim our luggages and go to the arrival area again for assistance.Nasib baik British Airways provided us,the stranded passengers yang sedih nie,with everything we needed;accommodation,meals and shuttles to and from the terminal.So we got to spend one night at the Renaissance Heathrow,enjoyed the buffet dinner and breakfast.We were put into the next available flight to Munich on the following day and alhamdulillah the airport had re-opened hehehe.It's sooooo good to be home you know,even kasi free semalam lagi at Renaissance pon i tak nak(kot ;p)

Dlm senyum2 tue sedih rindu rumah tau huuu


SyaNa said...

amiiiii lap air liur aku tgk baju2 liverpool tu

Ami said...

syana,meh ami lapkan meh ;p

NZZ said...

Ami, best nya gi round UK, we plan to do that too end of this year or early next year, ok ker ek if gi road trip during winter? And how far is the Cheshire Oaks Outlet from London ya?

Ami said...

NZZ: Ok je kot insyaAllah.just tak boleh drive laju sgt and kene careful sikit sebab jalan licin.and last 2 winters mase kitorang traveled to the west,hujan thing je travel mase winter nie,day time die very short,kadang2 agak kelam kabut nak kejar solat.Cheshire Oak outlet tue dlm 3hrs+ from London,agak jauh.tapi kalau mmg plan nak travel to the north,boleh la singgah kot.I love it there sebab lagi byk kedai dari Bicester and besides designers',ade high street brands macam GAP,Pumpkin Patch etc jugak :)nak mkn pon lagi senang!siap ade food court and playground utk kids lagi

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